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3 Burning Questions You Need To Ask Before Choosing Your Wedding Gowns

3 Burning Questions You Need To Ask Before Choosing Your Wedding Gowns

Choosing your wedding gowns is probably the most exciting thing to do in your wedding planning process! Like all brides, you want to look your bestest best on your big day. We understand. But are you prepared to choose your wedding gowns? Should you have at least some questions in mind before you do so? We say yes, and these are 3 questions we think you need to ask before choosing your wedding gowns!

Questions You Need To Ask Before Choosing Your Wedding Gowns #1 : What Type Of Wedding Gown Suits Me?

Having to come across a beautiful wedding gown on a bridal magazine or perhaps while browsing through bridal gown collections, does not necessary mean that they look gorgeous on you. Your imagination and reality may have disparity. Thus, before you decide on what wedding gowns you want, you need to first understand what type of wedding gown suits you.

Suitability comes in two aspects. Firstly, you need to first understand what body type you have. Is it a pear-shaped, where you have hips wider than your shoulders’ width, or are you blessed with the ideal hour-glass body type?

For example, if you have a pear-shaped body type, it is best to avoid the wedding dress in mermaid cutting. This is because it further emphasizes the width of your hips, creating a wider illusion than it actually is. On the other hand, brides with a rectangular figure should opt for wedding gown in a princess cut to create the illusion of curves.

Whatever body type you have, you need to learn to embrace and love yourself. There may be unflattering sides but knowing what body type you have, helps you to choose a wedding gown which conceals these unflattering sides and focus on your beautiful side. Every lady has their gorgeous flattering side, so have yourself some faith.

Body Types and Wedding Gowns

The second consideration is whether you have warm or cool skin undertones. This affects your overall appearance in your wedding gown. For example, if you have a fair skin with pink undertones, yellow-ivories wedding gowns would suit you best. Whereas if you have a darker complexion or yellow/olive undertones, then a champagne-coloured wedding gown with pink and gold undertones matches you better!

If you are unsure, your bridal consultant would be your best person to look for advice. A good bridal consultant would be able to advise what body type you have and the suitable types of wedding gowns you may consider.

Questions You Need To Ask Before Choosing Your Wedding Gowns #2 : Do I Need To Make An Appointment and How Long Will The Appointment Be?

Depending on your bridal boutique’s policy, the average advance booking time frame is usually one to two months before your wedding day. Appointments to take a look at the wedding gowns are usually strongly encouraged to avoid disappointment, especially on weekends.

If possible, try avoiding choosing your wedding gowns on a weekend. This is also because you need some time to fit and try on a handful of wedding gowns before deciding! As you would know, most working adults in Singapore don’t work during the weekends, and they use the opportunity to meet varied vendors! If you want to beat the crowd, then weekdays are much better for arrangements.

Choosing Wedding Gowns

Questions You Need To Ask Before Choosing Your Wedding Gowns #3 : Should I Bring Guests Along When Choosing My Wedding Gowns?

Of course, seeking advice and having second or third opinions can be beneficial. But only if they are constructive feedback. This can include your mother, your maid of honour, your best friend…

However, one thing that you need to note is that having too many opinions may sometimes backfire as things may get more confusing and complicated than they already are. If you are torn between decisions of which wedding gown to choose, having someone who confuses things further is destructive. You will be in a bigger dilemma.

We say, if you need, limit the number of guest you are bringing along. As it is, you already have your bridal consultant and your groom (don’t forget about him, afterall, he is the one you want to impress most!) with you while choosing your wedding gown. Thus, having another guest would most probably do the trick, so try not to exceed 3 trusted “advisers”.


So before you happily skip into your bridal boutique to choose your wedding gowns, take a step back and consider these 3 questions first!


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