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3 Pro Tips How To Choose The Right Wedding Photographer!

3 Pro Tips How To Choose The Right Wedding Photographer!

As you transit into marriage life, taking wedding photos is a must-have to commemorate that! So, most brides would eventually get to the question: “How can I choose the right wedding photographer?” Plus, each couple has its own unique essence and love story. Capturing them in a series of beautiful wedding photos can take your wedding guests on a fairytale.

However, choosing your wedding photographer can be stressful. This is especially so if it’s your first time!! Since you won’t be hosting a wedding every other weekend (or be holding more than one wedding), you kind of only have one chance to get it right. With so many insta-worthy wedding photos you see on social media and blogs, how can you be confident about your choice?

We’ve got your back. Here are three tips for choosing your wedding photographer.

How To Choose The Right Wedding Photographer Tip #1: You Have To Love Their Wedding Photos

Choosing your wedding photographer - close up shotHave you ever scrolled through an Instagram account and go like: ‘yes, yes, yes’? Every single wedding photo is a bulls-eye. When you’re looking at the portfolios of potential wedding photographers, that should be the first thing that comes up in your mind!

You can find these photos on their social media accounts or on a portfolio page. After you’ve scrolled through on their portfolio and basically liked nearly 90% of the photos, you can consider picking out what you like about the wedding photographer’s style.

How To Choose The Right Wedding Photographer Tip #2: You Have To Love Their Vibe

Choosing your wedding photographer - vibesBrides, here’s a tip – look out for the place, people and pose. 3Ps, it’s easy peasy. To choose the right wedding wedding photographer, you’d need to choose a photographer that can snap photos that you like. Here are 3Ps to observe in the wedding photographer’s portfolio!

For place: You’d want to observe the framing. Does the photographer capture really closed-up shots or mostly distant shots? There’s no right or wrong; it’s about preference. Some of you might love the closed-up snapshot of your guests laughing, while others might prefer the magnificent view of the ballroom.

Choosing your wedding photographer - peopleFor people: You’d want to observe who are the ones that tend to appear in the photographer’s portfolio. Are the couple always featured? Are there people of various age groups? This really informs you of the photographer’s ability to capture moments happening across the banquet and to engage your guests – from your grandparents to your baby nieces and nephews to your rowdy army friends.

Choosing your wedding photographer - poseFor pose: You’d want to observe the emotions that are being captures. Are all the photos posed shots or are they candid shot? This is especially important during event day wedding photography. So much can happen – thanksgiving, celebration of reunions and a new union, nostalgia over old friendships… some laughter, some tears.

If these are important to you, remember to look out for similar poses in your potential wedding photographer’s portfolio.

How To Choose The Right Wedding Photographer Tip #3: Are They Able To Accede To Your Requests?

Choosing your wedding photographer - arrangementsOn top of shooting and editing your wedding photos (which are essentially the fundamental wedding photography service), you might want to check if they are able to accede your wedding photography requests!

For example, are they able to do a hard copy printout of your wedding photo? Are they able to do up a wedding photo album for your guests to flip and browse through at your wedding reception?

Over the years, couples are leaning towards digital copies of their wedding photos as opposed to the traditional styles of wedding photo albums, wedding photo frames and table top. However, if these are some of the wedding photography elements you are more keen about, then it is something you can check with your wedding photographer! You can opt to do it on your own but it can be very troublesome.

Choosing your wedding photographer - wedding bandsA wedding photographer is one of the key persons at the wedding. He or she is going to try and immortalise all your heartwarming memories. What happens at a wedding, every moment – however brief, happens only once.

Therefore, a professional wedding photographer is one who respects your requirements. It is only natural that you might numerous questions but to a professional wedding photographer, this wouldn’t be something that they would dismiss. In fact, they would appreciate your honesty and extend the patience to listen to your concerns!

Apart from that, your wedding photographer should be able to work according to your timeline and endeavour to meet your requirements! If you plan to use your pre-wedding photos for the wedding invitations, a professional wedding photographer would try to propose a timeline to fit into your schedule.


There you have it, your three pro tips to choosing your wedding photographer. It can be as sweat free as 1,2 and 3!

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