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15 Must-Capture Moments During Your Wedding

15 Must-Capture Moments During Your Wedding

Karl Lagerfeld once said, “What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”

Digital Photography School ( has compiled a thorough list that you can use as a guide. But for now, here’s our picks of moments to capture on your big day!

To start with, the “first look” tradition is truly our favourite!


Your parents’ first look and their emotions

As much as it is a big day for you, it’s an even bigger day for your parents as this is the day they give you away. A wedding evokes many emotions, especially from your parents as you’re leaving home to start your new life’s journey with your other half.


Image from Caroline + Ben Photography


Bride With Her Bridesmaids/Grooms with Groomsmen

Brides: If you girls are all tight, this photo would look amazing. Be it posing or au naturel, this photo would display your girls’ fun.


Image from


Grooms: You know that sometimes, things get awkward when a bunch of guys try to pose for a photo together. Thus get your photographer to snap “in-the-moment” shots instead, and you’ll be amazed at the outcome.


Image from


Bride and Groom With Entire Wedding Party

You’ve had enough of static photographs with family during your wedding, so sass it up with your bridal party. You know they’d be more than happy to throw in some fun!


Image from Angela Renee Photo


The Ceremony

The Groom’s First Look/At The End of The Aisle

Of course, this is one emotion that you’ve got to pre-warn your photographer about – that moment when he sees you in that gorgeous gown, looking exceptionally stunning. Having him wait at the other end of the aisle for you, soaked in his own nervousness trying to keep still; This is as emotional as your groom gets.


Image from Caroline Ghetes



Image from Marks & Gifts

The Walk Down the Aisle

This is the moment when all eyes are on you. A shot like this would show off both your guests’ expressions and your own.


Image from Getty Images


The Hand-over

Pre-empt your photographer to snap a shot of this perfect moment with the two most important men in your life.


Image from TheWeddingScoop


This Look

This is one moment you’d want to have captured as it is his “I can’t believe she’s finally mine” look.


Image from


Exchanging of Rings

This “must have” moment captures the glimpse of your new beginning together. Professional photographer Derek Frenzel, owner of Frenzel Studios, explains that “Hands really tell a story. Couples haave a certain type of connection when holding hands, so a ring shot will show the bond of how the two are now one.”


Image from


The Marriage Certificate

There’ll be many photos of wedding moments, but there’s only one moment where you legally go from single to married.


be82b91a-b523-4335-b152-8eb2cb8394f5~rs_768.hImage from Ruth Eileen Photography


The First Kiss

We absolutely adore how this groom fist pumped to their first kiss as husband and wife!


Image by Emily Blake Photography


The Exit

This would definitely be the most energetic shot of all as everyone cheers and congratulates the both of you.


Image from TheWeddingScoop


The reception

First dance

Whether it’s a father-daughter, mother-son or husband-wife dance, this is a moment you’d want to capture for keep’s sake.


Image by Macon Photography


Image by Elizabeth Scott Photography


Image by JLM Wedding


The Toasts

Know the saying a picture speaks a thousand words? An image of you both listening to your families and friends speeches is sometimes even more meaningful than a photo of the speaker.


Image by T&S Hughes Photography


Candid Shots

This would serve to remind you how fun your wedding was, and how everyone enjoyed themselves.


Image by Gerald Carvalho Photography


The Modern Family Shot

Don’t forget to take a family portrait! Instead of having everyone pose for the shot, be yourselves and have the most perfectly imperfect family photograph!


Image by Sasha Wedding Photography


Years after your wedding, when you look back at these photographed moments, you’d remember exactly how you both felt throughout. You’d remember the butterflies in your stomach waiting behind the doors before walking down the aisle, looking at each other through tunnel vision; You’d remember the liveliness of the party, the smiles on all your guests’ faces and how everyone joined you to celebrate your love. Most of all, you’d think back at how lucky you both were to have each other.

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