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3 Of Our Best And Gorgeous Bridal Gowns In Pink You Will Definitely Adore!

3 Of Our Best And Gorgeous Bridal Gowns In Pink You Will Definitely Adore!

Pink, the colour that symbolises sweetness and femininity, has always been the ladies’ most highly-favoured colour for almost er…everything and bridal gowns are not an exception as well!

This is why we have decided to do you ladies a huge favour by hand-picking some of our best and gorgeous bridal gowns in pink! Carefully and selectively chosen from our array of bridal gown collections, we are certain that you will definitely adore them as much as we do!

Bridal Gowns In Pink #1 : The Floral Princess from Luminous Bridal Gown Collection

Untitled design(6)

Featuring the Floral Princess from our latest bridal gown collection, Luminous, which is in a sweet baby pink in colour that immediately catches the attention of most brides.

Away with the plain boring bridal gowns, this Floral Princess, as its name suggests, carries beautiful floral embroidery artwork. Meticulously sewn onto the bridal gown’s bodice, it creates an illusion of cascading flowers with a 3D effect. This definitely brings life to the bridal gown design.

Therefore, much of the focus would be on the bodice of the bridal gown. If you are concerned about having too much attention on your less-endowed bust size, fret not, because the bridal gown’s neckline is equally flattering!

Untitled design(8)

Its heart-shape bust neckline will enhance both the cleavage at the just the right amount and highlight your shoulders, making you appear slimmer.

The dazzling beadwork doesn’t just end at the bridal gown’s bodics and extends to the mid section of the bridal gown’s skirt. Aligning with the name of the bridal gown collection, Luminous, this creates an illusion of a cluster of stars scattered across the galaxy.

Bridal Gowns In Pink #2 : The Rosy Princess from Floraison Bridal Gown Collection

One striking feature of this pink bridal gown is the seemingly different shades of pink that it has to offer. By laying different colours of dark pink and white, it actually creates a total of 3 different colours all together. One being dark pink, white and when put together and overlapping against one another, a lighter pink shade surfaces.

Untitled design(25)

This layering and colour combination, cleverly chosen and pieced together not only creates different shades of pink. But because of these shades, it brings more attention to the beautiful pinks in this bridal gown design. Steering from the well loved lace embroidery designs, our designer opted for a layered look to enhance the colours of the bridal gown.

Simply put, all these create a more 3D effect and illusion, where the colours and the volume, coupled with its layering effect, ‘pops’ outrightly. This gives the pink bridal gown a more ‘lively’ and vibrant look!

Untitled design(26)

Now, you must be wondering, why did we think this bridal gown is akin to a rose? The truth is, we obtained our inspiration based on the overall look which this bridal gown gave us. Just by looking at the gorgeous bottom of the bridal gown, doesn’t it remind you of how a rose looks like? With the charming petals that weaves elegantly inside out with one another, the different layers and lengths of the lace has effortlessly resembled the same look.

Last but not least, the mermaid cutting is a very exquisite cutting that is difficult to miss. Starting off with a low V neckline and the slight off shoulder sleeves, this is an effortless way to turn heads as you exude an air of elegance.

It then transcends into a body-hugging at its mid-gown, boasting a slender feminine figure. Lastly, the train of the bridal gown is a distinctive feature of the pink bridal gown that you cannot ignore. Flaring out from the thigh areas rather than a restrictive cutting that flares only from knee length, this Rosy Princess pink bridal gown allows you more leg space to sashay in. Days where brides use to walk awkwardly in such tight-fitting bridal gowns in mermaid cutting is long gone. Compromising comfort and convenience for design and appearance is definitely not the way to put a smile on a bride’s face. Therefore, you can don this beautiful Rosy Princess bridal gown in pink without having to worry that your movement will be restricted.

Bridal Gowns In Pink #3 : The Enchanting Bride from Whimsical Wonderland Bridal Gown Collection

Untitled design(27)

Admit it, you just cannot take your eyes off this piece of gorgeous pink bridal gown from our Whimsical Wonderland Bridal Gown Collection. The impeccable characteristic of this pink bridal gown is how voluminous the ball gown is. This is created not only by layering the different pieces of laces but also how the laces have a drop-down effect from the mid of the gown. Overlapping against one another which is inevitable due to the different lengths and asymmetricality, conveniently creates a more voluminous bridal ball gown than the usual design. At the end of every lace piece has a double lace cloth sewn together to create borders and edges of the lace cloth. This helps to create a ‘wavy’ effect that flows elegantly, but still hovering on the ball gown.

The uniqueness of this pink bridal ball gown design is actually unparalleled by the simplicity of the top and bodice of the bridal gown. By being simple in its own ways, it gives further attention to the ball gown design. However, that is not to say that it is boring. With a minimalistic off-shoulder design with a relatively deep-plunging V-neckline, it allows the bride to show off not only her feminine cleavage, but also her set of two alluring collarbones. Bottom-line is, this Enchanting Bride pink bridal gown would definitely set many hearts on fire. It sure did, to ours!


We have selectively handpicked a few of our best and gorgeous bridal gowns in pink because we know how much ladies adore this sweet feminine colour! Let us know if you adore them as much as we do by leaving comments below.


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