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3 Hot Tips For Your Wedding Budget

3 Hot Tips for Your Wedding Budget

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By Laurenzo Overee

Disclaimer: this will be one of the most pract and unromanticised articles yet. Why? Because we will be talking about a serious subject – your wedding budget! Your wedding will be one of the most incredible and unforgettable parties in your adult life. Naturally, you’ll need to shape up a solid budget to run things smoothly. 

And regardless of where you hold the celebration, even if it is in your backyard, prepare to spend. The real question, however, is how much should you spend without compromising your vision? And that’s what we’ll explore, starting from priorities. 

Wedding Budget Tip #1 – Lay Out Your Priorities

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Wedding planning involves multiple areas, which typically include attire, wedding photography, logistics, and decor. Of course, there are many other factors such as food, entertainment, and wedding favours (more on that in a bit), but priority should drive your budget. 

Essentially, picture your budget as a giant pie chart. Every bride allocates a percentage to each slice of the pie based on their preferences. So if your priority is to look immaculate in the most expensive wedding gown – you’ll need to offset from other areas (maybe choosing a more affordable venue)

A prioritized list puts things into perspective and prevents overspending. Of course, you’ll need to iron out the details with your partner since it is a two-person show. We recommend focusing on the things that last, such as wedding photography, videography, and your bridal outfits (which determine how you look in those pics and videos). 

Imagine looking back at those romantic images ten years after a wedding and feeling a sweet sense of bliss – now that’s value for money! 

Wedding Budget Tip #2 – Save on the Invitation

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Times have drastically changed as society becomes more digitised and connected. With that said, while printed invitations still carry loads of significance, they are never a must. There are many affordable (and contactless) digital solutions to rally the village rather than reaching out to a specialised printing service that costs a fortune. 

Additionally, a digital wedding invitation makes it easy for guests to RSVP, all with a click of a button. Do you wish to include stylised images from your wedding photography shoot? No problem. Most digital sites provide click-and-drop images and animations that you can apply in customising an impressive design. 

We agree, ultimately, gilded and embossed wedding invitations sure are pretty to the eyes. But aside from that one sentimental aunt who cries at every celebration, guests will likely dump your invitation into the chute upon reading them. So consider going digital, save the Earth and your bank account.   


Wedding Budget Tip #3 – Do Yourself a Favour…No Favours

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Let’s be frank for one minute. It is an honour to receive an invitation to a wedding – there’s food, drinks, and perhaps performances. Anyway, the primary focus should be on the married couple as they profess their love! So while this might be an unpopular opinion to some – wedding favours are overrated and unnecessary. 

Have you ever heard of anybody attending a wedding and stomping out due to poorly chosen favours? Probably not! Nobody gets thrilled over a bar of soap, chopsticks, or handwash – so you could help your budget by removing wedding favors altogether.  

If you insist on getting some gifts of appreciation, consider snacks or beverages. Few would turn them down, especially if they crave the munchies during the after-dinner celebration. Homebaked cookies packed in ribboned cellophane bags are cuter and more affordable than most garden-variety gifts. 




Wedding budgets should be unique, just like your preferences and the romantic bond you share with your partner. It might seem difficult to plan for everything since expenses may appear when you least expect them (i.e., off-season markups for floral decor). But by working closely with bridal experts like the experienced ones at La Belle, you can look forward to enjoyable and stress-free planning. 

Start a conversation with us or drop us a message on social media, and we’ll help you realise your dream wedding! 


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