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3 Foolproof Ways To Look Slimmer In A Wedding Gown

3 Foolproof Ways To Look Slimmer In A Wedding Gown

It’s stressful to plan a wedding and stay on top of your diet at the same time. Yet, it’s only natural that you’d want to look slimmer in a wedding gown. With or without exercise.

That’s your special day and you deserve to strut down the runway feeling like royalty. Instead of fretting over how you might fit into your wedding gown, why not find a wedding gown collection that has the wedding gown for you?

Today, we share six solid ways for you to look slimmer in a wedding gown – immediately.

Look slimmer in a wedding gown with the right neckline

Choosing your very own wedding gown can be so fun because there are so many details to look into! Necklines can do wonders in accentuating your collar bones, softening broad shoulders and even giving our petite brides a taller look.

Look slimmer in a wedding gown - sweetheart necklineA sweetheart neckline draws your guests in. The curves in the neckline softens any sharp features you might have and portrays an endearing image. There are many designs of the sweetheart neckline as well – lace intricates, beaded embroidery and tie-dye wrap.

For our less endowed brides, the sweetheart neckline follows your bust shape, which also presents an illusion of a bigger bust. This gives off an hourglass silhouette, helping you to look slimmer in a wedding gown.

Look slimmer in a wedding gown - v neckline 1Are you a more daring bride? Bring the sexy and confident you into the ballroom with a plunging V neckline. The V-shape converges at your waist area, giving the impression of a smaller waist and sharper chin. This is perfect for ladies who are more endowed. Not only does it draw attention to your cleavage, it further enhances your figure.

Look slimmer in a wedding gown - v necklineOur latest wedding gown collection – Sheer Love carries wedding gowns that come with a sheer nude fabric. It allows you to draw attention to your cleavage without any unwanted exposure.

Look slimmer in a wedding gown with the right sleeve design

Look slimmer in a wedding gown - boat necklineThe boat neckline is more conservative yet exudes elegance. It speaks to our contemporary Audrey Hepburn. In fact, the boat neckline along with this sleeveless design features your toned shoulders.

Look slimmer in a wedding gown - back necklineThis design also breaks away from traditional patterns. It pairs the more conservative boat neckline with a back neckline. Here, you see the intricate lacework that circles the back. If you’re worried about being too skimpy, this is your beautiful balance.

Look slimmer in a wedding gown - off shoulderAnother favourite design that shows off your collar bones and toned shoulders is the off-shoulder. Unlike the straight cut of the boat neckline, the off-shoulder carries a more playful and endearing vibe. When matched with a sweetheart neckline – like this one, you bring out your inner fun and flirty girl.  

Look slimmer in a wedding gown with the right skirt type

This is connected to your body type. The wedding gown skirt type would help to hide unflattering areas and enhance the areas you’re proud of!

If you have a pear-shaped body type, with wider hips and smaller shoulders, opt for a ball gown. This hides your wider hips and invites your guests to focus on your slender upper body. Ball gowns also work for brides with a rectangular-shaped body because it balloons at the bottom and gives you the illusion of a smaller waist.

Look slimmer in a wedding gown - ball gown midnight blueThere are multiple textures to the ball gown as well. If you like the extravagance of royalty, you can opt for the classic ball gown. If you enjoy the mystery of moving silhouettes, try this midnight blue design. The glitters form the stars and the changing folds build the midnight sky.

Look slimmer in a wedding gown - mermaidIf you’ve got an hourglass figure, you get off easier in this department! Most wedding gown skirt types work for you. What might show off your figure would be the mermaid cut. It tightens around the waist, hugs your hips and flares out at the knees.

You can choose the length and fabric of the flare. A shorter flare length means the waist-hugging part extends longer, further accentuating your hips. A tulle fabric carries a more light-hearted tone, like the picture on your left. Depending on your figure – and of course, your inner bride, you can play with the length and fabric of the flare to best showcase who you are.

Look slimmer in a wedding gown - A lineBetween the ball gown and the mermaid cut, we have the A-line gown skirt type. It also creates a smaller waist and the elegance of a princess, but it also provides easier movement.

So don’t fret over how you can change your body shape, you can play around with these three aspects of a wedding gown and look your best. Talk to your bridal studio about these three foolproof ways to look slimmer in a wedding gown.  

If you want to know more about our bridal services, make an appointment with us now!

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