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3 Gorgeous Wedding Gown Necklines For Your Body Types Part II

3 Gorgeous Wedding Gown Necklines For Your Body Types Part II

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In our previous article, we shared with you 3 gorgeous wedding gown necklines which would enhance your assets and body types. This time round, we will be sharing 3 more of other dazzling wedding gown necklines which you should consider too!

Gorgeous Wedding Gown Necklines For Your Body Types #1: The Halter Neckline

If you have a rectangular body type or with broad shoulders, you should consider opting for a halter neckline for your wedding gown. This is because the halter top helps to accentuate your figure and lightens up the broadness of the shoulders. Because of the cutting and design, a halter neckline flatters the upper body and reduces the attention on the shoulders.

However, that is not to say that shorter brides are not suitable for halter necklines. In fact, it can help to elongate your frame by emphasising the neck.

Halter Neckline Wedding Gowns

Halter Neckline Wedding Gowns

If you aren’t a fan of sleeveless necklaces, then wedding gowns with halter necklines would be your next best bet. To add that oomph factor to your overall look, pair your wedding gown with an eye-catching pair of statement earrings or drop-like earrings. That being said, you should not be afraid to keep it simple (if you prefer!) and just let the dramatic halter neckline speak for itself!

Gorgeous Wedding Gown Necklines For Your Body Types #2: The Boat Neckline

If baring more skin is not your cup of tea, keep things conservative can also look very classy and elegant. Wedding gowns in boat necklines would be the classic choice for brides who fall in the above category! Such designs are inherently graceful, which reminds us of the fashion icon – Audrey Hepburn, whose signature style started with the boat neckline.

The Boat Neckline Wedding Gown

The Boat Neckline Wedding Gown


Brides with a small to medium bustline and broad shoulders would look great in wedding gowns in a boat neckline. Not only will it subtly outline your bustline, but it would make your shoulders appear toned.

On the other hand, brides with a bigger bustline and/or narrow shoulders would not look as good in such wedding gowns. Why? As there is more cloth covering the top of the body, it will result in a swelling effect for brides with a bigger bustline. As for brides with narrow shoulders, the covered neckline will make the bride look smaller in proportions, which may not translate well into pictures!

When it comes to wedding gowns in the boat necklines, accessorising has to be kept simple so that the attention is on the design of the wedding dress. One suggestion is to add some modest stud earrings. This can help to complement your boat neckline wedding gown.

Gorgeous Wedding Gown Necklines For Your Body Types #3: Backless Neckline

Surprise surprise! Necklines do not only cover to the front of your wedding gown; the back also plays a part. Having a beautiful front but a mediocre back does no justice to your gorgeous wedding gown (and the beautiful you, of course!). Hence, it is also important to think about how the back of your wedding gown looks like.

Backless Neckline Wedding Gown

Backless Neckline Wedding Gown

The backless neckline can be sexy, elegant and classy. On top of that, it can be edgy and perfect silhouette for any body types of brides.

While there is no hard and fast rule on who looks better in the wedding gown with a backless neckline, the most important bit is finding the right bra! Given the humidity in Singapore, finding a bra that sticks is like a needle in a haystack.

If you are not a fan of stick ons, then here are some options to consider. If the backline of your wedding gown is not that low , you can opt for a low plunging bra. This will offer support for your breasts and give them a little perk. On the other hand, if your wedding gown features a plunging backline, you can consider a backless body suit!

The more popular backless necklines currently trend on illusion back designs. The ones with intricate lacework on the plain mesh are increasingly popular amongst brides!

One thing which you need to bear in mind when it comes to backless necklines is the venue of your wedding event. If you are getting hitched in a church or another place of worship, either consider covering up with a jacket or opt for a semi-backless style. In such a situation, the illusion back design will come in handy!


In total, we have shared 6 different kinds and designs of wedding gown necklines which complements different body types. Based on your own body type, which is your favourite design?


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