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3 Of Our Best And Gorgeous Bridal Gowns In Blue You Will Definitely Adore!

3 Of Our Best And Gorgeous Bridal Gowns In Blue You Will Definitely Adore!

Previously we shared some of our best and gorgeous bridal gowns in pink, which is one of those colours that is almost every bride’s favourite colour.


This week, we are moving forward with yet another highly-favoured colour, which is none other than the iconic blue. Although blue symbolises different meanings as compared to pink, it is also well-liked by many ladies for its soothing shade and calming effect.

Brides who prefer to adorn a bridal gown that isn’t as girly but yet bring out that girlish charm should definitely take a look at the top 3 bridal gowns in blue from La Belle Couture!

Bridal Gowns In Blue #1 : The Tiffany Blue Angel from Luminous Bridal Gown Collection

Untitled design(28)Who can resist the iconic Tiffany blue?

Tiffany blue is truly one of most unique colours that have won the hearts of many. Famously associated with Tiffany and Co, this distinctive shade has undoubtedly fashioned into an international icon of elegance and sophistication. Its cool and fresh aquatic blue shade speaks to vibrancy and adventure.

To fit into its unique colours, the Tiffany Blue Angel bridal gown from our bridal gown collection, Luminous, was purposefully designed to stand out from the usual sleeveless bridal gown.

With a toga feature to the left side of  blue bridal gown, a drape of soft Tiffany blue tulle that extended till the hem of the skirt was added to create an ethereal look.

Untitled design(29)Similar to the effect of a long head veil, it adds to the elegance and poise of the overall look.

At the same time, the floral embroidery and diamante embellishments were mainly focused on the waistline to offer an illusion of miniscule waist without stealing the limelight from the unique illusion toga neckline. In line with the feminine look, a bustier neckline was used to further highlight a slender figure.

The diamond embellishments are strategically placed scattered from the waistline to the upper portion of the bridal gown skirt to emulate a classic minimalistic style with a hint of royalty!

Bridal Gowns In Blue #2 : Starry Starry Night from Luminous Bridal Gown Collection

Topping next on our charts for bridal gowns in blue is this stylish navy blue bridal gown! There’s no way you won’t fall in love (as it has truly captured many hearts of our brides!)

Untitled design(30)One look and you would definitely understand why this bridal gown has won us over. Steering from the well loved floral lace patterns, this bridal gown only used shimmering tulle to recreate the starry blue skies. The shimmering look is a result of layers of navy blue and dark green tulles that are showered with lots of glitter, which ultimately adds a dazzling effect if you turl in this bridal gown. Any bride wearing this Starry Starry Night bridal is bound to shine bright like a diamond in the sky too!

The cutting of this bridal gown is also very flattering as it helps creates an illusion of a slimmer waistline. This is because the bodice of the bridal gown is a well-fitted design that hugs the upper body perfectly. The back of the bridal gown is yet another breathtaking design with its spiderweb-like criss cross straps.

However, that is not all to this ravishing bridal gown. If you look closely, this bridal gown is not exactly completely navy blue. Or rather, it appears as it is not due to the different angles. Besides navy blue, what other colour do you see? Yes, that is right! It gives off another greenish shade which very much resemble the magnificent galaxy.

Untitled design(31)

Doesn’t it look beautiful?

Bridal Gowns In Blue  #3 : Showers of Snowflakes from Floraison Bridal Gown Collection

Untitled design(32)

This shade of blue is perfect for brides who wants to flaunt her playful charms. Looking at how bright and vibrant it is, it would definitely make any bride look absolutely youthful and radiant on her wedding day. As you can tell, the concept “less is more” is used in this bridal gown design to bring out the beauty of this colour.

To create that youthful look, floral patterns were painstakingly cut out to stitch onto the bodice, before scattering to the midsection of the bridal gown skirt. This is to create a look that is quite similar to beautiful snowflakes.

In line with the youthful look, a clean sweetheart neckline is used to help accentuate one’s assets and flaunt the collar bones. With a simpler bottom, it further brings out the colour of the design and not seem too overwhelming on the eyes.

The look is then complete with a simple ribbon belt that certainly embodies a touch of youthfulness yet delicate demeanour. Brides who don’t want to look too overwhelmed will definitely fall head over heels for this sky blue bridal gown.


We have selectively handpicked a few of our best and gorgeous bridal gowns in blue because we know blue is also another hot and popular colours of many ladies! Do you like the bridal gown in blue we have featured? Let us know by sharing your views with us!


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