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3 Important Tips You Need To Know To Throw An Awesome Beach Wedding Party!

3 Important Tips You Need To Know To Throw An Awesome Beach Wedding Party!

The sun, the sand and the sea…what is there not to love about? If you love beaches, then we are pretty sure that holding a beach wedding party has at least crossed your mind. However, holding a beach wedding party is completely different from holding your wedding celebration in a hotel or indoor restaurant.

The very first consideration would be the weather which would render your wedding party impossible should it rain cats and dogs. However, to throw an awesome beach wedding party, weather is just one factor to take into account. Want to know more? Read on to find out!

Important Tip #1 You Need To Know To Throw An Awesome Beach Wedding Party : Time It Right

Besides the wet weather, more often than not wedding couples tend to overlook the other extreme. This refers to the scorching sun.

The unbearable heat can be merciless when it comes to the afternoons. Even if you are a huge fan of basking in the sun, think of your wedding guests. Are they alright with being “fried” by the sun? Most probably not.

Furthermore, high temperatures are usually more unbearable for older folks and young kids.We’d say, to avoid the heat (and the crowds!), why not consider a morning or sunset beach wedding party? The heat during such hours are less sweltering, making it more bearable.

Beach Wedding

Beach Wedding


However, if scheduling your wedding party at one of these times is impossible, afternoons may still work out fine if you are able to find a shady spot on the beach. You should also ensure that that area is likely to catch a cool breeze as well.

But before anything, remember to check the weather for that day, and inform your wedding guests so that they can dress accordingly and appropriately. Last but not least, do make sure that you check on the tide schedule via online websites as well. This is important because tides swooshing in towards you are noisier than going out. And not to mention, the risk of water creeping up on you as you wed.

Important Tip #2 You Need To Know To Throw An Awesome Beach Wedding Party : Dress Appropriately For It

Imagine having to drag a heavy wedding ball gown along the beach, picking up all the sand and dirt and staining your beautiful wedding gown…Certainly not what you desire for your big day!

Having a beach wedding party means that you should choose for a lightweight wedding attire. This is because anything else and you would be weighed down and perspiring away. There are brides who forgo formal wedding ball gowns but still choose a long one such as a sheath cutting.

Sheath Wedding Gown

Sheath Wedding Gown

Brides who prefer to walk around more comfortably and feel cooler would go with short wedding gowns.

Short Wedding Gowns Beach Wedding

Short Wedding Gowns Beach Wedding

The suitable materials of your wedding gowns which provides more comfort include cotton, crepe or linen. And also, for cooler temperatures, brides should avoid too body-hugging wedding gown cuttings such as the mermaid design. A beach wedding should be a more casual and light-hearted affair, whereby the bride dons a flowy sundress type of wedding gown that blows in the breeze.

Do not forget about your wedding shoes! Having to walk on high heels may already seem difficult for some brides, what more walking on the sand? Heels are definitely a big no-no when it comes to a beach wedding. Go with a flats or pumps as your wedding shoes, or if you really need that additional height, opt for a pair of elegant wedges instead of a 5” stilettos.

Wedding flats

Wedding flats Image credit :



Important Tip #3 You Need To Know To Throw An Awesome Beach Wedding Party : Flowers With Staying Power

A beach wedding usually has beautiful decorations to inject a cozier and intimate wedding affair. Such wedding decorations commonly include gorgeous flowers as they add bursts of colour to any space, including the beach.

Beach wedding decorations

Beach wedding decorations Image Credit : Tide the Knot Beach Weddings



However, you need to be mindful that certain types of flowers may not be able to withstand the heat or strong winds. For example, blossoms are a no-go when it comes to direct sunlight and heat. What you need is flowers that last. Flowers such as freesia, poppies and bouvardia are not good choices. Suitable flowers such as orchids and plumeria are surprisingly hardy and hold up well in almost any kind of weather. One suggestion to decorate your beach wedding with flowers is to fill large conch shells or colourful beach pails with your chosen flowers. If you are clueless as to what flowers are suitable or how to decorate them, consult a local florist!


Having a different wedding party than the usual boring hotel banquets can be fun and look better in pictures! If you prefer a more intimate wedding affair, beach weddings are definitely one of your choices! However, holding one is not necessary an easy feat. With these 3 important tips, we hope you would be able to throw your dream awesome beach wedding party!


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