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3 Must-Have Actual Day Wedding Photos You Don’t Want To Miss! Part II

3 Must-Have Actual Day Wedding Photos You Don’t Want To Miss! Part II

Previously, we shared some of the must-have actual day wedding photos that you ought to take and keep as memory! Your wedding photos are to depict and narrate a beautiful picture of how the biggest day of your life took place. Most importantly, they are should be able to warm your hearts when you revisit these photos. Several years down the road, wedding photos are often showcase to relatives and even the next generation.

In this article, we will share our selections and thoughts on the other must-have wedding photos that you should strongly consider and suggest to your wedding photographer!

Must-Have Actual Day Wedding Photos #1 : Touching Family and Friends Moments

Wedding, as they said, are not only between the wedding couple. While this may be true to some extent, it is definitely more prominent during the wedding day. This is because your wedding affair may be most probably celebrated with your dear families and friends. They are there to share the joy with you because they love you and are over the moon for your big day!

Humans, being emotional, would find it difficult to control our emotions on such a once in a lifetime event! Hence, it is very common to see tears of joy and “water works” happening on your wedding day.

Such touching moments shared between your families and your friends are definitely worth keeping memory of. Compared to pre-wedding photography, whereby you pose for the camera, actual day wedding photography shows the sincerity and naturalism of the wedding celebration and atmosphere.  Such genuineness of emotions certainly cannot be replaced nor re-enacted.

Must-Have Actual Day Wedding Photos #2: Wedding Gowns

Sorry grooms, you have got to admit that it is the wedding gowns that usually steal the limelight of the wedding event. But we are certain that you wouldn’t mind letting your missus being the centre of attention on the big day, isn’t it?

Wedding gowns have been playing a very significant role in a wedding celebration. Brides and even wedding guests pay utmost attention to the wedding gowns. We think it is because of the rarity of such attire being worn. We mean, who else wears a wedding gown every other day? More importantly, there is a saying that goes, “Every bride is the most beautiful girl on earth on her wedding day!” And wedding gowns being a huge piece worn on the body, it is definitely difficult to miss and ignore.

Furthermore, with so many gorgeous designs and cutting of the wedding gowns nowadays, everyone is intrigue of what the bride has chosen as her perfect wedding gowns!

Must-Have Actual Day Wedding Photos #3 : Wedding Decorations

Can you imagine what the wedding celebration ambience would be if there were no wedding decorations at all? Wouldn’t it be dull and boring? That is why wedding decorations have a part to play too in a wedding event!

Who would be more particular about these wedding decorations is certainly needless to say – the BRIDE! We ladies love all sorts of beautiful things, including details and especially details because they make up to a whole lot more. Wedding decorations add up to everything that the rest cannot provide or contribute.

For example, the wedding aisle where you walk with your father, and a very slow solemn walk indeed, would need to have the added impact created by the rose petals, bubbles and so forth. Imagine a cosy wedding affair held at a garden without any flowers, balloons, wedding reception tables with displays. Wouldn’t it just look like any other garden with nothing special to snap pictures of? Even wedding hotels do provide the basic wedding decorations such as flowers, standing pillars along the aisle, rose petals, bubbles, smoke effect created via dry ice or smoke machine, and last but not least, the huge wedding backdrop at the stage.

Apart from that, every other things such as the wedding reception tables, the dessert table and the wedding cocktail area would need the wedding couple to provide the decorations themselves. These days, with online websites such as Qoo10, Taobao, EzBuy, Etsy etc, pretty and cute wedding decorations are easily available on such platforms. There are also graduated brides who do give away their wedding decorations which are still in good condition to brides who need them at no cost.


At LaBelle Couture, we don’t just transform you into a princess on your wedding day. We want your wedding day to be a memorable one and such sweet memories to be perfectly captured for your wedding photography.

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