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3 Perfect Ways To Make The Most Out Of Your Intimate Wedding

3 Perfect Ways To Make The Most Out Of Your Intimate Wedding

Wedding expenses are known to increase by the year. This is the reason why many wedding couples are holding an intimate wedding celebration compared to a grand affair!

Inviting close family members and friends to your wedding is the perfect epitome of quality over quantity. It seems kinda pointless inviting a huge crowd and end up not knowing half of them. Keeping your wedding celebration small and intimate can be cozy and ideal for those wanting to keep their wedding expenses low. However, intimate weddings can still be perfect even without the grandiose look. These are 3 perfect ways to make the most out of your intimate wedding!

Perfect Ways To Make The Most Out Of Your Intimate Wedding #1 : Small Wedding Venue

Needless to say, with a smaller group of wedding guests, this means the size of your wedding venue will be relatively reduced too. Furthermore, a large wedding venue with less wedding guests may make it seem as if many wedding guests ruthlessly rejected your wedding invitations or jilted you at the eleventh hour…

On a happier note for outdoor lovers, small wedding venues allow you to explore unique locations such as beautiful parks and gardens and romantic beaches, if the weather permits. Hipster cafes can also be another suitable small wedding venue too!

With the small wedding venue, you are able to mingle with your wedding guests more. With this intimate wedding, it also welcomes your wedding guests into a relaxed and happy atmosphere!

Perfect Ways To Make The Most Out Of Your Intimate Wedding #2 : Music

With the smaller crowd, you now can choose to incorporate live music into your wedding. Forget about the supersonic sound systems and a DJ, a live band can easily create a more relaxed and enjoyable mood for you and your wedding guests.

Just think of it as a chilling session with your loved ones on a Friday night – where you can eat, talk, laugh, dance and be merry! We reckon that this plan could easily be less expensive than hiring a DJ with those overwhelming sound systems.

Dancing Wedding Couple

Dancing Wedding Couple

Credits : Junebug Weddings

With such laid back ambience, dancing with your groom will no doubt come naturally as the two of you hold each other close, gazing into each other’s eyes and swaying slowly from side to side, easing into the romantic mood. After all, isn’t wedding celebrations an event to celebrate your love for each other?

It is about the both of you.

This is especially great for brides who are extremely nervous on their wedding day. Soothing music helps to calm your nerves and mind. You will be happier and able to ease whatever tension that you are feeling!

Perfect Ways To Make The Most Out Of Your Intimate Wedding #3 : Destination Wedding

Admit it. With the limited natural landscapes in Singapore (but we still love you our sunny island!), it is no wonder our minds start wandering elsewhere, thinking of our perfect ideal destination wedding…

A smaller and intimate guest list allows you to explore having your wedding overseas. Think of the romantic wanderlust at your favourite Bali beach…

Plus, it is usually those who really want to attend your wedding, who are more willing to spend more money and time to travel. This group of wedding guests is usually your closest family and friends. Plus, having a destination wedding creates an awesome opportunity for holiday and honeymoon too, killing one bird with two stones!


The best thing of about an intimate wedding is to celebrate your joyous day with those who truly care and are happy for you. And what is even better is that, you can do this without breaking the bank. Intimate weddings help you to save a lot more costs which you better spend elsewhere, for example, on your house or honeymoon!


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