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3 Legit Reasons To Rent A Wedding Gown Over Purchasing It!

3 Legit Reasons to Rent A Wedding Gown Over Purchasing It!

Now that you are engaged, the next step is to find the perfect wedding dress! In the flurry of finding the one, thousand of questions will formulate in your mind. Should I go for off shoulder wedding gown? Maybe I could try a bridal dress with a plunging backline? Will I look like a pile of cloth in this voluminous wedding gown?

By the way, these questions are absolutely normal.

But after finding the perfect wedding gown, there’ll be one nagging question in particular: should I buy or rent a wedding gown? 

Truth be told, there’s a sense of joy owning a wedding gown. But is that really necessary?In this article, we look at how wedding gown rental  may be the right option for some brides!

Wedding Gown Rental Reason #1: Money, money, money. 

It is a fact that, renting a wedding gown is going to cost much less than buying it. Given the rising costs of weddings in Singapore, you should definitely spend your money wisely. 

By renting a wedding gown, you will be able to look the prettiest without dipping too much into your savings!

The good news is, there is no need to compromise style and substance due to price constraints! If you were to rent from a local bridal boutique, then you’ll be able to see the designs for yourself. 

However, what we’re noticing is the rising trend of purchasing inspired wedding gowns off online shopping sites. While that usually is accompanied with a cheaper price, but they might be manufactured with synthetic materials. You might end up with a wedding gown that is not breathable, unkind to your skin and being very uncomfortable. Red alert for sure!

So instead of settling for inferior wedding gowns, why not rent something spectacular and comfortable at an affordable cost? That way, you know where your money is spent on. 

Wedding Gown Rental Reason #2: Practicality 

Traditionally, wedding gowns are passed down from mother to daughter as a kind of heirloom. But let’s face it, these days, fashion trends are more unpredictable than the stock market. Plus, this is your big day!  You would definitely rather be caught without makeup than wear the faux pas worn by their mummies.

The hard truth is that wedding gowns are usually only put on once. Only unless there are romantic plans to renew vows in future or to attend a strange D&D with a bridal theme.  It wouldn’t be practical to splurge on a wedding gown for a single occasion!

By renting a wedding gown, you will definitely have more room to spend on other wedding aspects. This includes wedding photography to immortalise passionate moments or to order premium food items for your wedding guests!.   

Wedding Gown Rental Reason #3: The Gown Ain’t Gonna Take Care of Itself

So, what happens once the celebrations are over? What happens when the dancing stops, lengthy yam sengs finally end, and the vows and rings have been exchanged? The wedding gown needs to go somewhere, right?

Not to fret if you opt for wedding gown rental! Simply return the wedding dress to  your bridal boutique and let the wedding professionals take over from there.. 

And if you do intend to keep a wedding for heirloom purposes, then be warned, for it takes immense effort to maintain it! For example, you have to vacuum pack it and put the wedding gown in a place with minimal moisture. You can’t just leave it in your wardrobe as it exposes it to several elements!

We hope this article has offered you a new perspective on wedding gown rentals. At the end of the day, the decision depends solely upon you – whether you are practical or sentimental, perhaps a blend of both? Weigh the reasons and make the best choice!

On a lighter note, we are proud to announce that La Belle Couture has launched its online bridal rental store! Yay! Choose from a variety of our gorgeous uniquely-designed gowns as you browse anywhere and anytime on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or any device with connection really – no stress, you’re the bride, you have the power and freedom.

Make an appointment with us here now if you want to know more about our bridal services! 


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