By Laurenzo Overee

We believe most brides have received a wedding invitation at least once in their adult lives. What was the initial thought that ran through your mind as you peeled the pristine white envelope? Probably a mixture of joy and excitement for the blessed couple.

But then you find your eyes greeted by ant-sized font framed by crooked vignettes, and you suddenly hesitate on the RSVP. Oh gosh, will it be a messy and awkward affair? Will the food be semi-inedible? Should I bring a packet of cream crackers just to play safe? Yes, your guest can gather (or assume) much from an invitation!

So let’s nip it in the bud and not give your guests a chance to entertain their paranoia. We’ll help you optimise the invitation process that attendees might consider keeping the ripped envelope for show and tell in years to come.

Wedding Invitation Tip #1 – Impeccable Timing


We get it. It’s tempting to shout your invitation from the rooftops immediately after the proposal. But with most of the precious milestones in life, your wedding (and invitation) requires time and proper planning to make it work.
Send the wedding invitation too soon, and you risk guests no-showing if they carelessly misplaced the invitation delivered a year ago. And let’s face it, it is common for people to miss a reminder email or text (remember that gym membership renewal?).
A last-minute invitation proves equally disastrous, if not worse. You can expect poor responses from guests who have filled their schedules with other important dates that clash with your event. You probably won’t find anyone sitting carefreely with a bowl of fruit all year round to receive wedding invitations.
So what’s the “Goldilocks period” to send your wedding invitations? We recommend seven to nine weeks before the wedding. You will have ample time to receive and compile guest responses and liaise with vendors without mucking up arrangements.

Wedding Invitation Tip#2 – Reflect the Theme

Humans are visual creatures by nature. We love picking up on shapes and patterns because they make us comfortable. And that’s why brides spend hours in search of the perfect wedding gown. If you want to leave the best impression on your guests, check that your wedding invitation has a design that matches the thematic direction of your wedding.
Let’s say you decide to have a modern indoor industrial wedding celebration. You might consider avoiding that cute butterfly motif or striking font colors on your invitation.  Confused guests will likely fear the unwanted surprises that await them during the event. Perhaps a mixed-up dress code? Now that’s a scary thought!

Wedding Invitation Tip#3 – Try Something Different

In a sea of standard printed wedding invitations, an interactive artsy piece will garner lots of attention. Get creative with centrefolds, paper cuts designs, or even a mini built-in mirror with the caption “you’re cordially invited. Yes, YOU!”
Interactive design elements will get your guests involved in the wedding from the get-go, showing how much you care about their participation. In case you’re thinking, “digital invites will save all that trouble,” well, it’s not a substitute for physically interactive cards. Giving your guest something they can feel makes the process more personal.

If you seek more invitation advice or any other bridal matters, don’t forget that La Belle is here to help! From choosing the perfect wedding gown to planning your dream pre-wedding photography, you can trust us to meet your bridal desires without exception. Contact us or drop us a message on social media to begin your enchanted journey!


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