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3 Essential Wedding Steps You Have To Follow Before Your Big Day Begins!

3 Essential Wedding Steps You Have To Follow Before Your Big Day Begins!

Truthfully, a wedding can be truly nerve-wrecking. After all, there are many wedding steps to complete prior to the big day.  A thousand thoughts must certainly cross the mind of the bride! 

Will there be enough food at the banquet? Will I trip as I walk along the aisle? Will my wedding photos turn out pretty? How will my wedding gown fit on the day itself? The scary thoughts are quite frankly, endless. 

Sometimes the stress can be so overwhelming that it gives brides-to-be a panic attack! But not to fret, we at Labelle Couture will share 4 powerful ways you can keep a zen mindset as you prepare to tie the knot. A wedding is an unforgettable event that unites lovers, why not make it enjoyable right from the preparation phase?

Wedding Steps #1: Make Sure Your Wedding Gown Fits!

There is a joke that Singaporean brides-to-be think of many things before their big day, such as BTO and honeymoon matters. But nothing compares to the concern over their wedding gown!

The wedding gown is essential in any wedding as it is an extension of the bride’s personality. Patterns, shade, material, come together to represent the characteristics of the bride. No bride wants a poorly fitted wedding gown that starts to droop in all the wrong places as you move!It is important to choose the right outfit based on size and cutting (silhouette) to ensure that you will look gorgeous during your walk down the aisle. One way to combat this is to test your walk in the wedding gown at the bridal boutique. It is best to test with your selected heels, so you know how to work and own your walk!

Some silhouettes are more form-fitting than others, so comfort is another thing to consider. It is also advisable for brides to abstain from drinking too much water or eating too much on the wedding, so they remain comfortable in their outfits throughout the program.   

Wedding Steps #2: Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse!

Every wedding venue is unique, from the most breath-taking churches to the pretty Ginger Gardens in the Singapore Botanic Gardens and the humble function room of your condominium. 

What this means is that brides should have a “lay of the land” by checking out or recce-ing the location before the wedding. Look at the corners, steps and paths that you’ll be taking. If time permits, you should arrange rehearsals to practice the walk. That way, you will be more confident when you walk down on the big day!

Wedding Steps #3:  Making Sure Your Wedding Photos Are Okay!

This depends on what and how you want to showcase your wedding photos! 

For couples who are intending to set up a wedding photo gallery, the first thing to check is your wedding photo album! Are the pages secured nicely in the album? Are any of the wedding photos out of place? Do the words, if any,  in the album make sense?

If you intend to showcase a slideshow, then you need to check if the images are too large or can be loaded via the screen at your venue. There have been cases where images are cut off, so it is good to get the dimensions right!

These are wedding photography factors you need to consider. That way, you can be assured that everything is going to be okay (instead of watching mistakes unfold and you can’t exactly do much about it). 

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