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3 Factors To Consider Before Taking Pre-Wedding Photography Under The Rain

3 Factors To Consider Before Taking Pre-Wedding Photography Under The Rain

Whenever there’s rain, there will always be two types of people.

Type A: The ones who avoid the rain at all cost, making sure they are safe from the showers. If you urgently need an umbrella, they’ll be the first ones to go to.

Type B: The ones who walks into puddles and dances under the rain. They basically don’t mind being drenched, and they don’t really care about being sick!

However, they have one thing in common when it comes to their pre-wedding photography: to earnestly hope that on the day of the photoshoot, the crisp weather will greet them happily, whereby the temperature is just right for such an exhausting activity!

They will definitely hope for that beautiful daylight that will illuminate your features and that the surroundings are dry to ensure easier walking.

Of course, as a Singaporean, you are well aware of Singapore’s weather and how it can be temperamental. One moment it can be quite torrid that it leaves your throat feeling parched, and the next it can be freezing cold with random spouts of torrential rain! Mother nature does have a tricky personality, doesn’t it?

So what happens if rain decides to welcome you (touch wood) on the day of your pre-wedding photoshoot? Look into these 3 factors before considering taking photos under the rain.

#1 Is The Rain Just A Brief Spell?

Sometimes, it can just be brief spells of rain, which can be a much needed relief when the scorching sun is beating relentlessly on your backs.

If you wish to complete the photoshoot on the day itself or if the location represents a unforgettable and significant memory, you might want to wait a little while for the rain to stop! That way, you can continue to capture those great shots under the nice weather. On top of that, the sunlight is usually not too harsh after the rain, which means that your photos are likely to turn out more than awesome!

Besides, there might be a rainbow after the rain stops. So you may be lucky enough to have a beautiful arch of rainbow in your photo, which is nothing short of amazing and perfect.

Otherwise, if the rain isn’t too eager to stop according the weather forecast, then you might consider rescheduling your photoshoot to another day or continue your photoshoot at another indoor locations. Your photographer should be experienced enough to suggest a few locations in an event of a downpour!

#3 Are You Adventurous Enough To Embrace The Rain?

If you belong to Type B, you’re likely to be enjoy taking photos under the drizzle!

If you are brave enough to embrace the rain, then use that to your advantage. Who said you can’t have fun even when the weather seems to say otherwise?

Ignite the spontaneous spirit in you and have fun by chasing after your partner under the rain or kicking puddles of water towards each other, as if there’s nothing else that’ll drag you down. Besides, it is a great way to bond with each other.

Also, the raindrops can also act as a amazing backdrop for your pre-wedding photography! The presence of sunlight will be reflected on every raindrop, resulting in an illuminating effect that fairy lights can’t even achieve! You can make use of this natural phenomenon without spending a single cent.

If your photographer is skilled enough, he can adjust his camera to capture the photos in such a way where there are unfocused balls of light in the photos. This is also known as the Bokeh Effect, which will definitely be nothing but romantic. 

Of course, if the rain is too heavy or if you hear the thunders rolling, then there’s a clear sign to not take photos. Not only will you be drenched to the bone, it is absolutely inadvisable to be outdoors when there’s thunder..Unless you really want to see how a roasted human looks like…

#4 Do You Get Ill Easily?

If you have a bad immune system and a low resistance towards coldness, then it might be advisable to postpone your photoshoot.

Imagine falling sick during your photoshoot. You will only feel lethargic throughout the photoshoot. You’ll dread moving from one place to another, as if you are participating in a marathon that doesn’t seem to end. Your energy levels will deplete rapidly, your face will reflect a tinge of paleness that no make up can salvage, and your poses will definitely be anything but fun.

And so what if you manage to complete the photoshoot? Based on experience, when either the bride or groom is ill, their eyes either tend to be a little more puffy and/or their expressions tend to appear more downcast than intended! The photos are taken to last for a lifetime, and you don’t want to look back and wonder why you look so awful.

Is that what you want your relatives and peers to see when they flip through your wedding album? I am sure not right!

In order to prepare for such an event, here’s checklist of items you have to pack:

  • Many packets of tissues
  • A pair of comfortable slippers
  • Nice umbrellas (so that you can use it as a prop!)
  • A few towels
  • Waterproof make up for touching up purposes
  • Plastic bags to keep your shoes
  • Extra set of clothes

We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading this post. If you are interested in a pre-wedding photoshoot, you can enquire at or visit our site to look at the photos we’ve taken.

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