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2 Important Questions Before Deciding On A Wedding Dress With A Long Tail!

2 Important Questions Before Deciding On A Wedding Dress With a Long Tail!

Finally, your big day is arriving. No longer will you be asked on when you are going to get married, apply for a HDB and anything related to marriage. No longer will you have to squirm in your seat awkwardly, wishing you had the magic to disappear.

You know you are nodding to this!

Now that you are ready to settle down with your partner and annoy love him for the rest of your life, the next thing you want to do is to pick the perfect wedding dress that transform you into a beauty!

Of course, walking down the aisle in a wedding dress with a long tail is extremely beautiful. As you saunter down the walkway, you will exude that kind of grace and elegance, adding that exquisite touch by many notches. Your guests will not be able to peel their eyes off you!

Don’t believe me? Well, watch Jay Chou’s and Hannah Quinlivan’s wedding video

Now you are probably tempted to wear a gown with a long tail… but in reality, there are 2 major questions to consider before you decide on the length of your tail!

  1. Does your wedding venue come with a high ceiling?


This sounds like a lame question but ironically, it is the question that determines whether you should go for a gown with a tail!

Gowns with a long tail usually ‘reduces’a person’s height, no matter how tall she is (as seen in the picture. FYI she is 1.76m tall). Because of that, brides who will appear a lot more larger and shorter when they are in the room with a low ceiling. Because of the low height, it will create that ‘squashing’ effect, especially in photos!

On the other hand, a wedding venue that offers a high ceiling will balance out the length of the tail. You will appear slimmer and taller, which is really what most brides are trying to achieve all the time!

  1. What is the width of the aisle and the size of the wedding venue??


Try to imagine squeezing down the aisle in this beautiful gown and….your tail gets stuck underneath the chairs or any object by the side. It is war between you and the non-living object. As you attempt to subtly remove the gown from that eyesore, somehow it gains superhuman strength and clings tightly onto your tail.

Next thing you know, you are stuck in that position and fluently cursing a string of vulgarities as your bridesmaid, maid of honour and groom try to help you.

Yes, that’s what probably going to happen if you walk down a smaller aisle with a long tail.

Also, it is common for Singaporean couples to invite an army of relatives and friends (admit it, sometimes you don’t even know how to address them!). This means there will be more tables, which then reduces the space for you to walk around to take pictures. This means it will be troublesome when you shift your tail around! What’s worse, what if somebody trips over it and spills his/her glass of wine all over your gown…

One word to sum it all: disaster

The above images illustrates gowns with a shorter tail/no tail. These gowns are usually easier to walk around in, as compared to its sisters with a long tail!


Of course, these reasons are not created to discourage you from going for a long tail but rather, these are factors you must consider when you deciding on a gown with a long tail!

To be honest, it doesn’t matter whether you are choosing a gown with long or short tail. What’s more important is feeling both beautiful and comfortable in the gown!

Do you agree with us? Share with us how you feel about gowns with long tail!

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