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11 Picturesque Cafes/ Restaurants In Singapore

11 Picturesque Cafes/ Restaurants in Singapore

If you and your beau love eating or café-hopping, why not pick an eatery as one of the venues for your pre-wedding photo shoot? Be sure to check beforehand if the particular café/restaurant permits you to do so and whether they have any additional charges. If not, we’re sure your photos will turn our absolutely lovely while representing both your characters.


1. D’Good Café

273 Holland Ave #02-01/02, Singapore 278992

Starting a Fourth Wave of Coffee, D’Good Café allows customers to create their own coffee blends. With two levels of seating area and four different setttings, you’re bound to find a favourite spot! The thing we love most about this café is the swing area, also known as The Lawn, that gives you the view of passing cars and a garden. Have your photographer take a shot like this for a romantic feel. Talk about intimacy!

d-good-cafe-cafehoppingsg-20-2w59m9z95gqwfunqqrv280Image source: Cafehopping


2. Hungry Heroes

33 Tessensohn Road, Singapore 217656

The first superhero memorabilia in Singapore, Hungry Heroes is the place to go for all comic fans. Specialising in hearty meats, it’s also the place for meat lovers. Think roasted, tender cuts.. These are the superpowers of the hungry heroes! Would you fancy a feast after your shoot?

 Hungry_Heroes_Second_Level_Int_1421379733Image source:


3. The Reading Room

19 Bukit Pasoh Road, Singapore 089833

For the book lovers, surround yourself in tall shelves of books at The Reading Room. This cosy space resonates a relaxed ambience for a cosy feel, and is sure to make you feel at home with its comfortable sofa seats.

 the-reading-room-cafehoppingsg-2-2wn225knygq5ste5nlzmyoImage source: Cafehopping


4. Café Gavroche

69 Tras Street, Singapore 079008

Fill yourselves with joie de vivre at this french restaurant which allows you to feel as though you’ve time travelled to France in an instant. Feast your eyes on the gems and antiques that are sourced from France and add character to this space. So go on now and soak in the French ambience!

 cafe gavrocheImage source: Bibik Gourmand


5. Whisk & Paddle

10 Tebing Lane #01-01, Singapore 828836

Known as the café by the river, Whisk & Paddle allows you to choose between the tranquility of the riverside café or soak up the moonlight under the stars at the veranda at night. Your photos are bound to turn out amazing at the café! By the way, can we just say how much we love the mosaic tiles at the counter?

 whisk-and-paddle-cafehoppingsg-7-2ym9brilti9zom4vhs56gwImage source: Cafehopping

 whisk and paddleImage source: Whisk & Paddle


6. Shop Wonderland

37 Haji Lane, Singapore 189230

We already know Haji Lane as a quanit street in Singapore. After all, it’s the closest place we get compared to the popular laneways in Melbourne. Much of Haji Lane is already picture-worthy, what with it’s vibrant wall colours and murals around; But one place that always caught our attention whenever we walked past is Shop Wonderland. Looking like a set from Alice in Wonderland, this café is sure to take you on a whimsical journey.

shop wonderlandImage source: Cafehopping

 shop_wonderland_0318Image source: Oncoffeemakers


7. &MADE Burger Bistro

9 Scotts Road, #01-04-06 Pacific Plaza, Singapore 228210

&MADE Burger Bistro makes it clear that there’s no limitation when it comes to the exploration of art. And it is definitely evident in the mosaic art, tiled murals and glass panels that are decorated with fun illustration. This bistro is sure fit for the artsy fartsy couple who wants to portray that during their wedding photo shoot. We particularly love the Space Invaders mosaic!

 made burger 1Image source: &MADE Burger Bistro

 made burgerImage source: &MADE Burger Bistro


8. MEATliquor

99 Duxton Road, Singapore 089543

London’s hottest burger joint has hit this little red dot and is the true hipster place to be! If you’re looking for vibrant, edgy décor, this is definitely the place to be. Think neon lights, graffiti murals meets down-town club. We take back artsy fartsy previously as this is truly the place for the creative lovers.

 meat liquorImage source: Business Times


9. D’Bell

43 North Canal Road, Singapore 059299

Soak in the lush ambience at this Indian-inspired restaurant! Filled with stylish and luxe accents, you can expect gold rimmed mirrors and fancy chandeliers to add to the lavish ambience. We also particularly love the VIP lounge that’s surrounded by jewel-toned pillows and low colourful stools. Bask in the lush surroundings of this space for your photoshoot.

dbellImage source: D’Bell


dbell 1Image source: D’Belle


10. Potato Head

36 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089143

Inspired by the history of the building that was built in 1939, you can definitely expect a fun, whimsical and childhood theme from this space.

What we exceptionally love is the fourth floor rooftop garden that reminds us of a London rustic rooftop bar. The whole setting of this restaurant just takes us to another place.

potato headImage source: Potato Head Folk

 potato head 1Image source: Potato Head Folk

 potato head 2Image source: Potato Head Folk


11. Clifford Pier

80 Collyer Quay, Singapore 049326

Clifford Pier is one fit for the classy couples. If you’re looking to sip cocktails while enjoying both Asian and Western classics, this is the place for you. Imagine having your photoshoot while enjoying a jazz performance?

clifford_interior_jpg_1401446078Image source: Fullerton Bay Hotel

PS. La Belle Couture does not guarantee that the respective venues do not charge for photo shoot sessions.

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