Discover how you can avoid suffering the same fate! Former investment analyst turned Singapore’s No 1 expert in the wedding industry spills the beans on how you can plan your dream wedding like a pro... in the most cost effective manner!

Calling all brides and grooms to be - Did you know that 90%of Singaporean newly engaged couples experience disagreements & quarrels, amidst tears and frustrations, due to the immense stress they face during wedding planning?


'Your Definitive Guide To Wedding Planning' is the ultimate wedding 101 guidebook created specially for brides and grooms to be, allowing you to prepare for your wedding effortlessly and to shorten your wedding planning process by as much as 50%!




'Your Definitive Guide To Wedding Planning' is officially launched by Senior Minister of State at the ministries of Culture, Community and Youth and Trade and Industry, Ms Sim Ann on 22 April 2017 at Mandarin Orchard Singapore Hotel.

Senior Minister of State at the ministries of Culture, Community and Youth and Trade & Industry, Ms Sim Ann and author of the book, Ms Teo Peiru at the official book launch event.

Ease away all your wedding woes and stress with this ultimate wedding planning 101 guidebook!

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Teo Peiru, Managing Director & Owner of La Belle Couture Weddings

Media Features of Teo Peiru

Teo Peiru, Managing Director of La Belle Couture Weddings is one of the leading figures in the wedding industry and has been widely featured in the media like Channel News Asia, Straits Times, Channel 8, Spring Singapore & also Radio Stations.


"This is the first collective effort of the wedding industry to share the real challenges of organizing a successful wedding that most couples will never know about. 

If you are looking for a credible guide, this is the book for you. It will make you feel like a star with the country's top experts as your trusted advisors."

Ms Anna Lim

(Founder and Top Wedding Planner, Spellbound Weddings)

Conclusion: You are likely to end up more confused and overwhelmed then ever!

 To make things worse, the anxiety and stress builds up within you.. which will soon lead to disagreements and arguments, amidst frustrations and tears.

You are probably having sleepless nights scouring through endless websites and blogs for information, reviews and ideas......

...only to realise that there are so many choices, options and even conflicted information, some which may not be even relevant to our local context!

You may also turn to friends and relatives who have been through the ritual, but soon it appears that different people have very different views and opinions on how a wedding should be held!

Dear Soon-to-wed, 

Do you feel like the most important day of your life is coming up and you are absolutely clueless on where and how to begin?

I understand exactly how you feel! 

After all, we only get married once in a lifetime right?

To make things worse, with all the overload of information, it was immensely difficult to make any decisions, even though I was never an indecisive person! I ended up wasting so much time and before I knew it time was running out! And like many other brides to be, I ended up making hasty decisions, which was a grave mistake. 

 Long story short, I decided to forfeit a deposit of $3000 with a bridal boutique as I was determined not to let my wedding be ruined. As a result of that, I had endless arguments with my other half, which led to us almost calling off the wedding! The consequences were indeed hard to bear.

I knew i needed help. So I turned to researching on the internet which resulted in me having sleepless nights because there were so many websites to look at, which made me even more confused!

 And not to mention, most of the information gathered were mostly irrelevant. This affected me badly, both physically and mentally. I often go to work the next day feeling like I have just been run down by a bus. 

Then i sought advice from my peers and family, but everyone started telling different things. Eventually, i realize that I was going nowhere. Just wandering around in circles.

Thankfully, you are not alone! Because I’ve been in your shoes before! 

 7 years ago, just like you couples, I was equally panicky about my wedding. As a former investment analyst, I had to manage my intense job WHILE devoting time on planning my wedding.

I was working 10 hours everyday, 9am to 7pm, sometimes even later. Due to the nature of my job, everything is fast paced and brutally hectic. At the end of the day, my brain has literally shut down, but I still had to deal with the agonizing process of planning for my wedding, and at that time, I had absolutely no idea what to do!

Teo Peiru & her husband

Blogger - Melody Yap 

& Lady Iron Chef

Blogger - Bong Qiu Qiu

Celebrity -Tay Kewei

& Alfred Sim

Blogger - Xiaxue

After suffering the consequences of making misinformed decisions, I knew that this is a route that I would never want other couples to take. All the mistakes that I have made could have been easily avoided if I was more aware.

That’s when I decided to give up everything in my corporate career to run a bridal boutique 7 years ago......

...Fast forward today, La Belle Couture is now one of Singapore’s leading bridal boutique, acknowledged by many including social influencers and celebrities. The greatest principle stems from the belief of incorporating innovation into a unique experience. And I’m glad that my efforts paid off.

Since day 1, my vision and goal have never changed, and that is to help wedding couples achieve their dream wedding.

I want them to experience a wedding planning journey that is smooth sailing and hassle free, which I sincerely believe is the first step towards a blissful marriage.

That is why I decided to write a wedding guidebook, with the intention to benefit all brides and grooms to be out there, because I know how tedious and stressful the process is when you lack the right knowledge on how to plan a wedding.  

I want to simplify the whole wedding planning process for you in the most cost effective manner. But most importantly, I want to shorten the time required because all countless hours taken to scour through the internet is simply not worth it! 

 Simply put, ‘Your Definitive Guide to Wedding Planning’ is a wedding 101 guidebook that was painstakingly curated by me for the past 3 years. 

And unlike any ordinary guidebook, it contains a variety of simple yet powerful tips on how to strategically ask the right questions like a pro, stay on budget with a foolproof budget table, and arm yourself with bridal cheat sheets. 

 From first steps to seeing their plan all the way through, it is all within this indispensable wedding guidebook. It is so easy to comprehend that even grooms (who are usually clueless) can come onboard and take charge!

What’s more, for the first time, you will be able to hear insights from top wedding veterans as they share from the ground up practices and practical tips gained from more than 15 years of experience.

 It will be the only source of information that you need to plan your dream wedding like a pro.

Breeze through your wedding planning process!

In order to embark your marriage lives on a great start, it is important to ensure that your wedding planning process is a smooth sailing and stress free one.



And here’s your golden chance to get your hands on it, at a very special deal!

For a limited time only, get your hands on 'Your Definitive Guide To Wedding Planning' at a special online price of $29.00(Usual bookstore retail price

at $39.50) & receive wedding services vouchers worth $1380! 

1st 10 couples to apply the code WP20 at check out will enjoy an additional 20% off! 

Here's what you can expect from the book:

Part 1 - Setting The Stage

1. Discovering YOUR Preferred Wedding Style

2. Setting A Budget

3. Choosing A Date

4. Choosing The Venue

5. Booking The Right Vendors

6. Choosing Your Wedding Entourage


Part 2: Shopping For Your Wedding

7. Selecting Your Outfits

8. Shopping For Everything Else

9. Organizing Your Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot

10. Personalising And Beautifying Your Wedding


Part 3: Nitty Gritty And Good-To-Know

11. Filing Your Marriage

12. Understanding Traditions

13. Managing Your Guest List

14. Finalising The Details

15. Getting Ready For Your Big Day

16. Your Post-Wedding Guide

“When I read this book, I felt like I had a best friend alongside me who answered each question I had in mind. Well thought of with relevant examples, this book will guide you step by step to achieving your best day ever.


Wish we'd had this when we got married!”

Mr Brad Lau & Ms Melody Yap

(Singpore's top blogger, Lady Iron Chef)

Wait! There's More!

The Wedding Collective is a series of exclusive interviews videos that features 8 top professional wedding veterans in the industry of over 15 years of experience where they share expert wedding advice & insider tips to better help you with your wedding planning! Look out for new episode every Sunday starting 2 September 2017! 

Chris Milliken, CEO & Founder, Peng Wine

When you purchase the book, you also get to unlock your free access to The Wedding Collective!

Anna Lim, Founder & Wedding Planner, Spellbound Weddings

Some of the featured experts are:

Christopher Tay, Founder

& Cinematographer,

Ichiro Films

Lucas Yeo, Couture Gown Designer at La Belle Couture Weddings

Hellen Lie, Principal Designer and Stylist,

Rosette Design & Co

Debby Kwa, Founder,

Le Knot

Now let me remind you again. If you are a soon-to-wed and you are totally clueless on how to plan for your wedding, don’t forget I was once in your shoes. 

 I know your fears. Your frustrations. Your pain. 

 And now here’s the answer to your problem.



If you are serious about wanting to see your dream wedding unfold while avoiding all the agonies, this is a book you cannot afford to miss!

For a limited time only, get your hands on 'Your Definitive Guide To Wedding Planning' at a special online price of $29.00(Usual bookstore retail price

at $39.50) & receive wedding services vouchers worth $1380! 

1st 10 couples to apply the code WP20 at check out will enjoy an additional 20% off! 

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To Your Wedding Planning Success,

Teo Peiru

(Author of 'Your Definitive Guide to Wedding Planning" and Managing Director of La Belle Couture Weddings)