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3 Gorgeous Wedding Gown Necklines For Your Body Types Part I

3 Gorgeous Wedding Gown Necklines For Your Body Types Part I

While choosing the perfect cut of your wedding gown plays a major role, another important factor to consider is the neckline of your wedding gown!

Truth be told, the neckline will determine how you will look on your wedding day. With the right  wedding gown neckline, you can look bold, sexy, sweet or even sassy! While there is no hard or fast rule, but you would want to look your best on your wedding day right? That’s why it is important to pick the right wedding gown neckline!

Here are 3 gorgeous wedding gown necklines which are suitable for your body types!

Gorgeous Wedding Gown Necklines For Your Body Types #1: The Sweetheart Neckline

As much as wedding ball gowns are the classic cut amongst brides, the sweetheart neckline is the classic wedding gown neckline too! Being one of the most versatile necklines, many brides opt for the sweetheart wedding gown neckline to help soften their features!

sweetheart necklines wedding gowns

sweetheart necklines wedding gowns


The Sweetheart neckline flatters brides which are less endowed. The curve of the neckline helps create an illusion of a larger bust! The cutting of the Sweetheart neckline follows your bust shape and size very closely resulting in a greater enhancement.

What about busty brides? Fret not ladies! While the neckline creates a more obvious cleavage, it would not reveal too much.

Taking it to a notch higher, if you are open to bearing a little more skin, Sweetheart necklines also come in different designs. One of which can be a more daring plunging deep sweetheart neckline as illustrated in the picture below. In this way, you will certainly be elegantly sashaying down the wedding aisle in your gorgeous wedding gown while oozing with sexiness!

sweetheart necklines wedding gowns

sweetheart necklines wedding gowns

Gorgeous Wedding Gown Necklines For Your Body Types #2: The Plunging  V-Neck

What would exude that sexy touch on your wedding day? It is none other than the plunging V neckline. This neckline has proven to be suitable for brides who aim to be sexy sirens on their wedding day! The hotness might be too much for your wedding guests and groom!

v-neck wedding gown



Usually, the purpose of the V neckline is to bring attention to the cleavage of the bride. Therefore, wedding gowns that feature the V neckline would have more details in the beadwork/lacework.

The V neckline is suitable for brides between average to medium chest size. Brides who belong to both extremes (in terms of chest size) should avoid wedding dresses with the V neckline as it will bring too much attention to your chest.

Another significant advantage of donning a wedding gown in a V neckline is that it helps to elongate your silhouette and balance out your features. For example, if you have a rounder face shape, the V neckline will create an illusion of a more oval shape. For brides with a wider torso, the V neckline will help create an illusion of a slimmer waistline.

If accessorising yourself is what you do best, the V-neck also allows the flexibility to match various necklaces, from simple chokers to sleek long necklaces. However, be mindful that such jewellery should be simply-designed. Statement necklaces would not bode well for you as it will steal the limelight of your wedding dress.

Gorgeous Wedding Gown Necklines For Your Body Types #3: Off-shoulders

Saving our highly-favoured wedding gown neckline is none other than the off-shoulder design! There is just something unique about off-shoulder wedding gowns which brides will never get bored of! But we think that it must be its romantic and flirtatious look it offers. Undoubtedly, wedding gowns featuring the off-shoulder neckline accentuates your collarbone and shoulders.

off-shoulder wedding gown

off-shoulder wedding gown

one very useful purpose of an off-shoulder wedding gown is how it makes your arm appear slimmer. However, wedding gowns with an off-shoulder neckline may restrict your mobility. If you are intending to do your first dance on your wedding day, then you opt for detachable off shoulder piece. That way, you can remove it during your dance, and put it back on (and continue to look sweet on your wedding day!).

On the flip side, there are always choices when it comes to designs. So be sure to opt for an off-shoulder that isn’t too tight and restrictive on your arms such as the picture below! Then, you are good to go!


With the 3 gorgeous wedding gown necklines for your body types, we are sure that you are a little more confident when it comes to choosing a suitable one for yourself! However, that is not all. In our next article, we will be sharing more of other dazzling wedding gown necklines so stay tuned!


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