If you are newly engaged and are not sure where and how to start planning for your wedding...

The Wedding Bootcamp is the PERFECT one stop solution that can answer and solve all your wedding worries that is related to the most important aspects of your wedding.

Together with some of the industry's best experts from La Belle Couture, Rosette Designs & Co & Androids In Boots, we've rounded up all that you need to know on the 6 primary concerns that most soon-to-weds have to help you kickstart the planning of your wedding celebrations! 

Leverage on the years of experience of the experts who will definitely add tremendous value and help to overcome the challenges and difficulties that may come your way while you are planning for your wedding. 

So if you wish to gain essential skills and knowledge that helps you craft your dream wedding with confidence (minus the stress!), via the form of fun & interactive workshops, join us at The Wedding Bootcamp on 20, 21, 27 & 28 October! 

About The Wedding Bootcamp



Seats are highly limited! To avoid disappointment, register now! 

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20, 21, 27, 28 October

1.00pm & 4.00pm


87 Tanjong Pagar Road, S(088508)




Believing in providing every couple a wholesome and unique visual experience, Wilson believes in the importance of visual storytelling based on personalities and emotions. into something beyond words.

Wilson, Founder & Principal Photographer  Of Androids In Boots

With 6 years of experience, Lucas has helped many brides find the perfect wedding gown of their dreams. Having worked with notable figures and top bridal magazines, his gown designs are well received for its versatility and boldness. 

Lucas, Senior Gown Designer
Of  La Belle Couture

Having helped than 1000 couples, May Ling's tenacity to know a couple's requirements based on their preferences, timeline and budget have been very spot on. Many of her couples have sang her praises for her high integrity and ability to work out solutions in a jiffy.

May Ling, Chief Operations
Manager Of La Belle Couture

Don't be fooled by her young looks! She has helped more than 200 couples planned and coordinate their wedding over the past 5 years. Being clear headed and resourceful, you can be assured that any hiccup will be smoothed out with finesse.

Eunice, Chief Wedding Planner 

Of Rosette Designs & Co.

From conceptualising and creating wedding designs, Hellen believes in bringing out a couple's love story into life. Being in the industry for 8 years, she has personally helped 300 couples conceptualise and transform their weddings into a picturesque sight to behold

Hellen, Founder & Creative Director Of Rosette Designs & Co.

Since young, Benji believed in enhancing a bride's natural looks with the wonders of make up. Fast forward with 11 years of experience under his belt, he has been invited to several fashion shows and TV commercials to lead in the make up styling.

Benji, Makeup Artist
Of La Belle Couture

Meet The Experts...



Seats are highly limited! To avoid disappointment, register now! 

To provide a solution to your problems, 

they are going to answer your questions like...

How to simplify your big wedding dress search and choose the perfect wedding dress that matches your style, personality and body shape?

What should i look out for when selecting a wedding vendor? 

How to bring my dream pre-wedding photo shoot to life?

How to have an insta-worthy wedding even if i do not have a high budget?

How to overcome common wedding planning and wedding day disasters and ensure that my wedding day goes off without a hitch? 

How to achieve the perfect bridal makeup style for my wedding while enhancing my features? 


What's in for you?

Truth is, planning a wedding can be one of the biggest tasks that you may take on. Excitement, tears, fears, congratulations, bridal jitters, and love abound but so does the reality of planning the big day. Everyone wants to make their wedding day perfect, no matter how big, how small, how extravagant or simple. Each couple wants their special day to reflect their personalities and to be a memorable celebration with family and friends. But how do you get everything looked after without getting overwhelmed and also be able to take time to enjoy this once in a lifetime event?

Here's how you'll benefit if you attend the Wedding Bootcamp:


Seats are highly limited! To avoid disappointment, register now! 


Get up close and personal with some of the industry's best experts and jump start your wedding planning as they answer your questions related to wedding preparation! 

Gain the skills and knowledge that will help you craft your dream wedding with confidence, without the drama, anxiety and stress!

Uncover the secrets behind the planning of an ideal wedding as we spill the beans with useful tips and information, and ensure that your wedding day goes off without a hitch!

Learn the secret traps that most vendors wouldn't dream of sharing, and as a result, you can make smarter decisions when securing your wedding vendors who are able to deliver to your expectations and to maximise your dollar to the fullest value

Walk away with handy tips: Physical copies of well designed STEP by STEP frameworks will be shared to facilitate convenient references at any point of time during your wedding planning.

Save yourself from unnecessary arguments and tears: By being fully equipped with the right knowledge, smoother communication will only come naturally as both you and your partner have A CLEAR IDEA on what needs to be done. 

Enjoy huge savings of up to $2800 when you book any services from the participating vendors including customisable wedding packages & full soft copies return pre-wedding photography packages. You'll find everything you'll need to make your wedding planning a breeze without any hidden costs or excess that you don't actually need! 

Plus These Amazing Bonus! 

You'll get to indulge in a splendid afternoon treat with delectable desserts that not only do they taste good, they look good too! 'In The Brickyard' specializes in local flavors desserts and cakes using less sugar and no artificial flavours and colours, guaranteed to pleasure your taste buds!

First 20 couples to register will receive a copy of Singapore's best selling wedding guidebook retailing in bookstores at $39.00  (that will take your your wedding planning up a notch), along with a Bridestory tote bag & notebook, absolutely free!

Schedule of Workshops

2. Photograph Your Best Wedding Moments To Life by Androids In Boots

Your wedding is an unforgettable and once in a lifetime experience, and what better way to capture that joyous memory into tangible forms of breathtaking photos that the both of you will recollect in years to come? When it comes to pre-wedding photos, the biggest fear of most couples possess are having photos that are lacklustre, unflattering and boring. Your pre-wedding photo shoot should tell a story, one that captures you for who you are and for what your relationships means to you.

Hosted by special guest speaker :  founder and seasoned photographer of Android In Boots, Wilson, not only will you be able to discover how you can achieve unique photos that speaks of you, you'll also learn useful tips on how to have an epic and memorable photo shoot. 

1. Uncover What You Truly Need In A Wedding Package By La Belle Couture

You probably heard of how weddings are packed with so many activities. It might scare you a little just thinking about it. Truth is, shopping with no prior knowledge will leave you as an easy prey for vendors to talk you into hidden traps and splurge on services that don't actually need. In the end, expectations were not fulfilled, leaving only nasty memories of their wedding journey. 

Attend this workshop if you wish to arm yourself with the knowledge on how to identify what you need & reduce the risk of signing a wrong package by cutting away the stress caused by hard-sell tactics, thus maximising your dollar to the fullest value. Bid goodbye to hasty decisions and make wise ones can only begin here. 

 3. Overcome TOP Wedding Planning
& Wedding Day Disasters
By Rosette Designs & Co.

Truth 1: there are many things that can go wrong from the start of your wedding preparation till the date of your wedding. Truth 2: With zero prior experience nor knowledge, it is unlikely that you will be able to make decisions without questioning yourself.

Here, We've rounded up some useful tips and tricks on how you can overcome the bumps that may come along during your wedding planning journey. 

Hosted by Eunice, seasoned wedding planner of 5 years from highly reputable wedding planning and styling company, Rosette Designs and Co., you will be revealed the TOP wedding planning and wedding day disasters that most brides have experienced and how to avoid them. This is your chance to save yourself from the unnecessary anguish. 

4. Guide To The Perfect Wedding Dress, Simplified By La Belle Couture

Like most brides, the first thing that may come to your mind when planning for your wedding is - ‘What wedding dress am I going to wear? Should i rent or buy? Will i look good in a mermaid or ballgown?' With so many options, choosing the perfect wedding dress can be overwhelming. After all, Picking a wedding dress that you’ll be wearing for the most important day of your life is not the same as picking an outfit for work! 

Drawing from his experience working with countless brides, Lucas Yeo, La Belle Couture's most sought after designer will share his wealth of knowledge on wedding dresses while guiding you on how you can simplify the search. Breezing through your big wedding dress search has never been easier.  

5. Secrets To An Insta-Worthy Wedding By Rosette Designs & Co.

Over the years, sharing of such moments via social media, especially Instagram, is becoming such a norm! This means one thing: on top of satisfying expectations of your partner and relatives, now you need to ensure that your wedding is Instagrammable! Otherwise, your wedding will just be another forgettable affair…

However, couples have spent hefty amounts that can go to up 6 figures just to have that Insta-worthy wedding. What if you can now have the picture perfect wedding that will make you the talk of the town without burning your hard earned savings? Join Hellen, Managing Director and Chief Wedding Stylist of Rosette Designs & Co, as she shares the secrets of how you can have that Insta-worthy wedding. 

6. Create The Perfect Bridal Look For Your Wedding By La Belle Couture 

Now that you've chosen your dream wedding dress, it's time to decide on the perfect bridal look that not only complements all aspects of your wedding, but is also able to bring out the best in you. A wedding look will never be complete if you wear a style that dims your best features and highlights your insecurities. 

Meet Benji Oo, celebrity makeup artist & secret fairy godmother to many brides from La Belle Couture. During this session, you'll learn pro tips and tricks on how you can achieve a the perfect bridal look while enhancing your features with the wonders of make up via a live demonstration on one of our real bride.

Saturday, 20 October 2018, 1pm

Seats are highly limited! To avoid disappointment, register now! 

Saturday, 20 October 2018, 4pm

Sunday, 21 October 2018, 1pm

Saturday, 27 October 2018, 1pm

Saturday, 27 October 2018, 4pm

Saturday, 28 October 2018, 1pm



Based on our survey findings, the top concerns both brides and grooms have are based on the above topics of the workshops. 

We truly want to help couples to be set on the right path towards the perfect wedding,
and not be riddled with heavy burdens from misinformed decisions

This is NOT what’s going to happen after The Wedding Bootcamp:

1. You won’t be drowned with meaningless nor useless information that only leave you feeling much more confused

2. You won’t be attending this workshop thinking that you have gained nothing out of it. 

3. You won’t be subjected to being pushed around to make decisions that are only favourable to your relatives and friends. 

4. You won’t feel that you are forced to confirm any services with the wedding experts of various industries. 

All we really want is for you to fully enjoy the whole wedding preparation process. With your partner of course!

That’s why we highly recommend for the both of you to attend any of the workshops you are keen to participate.
Planning a wedding takes two hands to clap, and we want the grooms to be able to step up.

So Why Should You Attend The Wedding Bootcamp?

So if you are serious about pulling all the stops to make sure that your dream wedding goes according to plan,

this is an event that you cannot afford to miss!

Join us at The Wedding Bootcamp and register for one or all of the workshops that most address your concerns now!

Seats are highly limited and are on a first come first serve basis!

RSVP now to avoid disappointment! 

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