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Here's how you can celebrate your dream wedding... while enjoying a special treat worth up to $300 from us!

Calling all brides and grooms to be -

About 85% of Singaporean newly engaged couples agreed that the dream wedding only starts after they left their wedding into good hands!

Planning your wedding might be stressful, but it doesn't mean it is going to stay that way. 

After all, it is one of your most celebrated and unforgettable moments. That's why you deserve to have the best for your wedding. 

With La Belle Couture's Love365, not only will you have the perfect wedding, but you will get to receive a surprise treat worth up to $300 upon confirmation of services with us!

This is an all year round presents waiting to be opened

Hello newly engaged one!

You must be bubbling with a lot of excitement! Now that you have been proposed to, the next step is to have celebrate the moment of your lifetime, which is your wedding!

You might already have mental clippings of how your dream wedding is going to be like, and your engines are running high.

You might even be having a hard time falling asleep, with all that adrenaline coursing through your veins. After all, this is such a celebrated moment of yours. It has to be perfect!

Except, you don't even know where to start...

Within a short period of time, the excitement turns into panic. You read up on forums after forums, gathering information on what you are supposed to do. But everything seems so foreign, doesn’t it? 

You may have the information, but you don’t know how to piece them together into an infallible plan. 

Before you know it, you will be spending endless nights awake in your bed, wondering if you are on the right track. The aspirins don't seem to help eliminate the headaches.

Jocelyn and Matthew!

(Founders of The Wedding Vow)

"Thank you for the heartwarming and sincere service. Really appreciate how your coordinator are always so friendly and helpful. We can’t wait to recommend La Belle to all my to-be-wedded friends!"

There is no way to lie our way around this: Wedding planning is stressful.

But it doesn’t mean it is going to be not fun! The truth is that the wedding planning can be filled with good surprises. 

It really all starts with the right people.

You might be thinking that that is such an obvious statement. Of course you need the right people to be a part of your wedding! 

Let me ask you then: Do you know who is right for your wedding? 

85% of our brides who felt that their wedding went smoothly not simply because they are willing to listen to their needs. 

It is because of their initiative to go a greater mile to help them and how they uphold a sense of professionalism in everything they do. That offers them the assurance that their wedding is heading in the right direction

However, if you end up with the wrong team of vendors, you will be trudging down the lane of frustrations, tears, anguish and hurt

That's why I left my corporate career for La Belle Couture, to ensure that future brides don't end up winding down the painful journey I had. Fast forward to 7 years...

La Belle Couture is one of Singapore's leading bridal boutique. Recognised for its professional services and customer satisfaction, I can assure you that you will be in for a wonderful journey and save yourself from the tears. Why?

They painted a beautiful picture upon the contract signing. They promised that I surely was able to find the dream wedding gown with their wide selection and I will be taken care of at every step.

That was a far cry from my experience. 

No doubt that there were many gowns to select from...but so what? I did not know what to pick! To make things worse, it felt like nobody cared about how I looked or felt. They simply gave me the designs to choose, and left me to pick what I preferred. 

That was strange to me. Since I had already paid an significant amount for for their services, shouldn't they be helping me with the selection of the perfect wedding gown right? 

But I resigned to my fate and just picked what I felt suit me the most. 

Turns out, that wasn't the end of the nightmare. On top of not being sure on whether the wedding gown was the right choice, I had to fork out additional money to rent it, since it was from the 'premium range'!

To make matters worst, there were other additional costs that were not shared with us when my husband-to-be and I signed the contract.  

It almost amounted to another $3000 for all these ‘hidden costs’!!

6 years ago, I was once in your shoes, all excited and eager to embark on the wedding planning. 

But, it was challenging for me back then. I was working past the office hours till 1am, handling investments and assets worth up to millions at the bank. Any mistake will result in losses worth up to millions too!

Naturally, all I wanted was to settle everything quick so that I can lessen the headaches. In the haste of my stressful job and the fact that nothing was coming together for my wedding, I decided on a bridal boutique that seemed really promising. Little did I know that was the start of my nightmare... 

This led to numerous quarrels between my partner and I, that we almost called off the wedding!

That was the last straw of it all. We forfeited our deposit worth up to $4000 because it wasn't worth the frustrations and anguish. A supposedly joyful occasion almost didn't happen because of the misplaced trust in the wrong people...



Love 365: Your Gift, Our Treat

Being the only bridal boutique that is awarded with the ISO 9001:2015 certificate, you will realised that every process is carefully screened to ensure that the preparation of your wedding will be smooth sailing.

While other frantic brides are scrambling to coordinate the wedding (and failing to put everything together),

La Belle Couture brides can put their faith in a trusty framework that shows clear steps of what to expect. 

You are going to have a wonderful wedding. 

You are going to look fabulous on your wedding day - With a designated personal bridal specialist, the full attention will be on you to ensure you will be walking down the aisle with effortless style

You are going to show off wonderful wedding photos - With the years of skills and experience of our in house photographers, every wedding photo will only showcase your best angles while capturing the essence of your love story. Everyone will sing praises on how great the both of you look!

You are going to have access to a wide network of affiliate partners - With the great interconnectivity, you can tap into qualified partners that believe in helping you achieve the dream wedding. Plus, there will be additional exciting perks to enjoy with them, if you are a bride of La Belle Couture!


After years of surveying consumers, creating and recreating frameworks,

we have create a proprietary DELIGHT framework to help you with your wedding.




You will be transformed into a beautiful bride on your wedding day. Nobody will be able to steal your limelight!


Through specifically designed questions, we help you discover your big picture vision for your wedding style

And this is what we endeavour to do for you at La Belle Couture Weddings.


With abundant available resources under our belt, you can slash the stress from the wedding planning by half!

Share your wedding plan with us and the experienced team will help evaluate the available options! Your thoughts will be crystalised as we help you formulate realistic options that fit into your time frame and budget.


No situation is too big for us to handle. Even when something crops up at the last minute, it will be resolved within 1 day.

Not to worry, your grouses and concerns will be heard by us. You can be assured that your worries will be taken care of.





We will be at every step of your wedding. From selecting the right wedding gown, to advising on the wedding photo and settling your nitty gritty details, you will only watch your dream wedding unfold into a beautiful memory!





LOVE 365: September


And here’s your golden chance to become one of La Belle Couture’s privileged brides

Date:          September 2017

Time:           1pm - 9pm

Venue:         87 Tanjong Pagar Road 
                  Singapore 088508  

"We are deeply grateful for the excellent service provided. They are super patient and all our requests are fulfilled. Choosing them for our wedding day is the best choice we ever made. We will definitely recommend them to other couples!"

Siew Ching and Mr Ok

So, if you are serious about wanting to see your

dream wedding unfold while avoiding all the agonies, then sign up for your personal bridal consultation now!

Now, the bad news is due to exclusivity of the gift, we are only able to limit this gift worth up to $300 to the first 20 couples who decided to leave their wedding into our hands!

So hurry and reserve your slot before it is too late!

I can’t wait to see you there and help you with your wedding! 

To Your Wedding Planning Success,

Teo Peiru, Managing Director of La Belle Couture Weddings

(PS. As i speak, the slots are being snapped up like hotcakes! So what are you waiting for? Hurry and register now to avoid any disappointment! )