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3 Meaningful Reasons Why You Should Definitely Have Your Pre-Wedding Photography

3 Meaningful Reasons Why You Should Definitely Have Your Pre-Wedding Photography

You may have been dating your husband-to-be for several years or perhaps it was a love at first sight and you knew he is the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. Whatever it is, the love story shared between the two of you will always hold a special place in your hearts.

You have to be honest with us! Isn’t it quite challenging to translate feelings into words? It might be due to the Asian culture, where by we aren’t as open to express our emotions. This is why your next best bet is to have a pictorial memory through wedding photos! As the saying goes, “Pictures paint a thousand words”. The same applies to pre-wedding photography as well. If you think pre-wedding photography is redundant, unnecessary or a waste of time (and money!), you should read on!

Pssshhh plus you will get to wear a pretty wedding gown. Two birds with one stone!

3 Meaningful Reasons Why You Should Definitely Have Your Pre-Wedding Photography  #1 : Meaningful Remembrance of a Place

The location of your pre-wedding photography would most probably be somewhere which holds value and a remembrance of beautiful memories happened there. It could be your first dating place or the first time the two of you locked eyes, or even the place where you had your first kiss! These can include clubs, movie theatres, beaches or even your alma mater!

Pre-wedding photography Singapore - Macritchie Reservoir.

Pre-wedding photography Singapore – Macritchie Reservoir.


Whatever the reason and wherever the place, the chosen venue should be meaningful to the both of you. Hence, naturally you would want to include this into your pre-wedding photography.

Pre-wedding photography does not only capture the both of you in beautiful gowns and suave suits, but it helps to encapsulate memories. Memories where you had your ‘firsts’ are too perfect not to have them captured in wedding photographs.

Pre-wedding photography Singapore - Sentosa Singapore

Pre-wedding photography Singapore – Sentosa Singapore


3 Meaningful Reasons Why You Should Definitely Have Your Pre-Wedding Photography  #2 : Personalise your Wedding

Pre-wedding photographs can be used for several purposes. For example, wedding photo albums and wedding photo table tops can be placed at your wedding reception for your guests to browse and admire. That way, your guests will embrace your wedding knowing that this is an union of two lovers who are ready to conquer the world!

Soft copies of your pre-wedding photography can also be used for your Save the Date invites through social media or mobile messaging. Compared to sending out a wordy Save the Date invite, your pre-wedding photograph can further enhance the sincerity, happiness and a tinge of mystery as to your wedding outfits. Guests would definitely love to receive pictures of the wedding couple instead of boring wordy invites!

Lastly, your videographer can help create a slideshow of your pre-wedding photographs to air during your wedding event. The projector screen will help highlight and showcase your love story to everyone. If you are doing a childhood montage, you can consider showcasing different life stages. From how the both of you grew up, to meeting each other, to concluding that you are right for each other and of course, to the current moment of being husband and wife.

3 Meaningful Reasons Why You Should Definitely Have Your Pre-Wedding Photography  #3 : The Significance Down The Years

Pre-wedding photography holds great significance down the years with your husband. Wedding albums are not created for the sake of being created and then somehow chucked into your storeroom. Rather, they are a prized collection of beautiful memories. You can imagine how sweet it would be having to flip the wedding album some years later…especially with your children! That would certainly bring back tons and tons of memorable times…

Pre-Wedding AlbumMoreover, a pre-wedding photoshoot is less formal than your actual day wedding photography. This means that you can be as creative as you want and it would be more fun! So let your imagination run wild and creativity flow through your love story! There are endless possibilities as you can have a shoot pretty much anywhere you want.


While some couples think and feel that pre-wedding photography is not necessary, we beg to differ! Pre-wedding photography can be fun and help you walk down the memory lane many years later. So don’t hesitate and just go for it, let your hair down and have fun!


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