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10 + 1 DIY Wedding Favour Ideas

10 + 1 DIY Wedding Favour Ideas

One way or another, we’re all guilty of leaving wedding favours behind. The reason: What use do we have for that once we’re home? To avoid your guests leaving their favours behind (since it all already cost money), why not give them something that they actually have use for?

Today’s DIY Project: Wedding Favours

From candy, to fragrant oils, to scented soaps, these 10 ideas might even cause your guests to ask for more!


1. Fan Yourselves

Whether you’re having an outdoor wedding or not, guests would definitely appreciate this wedding favours, especially here in our humid little red dot.

fansImage source: Wedding Favors Unlimited


2. Candy Bags

Customised Candy

It might be more pricey customising your own candy, but if you’re up for it, we’re sure your guests would love it as much as you do. Besides, who doesn’t love candy!?

DIY-Candy-Pouch-Wedding-Favors-diamond-ring_0016Image source: Something Turquoise

Visit for the full tutorial.



Another way to do this is to wrap the candies in a vintage handkerchief. You could also get get a bulk of material and cut them up to save cost getting individual handkerchieves/materials.

candy pouchImage source:


Mint to be

This pun never gets old! We’re definite that your guests would appreciate these mints when they’re looking to freshen up their breaths, especially after having one too many drinks during your wedding.

 mint-to-be-wedding-favorsImage source: palacesomersetpark


3. Healthy Snacks

Everyone wants to be healthy! So what better way to remind everyone to stay healthy than with a healthy snack as a wedding favour? We can already tell from this image that these fresh herbed almonds taste amazing!


fried-almonds-3Image source: evermine 

Visit for the full tutorial.


4. Drink Me

Tea Lovers

Frankly, who doesn’t love tea!? Come up with your own specialty tea for your guests to enjoy on a cold gloomy day. What we love about this idea is also that you have a choice to pick caffeine free leaves.

tea-rrificImage source: Something Turquoise


Visit for the full tutorial.



Coffee Beans

For a caffeinated option, consider giving coffee beans.

coffee bean jarsImage source: Something Turquoise

 CoffeeImage source: Popsugar




Hot Cocoa

On the other hand, you could also prepare these lovely pre-made flavoured hot cocoa tubes for your guests to enjoy the morning after. All that’s left for them to do is add hot water and they get a nice cuppa cocoa!

Hot-CocoaImage source: Popsugar


5. Jams and Honey

Remember grandma’s delightful jam? If you already have a recipe, take it out! If not, the web has an unlimited number of recipes which are already tried, tested and wouldn’t disappoint. Who knows, they might even come asking for the recipe once they’re done with their jar.

Wedding-Favours-Jam-PotsImage source: onefabday (Etsy, Lorraine Daley Wedding Photography, Steep Street)

6. Fragrant Oils

Who doesn’t love flavoured oils? Your guests would have multiple uses for this. They can use it as a bread dip, add it in their salads, and it would taste heavenly.

flavoured oilImage source: Nato Welton


7. Spice It Up

We love spices, and so would your guests. These would come in handy when they’re in need of a quick fix for marination or just to spice a sauce up. Come up with your own spice mix or search for one online.

Love SpiceImage source: Something Turquoise

Visit for the full tutorial.

 SpiceImage source: Something Turquoise

8. For The Bath

Finally, a wedding favour we can actually use! You could either buy soap bars in bulk or take it a step further by making your own specially for your big day!


Believe us when we say that your guests would definitely love this. After all, who doesn’t love smelling heavenly after a shower?

Wedding-Favours-SoapImage source: onefabday (Etsy: Little Flower Soap Co, Prunella Soap, 100 Layer Cake)


Visit for the full tutorial.


9. Scented Candles

If you don’t mind experimenting and getting your hands dirty, consider making your own scented candle. Similar to the soap bars previously, personalise your own scents to make it extra special.

CandlesImage source: Popsugar

 vintage-tin-diy-candles-for-unique-thoughtful-wedding-favourImage source:

Visit for the full tutorial.

PS. What we love about this tutorial is also that it’s eco-friendly and uses only natural ingredients. What a way to go green.


10. Potted Plants

Think dried flowers and succulent. Your guests would then be able to place them at home or in their offices for a little greenery. Moreover succulents are world renown for their superb aesthetic values. A terranium is a great idea too, but they can be more costly to purchase.

succulentImage source: Smarty had a Party


If you’re looking to save cost on the glass wares, consider reusing tin cans (but please remember to wash them clean) and decorate them with ribbons, Sharpies, anything you can think of. Your guests wouldn’t be able to guess that these were once food cans. If not, another option would also be to place them into tea cups and personalising their initials with a sharpie.

diy-wedding-favors-4Image source: bellethemagazine

 Dried-Flowers-Wedding-FavourImage source:



For the kids:

Colouring Favour

Keep the children entertained by preparing colouring wedding favours specially for them. We know how restless kids can get after sitting for too long, so this would definitely keep them occupied during your wedding.

kids colouring favourImage source: Studio Eleven Photography



All-in-one For Kids

Not only do these packages include colouring pages and crayons, they also include snacks! We’re officially sold! A bonus plus is also that the parents would be very thankful for these to keep their child/ren intrigued and occupied.

DIY-kids-coloring-wedding-favors_0002Image source: Something Turquoise 

Visit for the full tutorial.



Tattoo For You?

Be it for the kids or adults, we’re sure everyone would have a fun time putting on these tattoos to celebrate your love!

temporary-tattoo-as-cool-wedding-favoursImage source:


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