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3 Other Gorgeous Colours For Your Wedding Gowns Besides White

3 Other Gorgeous Colours For Your Wedding Gowns Besides White

When you think of wedding gowns, what is the one colour that never fails to come to mind?

Yes, WHITE it is!

White wedding gowns were actually made popular by Queen Victoria during the Victorian era who wore a white lace dress at her wedding. Subsequently, white symbolises purity, innocence and chasity, all of which a bride should possess before marriage.

This then, became the classic and most common wedding gown colour for brides.

However, even with that, there is no law nor hard and fast rule saying that all brides must don white wedding gowns. Speaking of which, there has been more brides wearing other minimalistic colours for their wedding gowns besides white, and these can be equally gorgeous too!

Other Gorgeous Colours For Your Wedding Gowns Besides White #1 : Champagne Colour Wedding Gowns

You want something classy, elegant, simple but yet not too over-the-top? If you find yourself nodding, then you should consider champagne colour for your wedding gown!

Striking a similar resemblance to gold, champagne is less ‘loud’ and ‘bold’. While some may deem gold as ‘oldie’, champagne is a more modernised colour to go for.

Champagne Wedding Gowns.

Champagne Wedding Gowns.


To bring out the gorgeous champagne shade, you can opt for a wedding gown design with embellishments of gold.

Brides with a paler complexion should shy away from champagne coloured wedding gowns as it will make the bride appear more washed out. At the same time, brides should avoid bright hair colours as it will create a dull effect to the design of the wedding gown.

On the other hand, brides with darker complexion with a warmer skin undertone tend to glow in radiance with champagne coloured wedding gowns due to the slight contrasting effect.

Other Gorgeous Colours For Your Wedding Gowns Besides White #2 : Nude Peach Wedding Gowns

If you are a fan of nude colours, then surely you would love nude peach wedding gowns! Nude pink wedding gowns provide you the down-to-earth and minimalistic look, without being anything too daring.

To complement its minimalism, you can opt for wedding gown designs that feature volume and structure without the embellishments. That way, it will highlight the gorgeous colour!

Asian brides, who usually have a warm skin undertone, would look perfect in a nude peach wedding gown. Complementing the skin tone, such brides will radiate well with the designs. On the other hand, brides with a cooler skin undertone might not look as great in a nude peach wedding gown. The reason is how it contrasts with the cool tones, making the bride appear paler.

To bring the colour, nude peach wedding gowns usually come in A line or ball gown cuts as it allows the design to play around with different elements. For example, you can opt for a horsetail skirt for the wedding gown (as seen below), another coloured lace (preferably in a lighter shade) over the nude colour.

Nude Peach Wedding Gowns

Nude Peach Wedding Gowns


Other Gorgeous Colours For Your Wedding Gowns Besides White #3 : Black Colour Wedding Gowns

If you are not a firm believer of taboos and superstition, black colour wedding gowns can actually be splendidly mesmerizing too!

It injects some degree of elegance and glamour, but yet at the same time, with a tinge of dark mystery.

Black wedding gowns

Black wedding gowns

Furthermore, it has been said that wearing black colours help to conceal those love-handles and bulging areas, creating a seemingly slimmer illusion!

However, as the saying goes, wedding may not necessarily involve the wedding couple but two families, you may want to gather the feedback of both families. Just to be certain that there would not be any bursts of outrage just because you are wearing a black wedding gown..some elderly may still be picky and superstitious of the colour black. Yikes!

So, don’t say we didn’t warn you!


You don’t always have to be a trend-follower when it comes to your wedding. If you prefer other colours for your wedding gowns besides white, then why not? We hope we have provided you some better ideas of choosing other gorgeous colours for your wedding gowns!

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