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13 Burning Questions To Assess A Bridal Studio Before Committing To ANY Bridal Packages

13 Burning Questions To Assess A Bridal Studio Before Committing To ANY Bridal Packages

Bridal packages –  aren’t they a godsend when it comes down to wedding planning? You wouldn’t want to feel like there is so much going on, much less feel like a deer in the headlights.

With a single selection, you can solve most of the tedious concerns that has been bugging you since the epic proposal – at a more affordable rate. 

But then again, it doesn’t hurt to be extremely careful before committing to a bridal package. After all, it is going to be one of the biggest days in your life – you can’t afford to mess it up! 

That is why we came up with 13 (once again in reference to our 13th birthday, yay!)  solid questions that matter – so they can do it once and do it right. 

Bridal Packages Question #1: Should I Go For The Package Route, Or Just Go Ala Carte?

Although bridal packages offer a host of benefits (such as rental of wedding gowns and suits, to wedding photography and videography at a bundled price!), some brides may prefer to mix and match – such as renting the groom’s outfit from a family tailor or table centrepieces from a florist friend. 

In such cases, it really depends on what you prefer. If you choose the package route, you would definitely enjoy the convenience of having everything within one contact point. On the other hand, going down the ala carte route gives you much more control over your vendors! 

Bridal Packages Question #2 What’s Included?

Just like how your engagement is, hiring your preferred bridal vendors can be done in a flurry! Sometimes, couples leave the shop and realise they don’t know exactly what they have signed up for. 


That’s why, we highly recommend brides to always check to be thoroughly sure of what is included in a package! This means you need to consult your wedding specialists on surcharges that may apply. This will prevent last minute scares of items unaccounted for. That would be a true horror story. 


Common extra wedding charges or costs include:

  1. Early hourly charges for Actual day services (e.g wedding photography, bridal makeup and hairstyling, videography)
  2. Extended hourly charges for Actual day services
  3. Additional charges to rent from different bridal gown ranges

Bridal Packages Question #3 Does this include GST?

Most services in Singapore come with GST – including wedding packages! So, always check with your wedding specialist to clarify if the 7% GST is inclusive in the number they crunched on their handy calculator. This is important, bearing in mind that packages cost thousands – so this could mean hundreds of dollars more!

Bridal Packages Question #4 What is the Reputation of the Wedding Planner?

You should always check the reputation of a wedding company before anything else. Consult Google reviews, check client feedback on social media, browse the company profile and see how many years they have been in the scene. These are some powerful indicators to assess if you should commit to their wedding services! 

Bridal Packages Question #5 How Many Bridal Gowns?

A wedding is one time where any girl gets the perfect opportunity to wear the perfect wedding gown and wow her audience! 


Similarly to the point above, you definitely want to wear the perfect bridal gown and know what you are paying for! So, you should check with bridal vendor on how they price the rental of their wedding gowns. 


Another thing to note is knowing how many wedding outfits you need! This would depend on your timeline too. Some brides only have 1 outfit change due to how tight everything is, while some brides have up to 4 outfit changes!

Bridal Packages Question #6 WHO Are these Professionals?


Of course, you would want to work with a wedding vendor or professional whose work is aligned with your style! You definitely don’t want to force yourself to like something, only to regret your decision immediately. 


What you can do to eliminate that is to first search for their online portfolios and check out their past works – are they a yay or nay? This will give you a firm idea if their style is worth your money. 

Bridal Packages Question #7 Can I DIY?

Packages may include bridal accessories, photography and floral arrangements. The question is, do you need all of those things? Quite like purchasing a toothpaste with a free plate when you got a truckload of saucers at home. 


If you can settle most of the items on the package by yourself (through friends and relatives), then it is best to go the a-la-carte route.  


However, using DIY methods may take up more time and effort than intended. Sometimes, you may not even get the results you want, due to the lack of experience. 


Also, hiring friends may induce another barrier! Given the nature of your relationship, you may not be very comfortable instructing them on what to do. Hmm. 

Bridal Packages Question #8 Is it Agreed Upon?

This is a sensitive one. Perhaps in some relationships, one party is in charge of the overall budgeting. Still – it is important (not to forget ethical) to agree between couples that they’re doing the right thing in selecting the package. Just like the matrimony, there has to be mutual consent. 


You should check if there are any written contracts to be signed, to avoid any “lost information”. That way, you know that the services were offered, agreed and promised to be delivered!

Bridal Packages Question #9 How’s the Quality Of The Bridal Gowns? 

Sure, some bridal studios may offer you 5 bridal gowns at an unbeatable offer. But if it sounds too good to be true – you know the rest. Always check for quality and where exactly these gowns are coming from – is it from the latest fall/winter collection of designer gowns or relics from ‘88 that has been rented a million times. You can also check if the bridal gowns are preserved in pristine condition! 


So, look out for yellow patches, mildew and smell to determine whether the bridal dress designs are up to standard!

Bridal Packages Questions #10 Are You Able To Swap Out Items You Don’t Need In A Wedding Package?

Before you say I do to your wedding package, you need to check if the services are really what you need. And if you think some services are unnecessary, you might want to check if you are able to swap them out for something else!


In such cases, it would be best to go for bridal packages that are customisable according to a list of bridal services. That way, you are in full control of what you’re paying for!

Bridal Packages Question #11 Who Is In Charge Of The Wedding Timetable? 

A lot goes into the wedding preparation – package or no package. However, you should make the best out of your package by ensuring a smooth flow of everything. From makeup trials to photo development and wedding gown testing – ask your package provider for a thorough breakdown of each appointment so you don’t miss a beat. 

Bridal Packages Question #12 What About Alterations?

Alas, not all diets may succeed. What happens when you require last-minute alterations to fit into your dream wedding gown? Check for fees as there might be extra charges!

Bridal Packages Question #13 Is Transport Provided for Photoshoots?

This is a point often overlooked by couples. Travelling can be inconvenient if there are multiple shoot locations for your wedding photography. Check to see if transport if provided – or if you got to charter your own course. Remember, you will be going around in your wedding gown, so you might need vehicles with more legroom to avoid creasing your outfit. 

We hope you’re now ready to make the right decision. It is natural to have a million questions swirling in your head before the big day but we have tackled 13 for you, so rejoice and stop worrying! Let us know how your planning turned out, we’re always interested to hear about your unique experience! 

Make an appointment with us here now if you want to know more about our bridal services! 

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