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3 Must-Haves During Your Outdoor Photoshoot

3 Must-Haves During Your Outdoor Photoshoot

An outdoor wedding shoot can bring out the best in your images thanks to the wonders of natural lighting. There’s a good chance that you’re going to look like a gazillion bucks in your wedding gown with the right dose of prep work. And when we say prep work, we really mean bringing along some indispensable things you’ll need to succeed in an outdoor wedding shoot. 

La Belle narrows down to the three must-haves to ensure that you make the best out of your outdoor session. 

Pre-wedding Outdoor Shoot Must-have #1: Portable Fans and Deodorant

It is no surprise that Singapore is a tropical nation that has the average temperature of a furnace. As such, you’re likely to perspire like crazy after posing under the sun for hours in your wedding gown

Always have a portable fan (easily connected to a portable charger via USB cable) and some deodorant on standby for your outdoor shoots to keep yourself fresh and energized. Additionally, bring along some bottles of water to ensure that you’re well-hydrated throughout the session. Fainting at the scene is certainly not a glamorous pre-wedding moment!

Pre-wedding Outdoor Shoot Must-have #2: Comfortable Shoes

Standing for hours (despite breaks in between) is no laughing matter. It’s recommended that you bring soft and comfortable shoes for your outdoor wedding shoots. Besides, outdoor terrains are often uneven and possibly messy (think mud), so you’ll want to avoid wearing your most stylish stilettos. 

Your footwear is going to be concealed by the hem of your wedding gown in most cases so don’t worry about it! The most important thing is to be at ease throughout the session so you can look your best. 

Pre-wedding Outdoor Shoot Must-have #3: Umbrellas and Ponchos

One of the worst things that can happen during an outdoor shoot is a sudden downpour. You’ll be looking like a wet chicken in your wedding gown while you stare cluelessly at your sulking partner and professional photographer. 


Let’s avoid such a tragic scene by bringing a couple of brollies and ponchos for your outdoor wedding shoot. Never say never, just bring them along even if your partner looks at your funny and preaches about the sunny weather forecast. Never say never. 


Of course, feel free to ask your bridal specialist or advisors if there are any more things you may need to pack! Our bridal specialist usually sends a checklist for our couples to keep them on track!




CB is easing up as we approach phase 1 of the circuit-breaker. We hope that you and your loved ones will continue to take the necessary precautions to stay safe during these challenging times. 


Outdoor weddings may be a challenge, if not an impossibility during this period. However, this gives brides more time to plan and refine their outdoor sessions. Remember to stay positive regardless of the situation and always believe that you’ll have that perfect wedding that you deserve. 

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