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3 Guaranteed Tricks To Ensure You Look Amazing In Your Wedding Gown At All Times

3 Guaranteed Tricks To Ensure You Look Amazing In Your Wedding Gown At All Times

As you walk down the aisle, the hem of your wedding gown will graze the floor lightly as you flash a radiant smile. Cameras are up and ready to take snapshots of your wedding gown and you know you are here to impress.

Wedding gowns are one of the most important things in any wedding. This is especially important in Singapore, whereby there is an estimation of 200 to 400 wedding guests who will not peel their eyes off your wedding gown.

So, the last thing you want is to have your wedding gown look like a disaster on your wedding day! Here are 3 ways to amaze everyone in your wedding gown without the incessant worry that something might happen.

  1. Choosing The Right Wedding Gown With The Right Details

You have to keep it mind that the wedding gown isn’t wearing you; you are wearing the wedding gown. You are the one that makes the wedding gown look more beautiful when it is worn as opposed to being hung on the racks!

The first thing to achieve that is to choose a wedding gown with the right amount of details! For example, if you are thin, avoid wedding gowns that have a lot of details going on, such as ruching, ruffles and so forth as it will overwhelm your frame.  If you are very tiny in frame, then wedding gowns in mermaid cut might not be the best fit as the trumpet of the wedding gown would most likely be too long for your height, resulting in a dragging effect.

  1.  Pick The Wedding Gown That Fits The Wedding Venue!

Selecting the wedding gown isn’t only about going for the most extravagant design; it is also going for the wedding gown that complements to the wedding venue. Factors such as the theme of the wedding, the layout of the wedding, which includes the height of the wedding venue and the size of the wedding hall, play a big role on the eventual choice of your wedding gown.

Here in Singapore, it is normal to hold weddings at a hotel venue. However, every hotel has its own settings and the overall architecture of the ball room.  For example, if the ball room has a low ceiling, you should stay away from a wedding gown that has a shorter tail so that it can elongate your frame and height.

  1. Right Alteration Must Be Done To The Wedding Gown

One of the most important factors in looking gorgeous in a wedding gown is always to ensure it is the right fit! The magic in a wedding gown doesn’t simply lie in the crystal embellishments and how they shimmer under the dimmest light; it is the right alterations that transform you into a walking phenomenon. When the wedding gown fits like a glove, you will naturally exude an aura of confidence because you know that the wedding gown is not going to slip off anytime.  

Do note that wedding gowns in Singapore are usually altered according to the size of the bride. The length of the gown will not be changed to fit the height of the bride! If you are concerned about the length of the wedding gown, then perhaps it Is advisable to go for a Made-to-Measure Service instead.

What do you think about wedding gowns? What do you think is the most important factor when it comes to choosing the right wedding gown? Share with us!

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