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3 Important Things You Must Have On Your Last Minute Wedding Checklist!

3 Important Things You Must Have On Your Last Minute Wedding Checklist!

To ensure that you have got everything covered, jotting down a wedding checklist is a must when it comes to your wedding planning process. Furthermore, with a wedding checklist, there would be fewer chances that you may turn into your groom’s worst nightmare – being a bridezilla! *gasps*

This last minute mini wedding checklist is not to be taken as exhaustive, but we will be covering what is essential at the very eleventh hour. We hope you will find this useful! Do share your thoughts with us!

Important Things You Must Have On Your Last Minute Wedding Checklist #1 : Wedding bands

Wedding Bands

Wedding Bands

Although it is one of the most important things for a wedding day, you may have heard stories of how wedding couples have unintentionally left out their wedding bands. In the midst of rushing, nervousness and at the same time, full of excitement for the big day, it is not surprising that wedding bands are left behind.

Despite that importance, wedding bands do not make or break your wedding and marriage. In other words, leaving them out does not prevent you from getting legally married to one another. Simply put, your verbal and written consent to be pronounced as husband and wife is the ultimate deal breaker.

However, the reason why wedding bands are exchanged is because them being in a round circle shape, symbolises the eternity of love between the wedding couple. Due to this symbol of marriage, it represents the union and commitment of spouses for life.

Thus, we say, don’t forget your wedding bands, otherwise it cause awkwardness not only between yourselves as the wedding couple, but also amongst your wedding guests and your solemniser.

Important Things You Must Have On Your Last Minute Wedding Checklist #2 : Correct Lingerie Set

This may seem silly, but trust us, it is not – Not when you have forgotten them.

As this only applies to the brides, guys you may skip this or perhaps help your brides to remember how important it is to bring along the correct set of lingerie!


Credit : femitique















Imagine wearing a backless wedding gown, but without your trust NuBra alongside to cover the essentials and for that extra push-up effect… Oh, the horror! The Horror! Some brides do away the idea of wearing bra under their padded wedding gown, but we’d say, for safety reasons, perhaps it is better to wear one.

For underwear, if you are wearing a body-hugging wedding gown such as the mermaid design, it is advisable to wear seamless underwear. For a semi-nude coloured wedding gown, be sure to avoid bold and bright coloured underwear. You don’t want to bring attention to the wrong areas!

Important Things You Must Have On Your Last Minute Wedding Checklist #3 : Wedding Vows


So…some of you may disagree but we think that personalising your wedding vows is significant and impactful. Some wedding couples may just go with the flow without reciting any wedding vow, other than the standard statutory declaration of marriage.

Credit : The Spruce

Credit : The Spruce














But wedding is a very personal event and that is why think wedding couples should prepare their own wedding vows. Just imagine looking all beautiful in your wedding gown, to only be stumped without words when the Solemniser asks you to exchange vows:)

We understand how nervous one can get during your wedding day and hence, we advise that you should jot down your wedding vows on a piece of small paper. This paper should serve as a contingency should any mishap arise. Oh, and by the way, if you are reading aloud off the paper, please ensure that you maintain eye contact with your partner! That would set off the loving looks, which would play out well in photos:D


When planning a wedding seems like overwhelming task to do, it is not. For your last minute checks, we hope the above serves its usefulness for your wedding preparations! What are other wedding stuffs do you think is usually forgotten or left out? Share your comments with us, we would love to hear from you!


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