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3 Princess Wedding Gown Tricks That Will Turn Every Bride Into Royalty!

3 Princess Wedding Gown Tricks That Will Turn Every Bride Into Royalty!

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a princess all your life? Although it is impossible to be a princess in Singapore, but hey, you have your chance on your wedding day! Therefore, your wedding day is the best day to make your dream come true! In order to feel like a princess, the first step is to wear the right  princess wedding gownYou can look like a princess bride on your wedding day (just like Kate Middleton) as long as you follow these 3 tricks..! 

ball cut_wedding gown

  1. Wear A Wedding Gown In A Ball Gown Cut

Inspired by the bridal fashion amongst the princesses in the past, wedding gowns in a ball gown cut grew into prominence amongst brides who want to look like royalty.  With a tight bodice that outlines your waistline, the voluminous skirt definitely exude a sense of majesty. You can opt for a clean and simple style, where most of the details are on the bodice and it ends off with a classic tulle skirt. If not, you can go for a wedding gown with a more flamboyant skirt!

While ball gown cut wedding gowns can flatter almost any bride, it is best to wear if you have a pear-shaped figure as it accentuates the waist and give you an hourglass look. Brides with an apple-shaped figure shoulder avoid wedding gowns in a ball gown cut as it might emphasize on the wide waistline. also, beware of big skirt if you’re petite as it can overwhelm your small body frame!

Wedding_Gown with a long train

  1. Wear A Wedding Gown With A Long Train

If you are a fan of Kate Middleton’s wedding gown, you would realize that the one thing that makes it look amazing is that long train! That’s right, wearing a wedding gown with a long train at the back definitely adds that touch of royalty to your overall appearance! A-line wedding gowns usually have a detachable long train in different length, designs and styles. You can go for sweep, chapel, cathedral and monarch trains.

Having said that, if you intend to go for wedding gown with a longer train, you need to consider your wedding location. If it is smaller in size, it is not recommended to go for a wedding gown with longer train. Chances are, you might spend more time tugging your wedding gown than feeling like royalty on your wedding day. Also, if your wedding venue has a lower ceiling, then it is best to go for a shorter train so that you wouldn’t look as ‘squashed’, especially in your wedding photos!

Flower_crown wedding gown

  1. Accessorize with a beautiful tiara and grand accessories

To add an instant “princess” factor on any bride’s wedding gown, you can wear the right accessories on it. Wear a tiara with lots of jewelled embellishments  as well as white hand gloves for an instant princess glamour. You can also opt for floral crowns, pearl necklaces and a long veil. When accessorizing your wedding gown, always remember that it should match the color, designs and texture of your wedding gown. For the classic white wedding gowns, it is best to wear platinum, silver and pearl accessories. Of course, this is also very dependent on your skin tone! If you have warmer skin tones, you can consider wearing jewellery  in gold. Whereas, if you have a cooler skin tone, you can opt for silver accessories.

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