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3 Important Reasons Why Engaging A Professional Wedding Photographer Is Necessary

3 Important Reasons Why Engaging a Professional Wedding Photographer is Necessary

It is prudent to set a budget for your wedding expenses. However, there are certain aspects which you should be willing to spend a little more because they matter more. For example, wedding photography allows you to reminisce the sweetness as it captures a lifetime of unforgettable memories. Hence, you should spend more time and effort in searching for a professional wedding photographer rather than engaging an amateur one. Here are 3 important reasons why engaging a professional wedding photographer is necessary!

Why Engaging a Professional Wedding Photographer is Necessary Reason #1 : Eye for Detail for Wedding Photography

Possessing a professional camera does not immediately turn you into a professional photographer. Generally speaking, good photography is more than a fancy camera. And remember, he/she must have experience in taking wedding photography and not just any professional photographer. Take for example, a professional nature photographer. He may not be as skillful as a professional wedding photographer. This is because there are several pointers to take note while taking wedding photo shoots.


For example, your professional wedding photographer should know how to use poses, angles and lighting to enhance the best features of the wedding couple and also to conceal their imperfections. Your wedding photography should bring out and showcase the best out of the both of you. The professional nature photographer would most probably not be able to do that as the objects in question are vastly different. Most importantly, the professional wedding photographer would have worked with several brides in all shapes and sizes. This would in turn make things easier as he would have better knowledge of the best poses for which bride.

Why Engaging a Professional Wedding Photographer is Necessary Reason #2 : Actual Day Wedding Photography

Sure, for your pre-wedding photo shoot, you have greater flexibility and more time to pose for the camera again and again. But what about on your actual wedding day? Time is always the essence on your wedding day, especially if you have a schedule that you need to strictly adhere to. In that case, there will not be ample time for you to repeatedly pose for the camera. Hence, your wedding photographer needs to know how to capture your best angle and side.


This simply means that your wedding photographer needs to be able to perfect every single shot. He needs to be able to grasp your best angle in a short span of time. He needs to know which position and angle to capture the wedding day process. Most importantly, he cannot be pardoned if he is clueless in knowing what to capture. Think quality over quantity, and this can only most probably be achieved if you were to engage a professional wedding photographer than an amateur.


Another thing about actual wedding day photographer is that contingency plans are very, very important. Imagine if the photographer’s camera is unworkable on that day, would you expect him to carry another set of camera as backup plan? Many of us would. A good professional wedding photographer would usually foresee and prepare in advance for any contingency needs. This also includes having another photographer on standby mode, all ready to replace him should he unfortunately not be able to commit on that day. Even though, this is admittedly not the most ideal situation, however, having another replacement professional wedding photographer would be your best saving grace at the eleventh hour.

Why Engaging a Professional Wedding Photographer is Necessary Reason #3 : It is not Just a Day’s Work

Be it for your pre-wedding photo shoot or your actual wedding day photography, the work of your professional wedding photographer does not end there and then. You would be surprised at how tedious their work behind the scene is. From selecting high quality photos from the pile of hundreds or even thousands of wedding photos and to editing a large number of them. This is also the very reason why their charges can be costly but well-worth it. It is hard work both onsite and offsite. However, many do not know how overwhelming the latter can be.


You would trust a professional wedding photographer to do a much better job than an amateur as the former would have better skillsets. In addition, your wedding photos will become part of their portfolio which showcases their work and performance. This must only mean one thing – they need to produce tiptop results.

Thus, we say, don’t cut corners on your wedding photography because after all, they are  the ONLY thing that will actually increase in value over time. It does not make much sense for investing $10,000 on flowers while spending only a mere $1,000 on your wedding photography. Your wedding day is the most important day of your life. So, be sure to engage a professional wedding photographer who gets it right.

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