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3 Essential Tips On How You Should Glamorously Match Your Wedding Gowns And Wedding Heels!

3 Essential Tips On How You Should Glamorously Match Your Wedding Gowns And Wedding Heels!

Finally, after all the headaches, fuss and uncountable decisions, you have chosen the perfect wedding gowns for your big day! Congratulations!

But…that is not all.

It is only natural that you will start wondering what type of wedding heels to match your wedding gowns. Even though it is arguable that people will be focusing on your wedding gown instead of your wedding heels, but it does make a difference to your overall appearance. Just imagine wearing a exquisite wedding gown, with gorgeous beadwork and all, and then pair it with wedding heels that are in shade of dull green?

Bottom line is, finding the right wedding heels to complement the wedding gown is pretty important. Afterall, guests do look at you from above to the bottom. So why not create the perfect look, of the perfect wedding gown and the perfect wedding heels!

However, should you choose your wedding heels first and work your way from there in choosing suitable wedding gowns? Or should you place your wedding gowns as priority before your wedding heels?

Of course, both will ultimately affect one another in a way or other. But you need to start somewhere and this is where we are here to help!

3 Tips To Match Your Wedding Gowns And Wedding Heels #1 : Which To Choose First?

To choose Wedding heels or Wedding gowns first? Wedding Heels Image Credit : Pinterest

To choose Wedding heels or Wedding gowns first?
Wedding Heels Image Credit : Pinterest


Team wedding gowns vs team wedding heels first, which side are you on?




*drum rolls*

We are all for team wedding gowns first!

The reasons are pretty simple and logical.

Firstly, think about it. Be it on your wedding day or during your photo shoot, the main and most obvious emphasis will be your wedding gowns. Lesser focus will be placed on your wedding heels, and honestly, most of the times, your wedding gowns would be hovering over your wedding heels. This means that your wedding heels may most probably be hidden anyway.

But that is not to say, you can just wear any heels, because at times they can be seen and well, brides…admit it, don’t you just want to perfect every single wedding detail? 😉

Secondly, the height of your wedding heels matters. But that cannot be determined if you do not know the length of your wedding gown. Alteration options may be available for your wedding gowns, but most of the time, the length of the wedding gowns are not altered due to the details on the hem.

3 Tips To Match Your Wedding Gowns And Wedding Heels #2 : Matchy-matchy, Or Not?

To match, or not to match?

While this article ironically sends 3 tips to match your wedding gowns and wedding heels your way, there are actually 2 different methods you can adopt to match them.

You can either match your wedding heels and wedding gowns by matching them exactly, or matching them by getting a complete contrast. Don’t understand? Well, read on.

(a) To match them exactly

If you want to match them exactly, be sure that the material and colour of both your wedding gowns and wedding heels matches. This is because, if the match is almost the same but yet somehow noticeably different, the strangeness may come off in your wedding photographs. It may be less obvious to the naked eye, but your wedding photographs may pick up the subtle undertones in the fabric. To avoid looking as if you have tried and failed to get matching shoes, they should match perfectly or not at all.

To match your wedding gowns and heels exactly

To match your wedding gowns and heels exactly


For example, chances of you chancing upon a matching wedding heels are higher if you have chosen a pure white satin wedding gown, compared to an ivory tulle wedding gown. Satin and lace embroidery are common materials and fabrics used for wedding heels.

(b) To not match them at all but not to the point of appearing too much!

Although this seems like an easier option, it is not always the case. Unknown to many of us, these are some useful tips when choosing your wedding heels which are complete contrast to your wedding gowns.


Image Credit : Weddbook


Metallic wedding heels can come in handy if you want a complete contrast. Such fashionable choice can help create a statement while still preserving the beauty of the wedding gown. However, just make sure that the wedding heels work well with your bridal jewellery and your wedding gown. For example, silver wedding heels complement pure white wedding gowns and silver jewellery. If your wedding gown is in cream colours, gold wedding heels work well with them as well as gold jewellery.

Having said that, you should never (and I mean never ever) match your wedding gown with colour that are too bright. It will only take away the limelight of your wedding gown, and that’s not very ideal right?

3 Tips To Match Your Wedding Gowns And Wedding Heels #3 : Complement Your Wedding Gown Cutting

There is no hard and fast rule that a particular wedding gown cutting should only be paired with a particular type of wedding heels. However, there are some tricks which help you to complement your wedding gown and wedding heels when worn together in an outfit.

Starting off with the classic romantic wedding ball gown, this big poufy skirt would look best with delicate wedding heels. Simple strap or open-toe designs are the best choices.

singapore pre-wedding photography(13)

Wedding Heels Image Credit : Weddbook




If you have chosen a long-sleeve A-line classic wedding gown, then close-toe heels would be perfect. You will stride in elegance and sophistication on your big day.

For the very popular mermaid wedding gown cutting, that comprises a plunging back that bares more skin, thin strappy heels or pointed heels with lots of sparkle and glitter are a glamorous option. Of course, if your wedding gown is already heavily-loaded with many bling-bling embellishments, your wedding heels should be kept simple. Overdoing it should always be avoided. You want to keep it simple, stylish and yet place focus on specific areas only.


Choose your wedding gown first before choosing your wedding heels. Then, find a matching or mismatching wedding heels to complement your overall bridal look. Last but not least, don’t forget to get a suitable heel height which you are comfortable walking in the whole day!


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