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3 Affordable Places To Unwind Before Your Wedding Day

3 Affordable Places to Unwind Before Your Wedding Day

Wedding preparations can be extremely stressful, which is why it is important for you and your partner to take a quick rest & retreat overseas to calm your nerves before the big day. Your trip might also provide you with some perfect opportunities to sneak in some wedding photography

Your getaway will help ensure that you appear energetic and in tip-top shape when you own the aisle on your wedding day!

From sunny beaches to delicious food and rich culture, our Southeast Asian neighbours provide many unforgettable and Instagram-worthy moments for  soon-to-weds. Here are 3 fine spots to consider!

Affordable Places to Unwind #1: Vietnam


A land rich in culture and history, Vietnam is divided into 3 regions – North, Central  and South. 

It is important to check out the difference in cultural practices before visiting (because their practices can differ by quite a bit!). Hanoi City is a major point of interest in North Vietnam, a place where you can experience cool weather from late December to the first few months of the year, while Southern Vietnam is tropical all year round and is known for quaint mining towns and marketplaces that stock beautiful and vibrant fabrics (perfect for brides who are on the lookout for unique clothing or sewing as a hobby).  

Expenditure: From as low as $30 per day, you can view and enjoy most of the sights and sounds in the country. Hotel lodging is available from $30 – $40 a day. 

Affordable Places to Unwind #2: Thailand


You and your beau are bound to enjoy the fascinating nightlife in Thailand. The country is also known for some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, along with tasty national cuisine such as Tom Yam and green curry that will pamper your taste buds. 

Thai citizens are known to be some of the most courteous and respectful people in the world! As such, spas, salons and other R&R facilities are run with exceptional service, which makes your trip even more enjoyable! 

Additionally, if you are a history buff, there are tonnes of ancient structures from the Khmer and Ayutthaya empires that are ready to take your breath away. 

The picturesque shots taken from your Thai trip will instantly spruce up your wedding photography montage! 

Expenditure: $40-$50 a day should suffice for a couple. Lodging can be extremely cheap, with reports of prices as low as SGD $7 a night!

Affordable Places to Unwind #3: Penang


Penang is a heritage destination and an awesome place to snap some pre-wedding photography! This Malaysian state offers old-fashioned winding roads and shophouses that will teleport you to the past. George Town in particular, is a place where bohemian brides can fully immerse in all things artsy. From speed portraits to spray-painted graffiti, there are countless attractions for couples to feast their eyes on.   

Penang has a laid-back culture, which makes it perfect for you to take a break from the hustle and bustle of cosmopolitan Singapore. 

Expenditure:  Accommodations are limited and pricier in Penang compared to the other locations on this list. This is because the area is small and usually flocked by tourists during certain times of the year. Average rates may go around SGD $60-85 per day.  Now might be a good time to travel while SGD-Ringgit exchange rates remain low. 

And there you have it, 3 awesome nearby places to chill and relax right before your nerve-wracking big day! Did we miss anything out? Perhaps you’d prefer a place further away from home, such as Paris, Greece, or even Tuvalu? Let us know all about your ideal location!


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