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3 Mesmeric Overseas Wedding Photography Locations – Featuring Douglas Fun

Overseas wedding photography locations are all the hype these days!

Wedding photography is all about letting your hair down and looking your absolute finest as you celebrate your romantic union. But sometimes, couples might yearn for something extra – such as an exotic change of scenery to make their images appear that more spectacular.  


This is why a number of couples head abroad for their pre-wedding photo shoots. Foreign climates enable couples to experiment with varying colors (since environment and weather determine the quality of light that bounces off the background) and wedding gown fabrics that are too warm and uncomfortable to be worn under the relentless Singaporean weather. 


Additionally, there are many iconic landmarks and natural features (rivers, waterfalls, and floral fields, just to name a few) specifically located in other countries, which provide you with stunning backdrops that will render your guests speechless in awe while they watch your wedding montage. 

Mesmeric Overseas Wedding Photography Locations #1: New Zealand

There is a perfectly good reason why this place was specially chosen as the filming location for the epic Lord of the Rings trilogy. Well, simply put, the unspoiled natural wonders of this southern nation is epic with a capital E.


New Zealand is a country brimming with magnificent photo opportunities. The lakes are breathtaking, awe-inspiring mountains are spotted everywhere you turn and the countryside is greener than your average green screen. 


Also, it doesn’t hurt that the country enjoys pretty cool weather for most of the year. So bring out your most layered and sequined wedding gowns for a brilliant display. 


The only downside? You can expect your pictures to look unreal, as if you were staring at a classical painting. But we doubt that is going to turn away most couples. 

Mesmeric Overseas Wedding Photography Locations #2: Australia


Next up, we visit yet another popular nation from down under. Of course, we are talking about amazing Australia! 


Australia is filled with wondrous historical sights and pristine natural attractions. It really depends on the photography style/theme that couples are aiming for. Perhaps you’d like to stand among giant trees in the forests to display the contrast between how tiny humans are compared to the wonders of nature. 


Or maybe you’d like to snap shots in front of old-fashioned Victorian buildings such as museums or cafe facades. These quaint photographs create a warm and fuzzy feeling somehow. Perhaps it is the romantic mood or the fresh air of comfort & hospitality! 

Mesmeric Overseas Wedding Photography Locations #3: Europe

Okay, we are cheating with this one since Europe is one big continent and not exactly a single location. But we are truly spoiled for choice and it is impossible to choose one country!

From the breezy port towns of Spain, to the legendary Eiffel Tower and enchanting Gothic structures in Prague, eclectic Europe definitely offers a drastic change in scenery to our tropical island nation. 

Parisian, one of La Belle’s alluring wedding gown collections, is solid proof that our designers were inspired by the elegant beauty of European fashion & culture.   

Europe is a top choice for overseas wedding photography, but beware, you might be so smitten that you’d decide to stay there for good! 




We would like to offer a special thanks to photographer Douglas Fun for the incredible photos. Did the article broaden your options for wedding photography? Maybe it even gave you some fancy ideas for your honeymoon, but that is a story for another time! There should be no limitations when it comes down to your big day. Perhaps in the future there might even be photo shoots on the Moon or Mars ! 

Make an appointment with us here now if you want to know more about our bridal services!

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