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3 Bridal Pet Peeves That Can Upset Your Big Day – Watch Out!

3 Bridal Pet Peeves That Can Upset Your Big Day – Watch Out!

A happy bride is a beautiful bride. Yet, over the years, there have been countless horror stories about brides facing ridiculous social situations during the wedding that threaten to turn their smiles upside down. 

From rowdy guests to drinks being spilled on wedding gowns, from tripping on gown trains to overenthusiastic relatives who steal the spotlight- troubles can rear their ugly heads at every corner. The last thing we want is for them to rob our gorgeous brides of their precious moment! 

What’s worse, the bride has to keep herself composed without offending any parties. This means walking down the aisle in a bright smile. Otherwise, she would look like she is regretting her decision to marry the man on the other of the aisle. Uh…

With that in mind, we want to reveal 3 major nasty things that truly grind the gears of our beautiful brides. Our goal, after all, is to make all brides look and feel special on their big day!


Bridal Pet Peeve #1: Upstaging the Bride By Wearing White

Every bride wants to be at the centre of attraction on her wedding day and there is no fault in that. After all, she and her partner spent a portion of their savings on it…so it is perfectly right to want that limelight to themselves!As for the bride, she would want to look the prettiest in the perfect wedding gown!

And all is usually well…until a female guest comes in a white dress. This is as good as wearing a bull’s eye since this is nothing less than an open challenge to the bride!

It cannot be stressed enough just how much preparation and gruelling effort (even to the extent of slimming down and forsaking the latest McDonalds festive burger) goes into the selection of the wedding gown. This is her day to shine and yet the attention is usurped. 

So, female guests who insist on wearing white,  kindly sashay away. This is not your turn to play!

Bridal Pet Peeve # 2: When Everyone Keeps Asking About Your Timeline On Your Baby?

In a stereotypical timeline, the next step after getting married is to have children. But is this a timeline that works for everyone? Not necessarily. Why? There is a myriad of reasons…and asking that at the wedding is not the right time. This is why this is ranked number 2 as our top bridal pet peeves!

A quick recap: a wedding is a celebration of passion, of authentic love shared between people – not an advanced booking for the maternity ward. Yes, having a wedding can be a precursor to starting a family but there is no need for guests and well-wishers to obsess over when the bun is going to be in the oven. 

If you are invited for the celebration, be appreciative of the kind gesture and maybe even have yourself an extra slice of cake at the reception. Whatever you choose to do, don’t stalk the bride and freak her out with excessive talk of children! 

Bridal Pet Peeve #3: A Wild Guest/Phone/Something Appears In The Wedding Photo!

La belle Couture commissions a team of dedicated photographers who take their jobs very seriously. Usually, the perfect shots come from unexpected moments. This includes the couple walking down the aisle for the first time, sharing a tender moment of kisses and hugs and much more. 

So…what can exactly destroy the perfect wedding photo opportunity? When a foreign object or human accidentally makes it way into the frame. 

This could be a result of a human walking past the camera, to guests whipping their phones out and blocking the photographer’s way!

Of course, guests may go ahead and take sentimental shots for themselves but certainly not at the expense of the professionals. Remember, the bride and groom spent a sum to ensure that their special day is immortalised by photography experts – don’t squander their months of planning over an impulsive photobomb itch. 


Well, we are sure that there are other unsatisfactory behaviours that will make any bride rip their hair out but those 3 scenarios above are some of the more common ones. 

What annoys you as a bride and what would you do about those situations? Will you laugh them off or stand your ground like a warrior-bride? Let us know and perhaps we could compile a comprehensive guide for all brides-to-be!

Make an appointment with us here now if you want to know more about our bridal services! 

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