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3 Questions To Determine If Wedding Planners Are Truly That Necessary

3 Questions To Determine If Wedding Planners Are Truly That Necessary

Planning a wedding is an easy feat…said no one ever.

Here in Singapore, it is pretty common for Singaporean couples to plan their wedding. Most of the time, the brides are in one who are in charge. Of course, the role of the groom is to take out his credit card to make the payments!

With the insurmountable stress and what seems like a gazillion things to do, sometimes it makes more sense to hire a wedding planner. All you need to do is to tell them what you want, and they will settle the rest.

The question is: Is hiring a wedding planner truly that necessary?

Before you contemplate on whether you should engage a wedding planner, you will first need to know what their job scope and responsibilities encompass.

A wedding planner, as its name suggests, helps to plan your wedding. This includes timeline development, budgeting, drafting a systematic checklist to ensure every detail is accounted for, sourcing, liaising and booking of wedding services vendors. Lastly, they will also be coordinating your actual wedding day. Most wedding planners have contacts in the wedding industry, which can help you to get better rates for wedding services such as photography, florist and bridal studio.

Now that you have better knowledge of what wedding planners do, here are 3 questions to ask yourself to determine if you really need wedding planners.

3 Questions To Determine If Wedding Planners Are Truly That Necessary #1 : Do The Both Of You Have Tight Schedules?

One of the most common reason why wedding couples engage a wedding planner is due to their tight schedules. This could most probably stem from work commitments, especially couples who work by shifts. By now, you should have known how how light or heavy your partner’s work commitments are. If the both of you are workaholics (admit it!) and often have to travel overseas, then perhaps a wedding planner is necessary.

Credit : tastytrade blog

Wedding Planners Are Truly That Necessary : Time Management Issue Credit : tastytrade blog



Wedding planning is a continuous process up to your actual wedding day which is time-consuming. Furthermore, if the two of you cannot afford some spare time to coordinate and liaise with so many wedding services vendors, then hiring a wedding planner is something you can consider.

And…don’t say we didn’t warn you. With so little time to spend with each other, the last thing you want is to discuss about your wedding event every single time you meet your partner.

3 Questions To Determine If Wedding Planners Are Truly That Necessary #2 : Will Hiring A Wedding Planner Cause You To Go Over Your Budget?

Engaging a wedding planner may not come cheap. This will add on to your wedding costs, which you should be prudent enough to fix a reasonable budget that you and your partner are comfortable with.

Credits : Bridal Guide

Wedding Planners Are Truly That Necessary : Budget Issue Credits : Bridal Guide













In Singapore, the average costs of engaging a wedding planner is around S$3000 to S$5000, depending on the scope. Even though we have mentioned that wedding planners may be able to negotiate a better deal with wedding services vendors, this may not always be the case. Better deals are not guaranteed. What is worse is that the engagement fee you pay may cost even more than your wedding services vendors themselves! Hmmmmmmmmm.

3 Questions To Determine If Wedding Planners Are Truly That Necessary #3 : Do You Know What To Look Out For In Wedding Services Vendors?

From booking of a wedding venue, to hiring a wedding photographer, to choosing your wedding cake and so forth, if you are a first-timer, you would most probably be clueless.

Romantic Wedding Photography Poses

Wedding Planners Are Truly That Necessary : Wedding Services Vendors

How would you know what detail to look out for, what question to ask and most importantly, getting your money well-spent?

vendors-1080x609Most of us would not know what to look out for, what questions to ask the wedding vendors and whether the price substantiates the value of the wedding service provided. In this aspect, a wedding planner may come in handy as they are more experienced in dealing with wedding services vendors. Thus, they would be in a better position to inquire, convey your preference to the wedding services vendors and know what is more suitable for the wedding couple.

Despite saying this, we are not implying that every clueless first-timer should go with wedding planners. If your research skills are awesome (which does not require much effort since everything is just a click away), you can easily discover what to look out for in wedding services vendors. Make Google your best friend, if you hadn’t already. Reading genuine reviews by other wedding couples should also provide you valuable insights on the wedding services vendors too.

Hence, this question shall play a part in determining whether wedding planners are necessary but it should not be the sole and determining factor.


These are the 3 questions to determine if wedding planners are truly that necessary for you. However, it does not mean that by engaging a wedding planner, you are free from doing any homework on your part. It is still prudent to do some research on your own, especially reading genuine reviews by other wedding couples. On top of that, a wedding planner does not guarantee zero hiccups but could perhaps minimise them. If you have the spare cash to engage a wedding planner, then by all means. Otherwise, we think it may even add unnecessary stress!

In any case, you may always consider engage a wedding coordinator to help out solely on your actual wedding!


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