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3 Handy Tips To Maximise Time During Your Pre-Wedding Photography

3 Handy Tips To Maximise Time During Your Pre-Wedding Photography

Time is really money. That is especially true during your pre-wedding photography!

Here in Singapore, it is quite common knowledge that pre wedding photography starts from morning till evening, typically from 9 in the morning to 6 plus in the night. You might be thinking, “there sure is a lot of time for my pre wedding photography. I can afford to start late right?”

Truth is, pre wedding photography requires much more effort than it seems. It is not only merely about striking your best poses in front of the camera! To help you maximise time during your pre-wedding photography, here are 3 tips which we think would come in handy! Psst, this also means to make every penny worth!

Tips To Maximise Time During Your Pre-Wedding Photography #1 : Punctuality

This goes without saying! Being late only delays the whole pre wedding photography process! As you would have known from experience, rushing through anything usually doesn’t bring out the best results! It can be very unpleasant when everybody is all tensed up with the limited time. Everyone would be in such a panicky mood which can affect the outcome of the pre-wedding photography. Surely, that would be the last thing you would want.

In fact, a FULL makeup and hairstyling session will require about 2 hours to complete. You might be wondering “why take so long? Just put foundation what!”. That is not entirely true! The reason why a longer time is required for make up is because of how taking pre wedding photos makes a couple more washed out. So, more make up is required to counter that (otherwise you might look very pale and trust us, photoshop can’t help that much!).

Hence, if either one of you (especially the bride) is late, this would affect the whole event rundown! You will have lesser time for your pre-wedding photography session which consequently mean lesser pictures and choices to choose from. Worse still, you may have to forgo one of your shortlisted locations due to the shortage of time!

Another thing to note is the time you are able to take your wedding photos at specific locations. Some places have certain opening hours and no wedding photos are allowed after the stipulated timing!

Bottom line is, don’t be late! If you have the habit of being late, then set yourself to wake up half an hour earlier or even do a simple checklist on planning applications. That way, you will be more inclined to follow your schedule and not take your own sweet time!

Tips To Maximise Time During Your Pre-Wedding Photography #2 : Planning Your Routes In Advance

Pre-wedding photography is NOT a one-man show run by your wedding photographer. While the role of the wedding photographer is to take beautiful memories, the responsibility of planning the photoshoot largely falls into your hands.

The first step you should take is to start shortlisting a handful of photoshoot locations (1 to 2 will do). You should have at least 2 wedding photography locations as a back up. If you aren’t sure of how to shortlist the locations, below are 3 questions to ask yourselves:

  1. Is the distance and proximity of the locations from one another make sense to you? Don’t plan your locations in a way that makes you spend more time on the road. If you are taking your indoor pre-wedding photography, the first outdoor location should ideally be the nearest to the studio. Followed by the furthest and then when routing back, the last location should be along the way.
  2. What kind of style do you want to go for? Something that reflects Singapore’s thick foliage, or some place that features clear still waters, or even modern infrastructure. From there, make a list of where you want to based on what you prefer and check the locations.
  3. Are the locations accessible at all? Here’s one scenario! While it might be great to take your wedding photos at, say, Changi boardwalk, you need to consider if it is worth doing that. Changi boardwalk is known for the sunset look but it is very inaccessible. If you insist on taking wedding photos there, then you have to plan your route really strategically.

Research is important as well! You have to check if the location of your choice is:

  1. Operating at all. It would be a rude shock to head over there and realise that your wedding photography location is now a pile of rubble. More applicable for locations like schools, the “in” place of the past and etc.
  2. Requires payment! Some locations like USS, the yacht areas and even restaurants may come with a fee. Check them up before inserting into your wedding photography plan
  3. The location might be booked for events! So don’t assume that the location is available all the times. There have been cases of couples who have gone to a place, to only be flocked by hordes of people.

Tips To Maximise Time During Your Pre-Wedding Photography #1 : Practising Your Poses

For the majority of us who are camera-shy or have no idea how to pose and showcase our best sides, practising your poses should be part of your homework as well. We are awkward in front of the camera because we are afraid of doing poses that we do not usually do. The embarrassment is also intensified because there are other onlookers watching.

While we say this, most brides are more relaxed and smiley in front of the camera (hey, those selfies helped alot!). However, it is the grooms that are usually more stiff in their expressions. Practising in front of a mirror at home allows you to get used to the momentum and hopefully, makes it a habit. This makes things easier for you as well as your wedding photographer during your photo shoot.

The first thing you need to do is to relax yourself and especially your face. When you are feeling nervous or embarrassed, your brows are usually furrowed, eyes are usually squinted or smile usually stiffened. When this happens, try to press the reset button and start all over. This often happens during outdoor pre-wedding photography when the sun is blazing, as if to scorch your poor skin. Furthermore, you can always inform your wedding photographer if the sun is burning your eyes (so squinting is not your fault!) or if you are uncomfortable of any pose. Your wedding photographers are always there to ease the situation to make things easier for you. The only reason being is so that you look more natural on photographs, and when you are natural, your photographs would turn out great!

So remember, practise does make perfect!

We know how costly wedding packages can be. Hopefully, with the 3 tips on how to maximise your time during your pre-wedding photography, you are able to get the most out of what you pay for!

Make an appointment with us here now if you want to know more about our bridal services!

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