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3 Gorgeous Wedding Gown Styles That Brides Adore Besides The Ball Gown!

3 Gorgeous Wedding Gown Styles That Brides Adore Besides The Ball Gown!

Wedding ball gowns is the classic design which most brides would choose to wear! Not only it helps feature a miniscule waist, but it certainly instantly transform any bride into a princess. It is not every day that you can feel like royalty right? 😉

Having said that, we have been speaking to our brides and there is an increasing handful of them who prefer to go for different wedding gown styles. The main reason is that they want to go for something that is unique!

Here are the top they are also popular and adored by many brides!

Wedding Gown Styles #1 : Mermaid Wedding Gowns

Why hide your curves when you can flaunt them elegantly and flawlessly in mermaid wedding gowns? This body-hugging style follows your feminine curves throughout which accentuates them perfectly.

Mermaid wedding gowns

Mermaid wedding gowns

Also know as the wedding gown with a fishtail, it is common to have a dramatic flare at the bottom of the skirt. Having said that, you can explore varied wedding gowns in the mermaid cut, whereby the flare features start from the mid-hip or thigh or lower at the knees. If you prefer a more flexible body movement and leg space, you should consider the former. Such styles are described as ‘trumpet’ or ‘fit-and-flare’!

Because of how fitting mermaid wedding gowns are, it will certainly bring more attention to your overall figure. If you are well-endowed or have broad shoulders, the mermaid wedding gown might not be the best option. The slim cut effect will magnify the width of your shoulders and/or your assets, resulting in a ‘larger’ upper body.

Mermaid wedding gowns are easy to match with any neckline, especially a strapless and illusion neckline. In addition, the length of the sleeves is  not an issue. If you are concerned about your arms, you can always choose to wear your mermaid wedding gown with long lace sleeves or off-shoulder style. So you can now look sexy without flashing the flesh!

Wedding Gown Styles #2 : A-line Wedding Gowns

If wearing heavy wedding ball gowns is not your thing and yes you want to have that smaller waistline, then A-line wedding gowns are your best friend! Unlike the ball gown cut, the A line wedding gown features a softer flow on the skirt. At the same time, the bodice is still fitted to feature a miniscule waist.

In fact, many brides don A-line wedding gowns because of how it has the ball gown effect without appearing too dramatic (yes there were brides who aren’t fans of the ball gown cut because they didn’t want to appear to over the top!).

A-line wedding gowns

A-line wedding gowns

Any A line wedding gown undoubtedly flatters brides with heavier hips as the style doesn’t bring too much attention to them. At the same time, brides with a longer torso or a shorter torso will look fabulous in A line wedding gowns!

One valuable tip to look slender in A-line wedding gowns is to choose one with a sweet heart or a V neckline as it creates an illusion of a more slender upper body.

The type of fabric also changes that whole look. For a more casual wedding event, you may consider eyelet-lace or raw-silk shantung.

Wedding Gown Styles #3 : Sheath Wedding Gowns

Sheath wedding gowns are like the sisters of the mermaid wedding gowns, except they are less dramatic. Sheath wedding gowns are designed in such a way the seam runs vertically from the shoulders down to the hips. So if you still desire for a body-hugging style but not as tight-fit as compared to mermaid wedding gowns, sheath wedding gowns are your best bet!

Sheath Wedding Gowns

Sheath Wedding Gowns

However, such wedding gowns may not be as flattering for brides with pear-shaped body type. This is because sheath wedding gowns follow very closely to the contours of the body from head-to-toe without flaring out. Thus, if you are intending to conceal your lower body, a sheath wedding gowns should most probably be out of question.

Because sheath wedding gowns have this lengthening effect, it creates a more elongated appearance when worn. If you have a petite-frame, try on a sheath wedding gown to see the effects yourself!

Due to its light-weight, sheath wedding gowns are ideal for casual beach weddings too.

There are several other wedding gown styles which are not your usual classic ball gown cutting. We say to be more daring to try out other wedding gown styles, especially those which flatters your body type and conceal your flaws. Who knows? You may most probably look even more gorgeous than donning a wedding ball gown!


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