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Revealing 3 Critical Factors Why You Might Undeservingly Feel Less Than Perfect Or Beautiful Upon Wearing Your Selected Wedding Gown !

Revealing 3 Critical Factors Why You Might Undeservingly Feel Less Than Perfect or Beautiful Upon Wearing Your Selected Wedding Gown !

The selected wedding gown would be the single most important outfit in a woman’s life! That’s why a lot of thought and research goes into finding the perfect wedding gown.  However, expectations may fall short without much explanation or discernible reasons. We have had brides coming up to us, having a dream wedding gown in mind and being so sure about it…until they wore it. 

Aside from finding the perfect silhouette for your body shape, there’re many factors that make a major difference in how good you look in your wedding gown! Read on to know more…

Reason # 1: The Length Of The Sleeves Of Your Selected Wedding gown Doesn’t Complement The Shape Of Your Arms

selected wedding gown

The length of the sleeves is an important factor in how any dress or tee looks on a girl! If you have a larger upper torso, then you should avoid long-sleeved wedding gowns. More fabric on the arms only adds on unnecessary weight and bulk. What you can do is to select sleeveless wedding gowns or go for off-shoulder sleeves. 

Another thing to note is your size. If you are petite in frame, then long sleeves might make you appear stouter. Instead, you can opt for wedding gowns with slim spaghetti straps (which are a raging trend right now!). 

The shape of your arms also play a big role. If you have slender arms, then most sleeves would look great on you. On the other hand, loose batwing sleeves would fit ladies with slightly bigger upper arms.


Reason # 2: The Neckline  Of Your Selected Wedding Gown Doesn’t Seem To Flatter You

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The neckline is one of the most prominent details in the wedding gown. Choosing the wrong neckline for your body type can totally gut all hopes for the final look. This is even if the rest of the dress looks perfect! 

We’ve listed in details about the perfect necklines for each body here and here so they might help brides seeking assistance in learning styles that will work for them. 

Typically, the most versatile necklines would be the sweetheart and off-shoulder neckline! Why? Most wedding gowns of such necklines are usually designed to hold the body together, making any bride look trimmer!


Reason # 3: The Selected Wedding Gown Has Way Too Many Details

selected wedding gown

The devil is in the details, and it’s no different for wedding gowns. Pretty detailing and intricate patterns are great for wedding gowns. But let’s not forget that wedding gowns ultimately stand for purity, innocence and new beginnings – you want your gown to embody those virtues.

Clashing prints, way too much embroidery work, heavy lace or too many flounces can make you look straight out of a school play from a Shakespearan novel. The golden mantra when it comes to the wedding dress, is always less is more. 

Remember, you’re wearing the dress, the dress shouldn’t wear you.


More on this and other reasons your wedding dress may look less than perfect, in our next post.

If you’re interested in checking out our expansive range of wedding gowns, and other services we offer, you can read more on the same here.



We hope that this article has helped widen your mind when it comes to finding the perfect wedding gown! What are your thoughts? Share with us!

If you aren’t sure or want to avoid feeling “off” in your wedding gown,  you can drop us an email and we will provide advice on what to go for!

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