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3 Must-Have Actual Day Wedding Photos You Don’t Want To Miss! Part I

3 Must-Have Actual Day Wedding Photos You Don’t Want To Miss! Part I

Your wedding photography captures the best moments in your life on your big day. Hence, for sure you wouldn’t want your wedding photographer miss out all the photo-worthy times. Apart from that, wedding details such as your wedding rings, your wedding gowns and suits, your wedding shoes and your wedding decorations and so forth, all make up part of your wedding celebration.

With all the effort that has gone into ensuring that your wedding goes well, it makes sense to capture these moments to represent the sweat and tears you have slogged for a long time.

With so many activities bustling on your big day, there will be many different Actual Day wedding photo shots but we reckon that these are the top 3 Actual Day wedding photography shots you must capture to represent the transition from lovers (it sounds a little cheesy when we say it but it is true!) to a married couple!

Must-Have Actual Day Wedding Photos #1 : Exchanging Vows

One of the most popular wedding shots is taken during the exchange of vows between the wedding couple. It is not compulsory to prepare your own wedding vow since you will just need to follow the solemniser’s instructions.

However, many wedding couples prefer to personalise their own wedding vows. After all, this exchange session should come from the bottom of your heart, with your own thoughts and feelings.


A standard wedding vow required by law are merely factual, less emotional and less engaging. Most personalised wedding vows mention about a brief summary of the wedding couple’s relationship prior to wedding, during their dating days, their feelings towards the other party and the readiness of starting a new chapter in life with him or her.

This touching moment should definitely not be missed at all and should play a vital role in your wedding photography. Of course, because there are vows and speeches, wedding couples do also request for their wedding videographers to capture that on screen too.

Must-Have Actual Day Wedding Photos #2: Wedding Rings

Needless to say, wedding rings are one of the most important wedding details that most wedding couples and photographers would want to capture. Although wedding rings are not compulsory and required by law, they symbolise infinity. This is because a circle has no beginning or end. It is endless and eternal which is just the way love should be. We are sure that just like every other wedding couple, you and your husband-to-be hopes to achieve a happy marriage that lasts eternally.











Additionally, many people do not understand the meaning behind wearing the wedding rings on the fourth finger of the left hand. The reason although simple, carries a true deep meaning to it. The vein in that finger is actually believed to lead directly to the wearer’s heart. Cheesy it may seem, but you cannot deny its sweetness and romance.

Must-Have Actual Day Wedding Photos #3 : You May Now Kiss The Bride

Lo and Behold! Here comes the most exciting, cheeks flushing and heart-pounding moment! “You may now kiss the bride” is what ends off the solemnisation session after the wedding couples sworns in and signs on the marriage certificate.

Kissing in front of your wedding guests can be a tad embarrassing, especially for us Asians, who are still relatively shy and conservative. Although most couples would have already kissed during their dating stage, THAT kiss during the wedding is certainly different.

When a person kisses someone on the lips, it also actually symbolises something. That is actually known to be the union of two bodies in a harmonious relationship; it means love, passion, desire, this type of kiss being a gesture of intimacy. And this can only genuinely take place when both parties are truly in love. Therefore, wedding photographers usually capture that very special, intimate and romantic moment which would certainly bring back sweet and happy memories to the wedding couple!


Do you agree that these wedding details play some significant roles on your wedding day as well? Share your thoughts with us!


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