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3 Reasons Why You Should Rent Instead Of Purchasing A Wedding Gown

3 Reasons Why You Should Rent Instead Of Purchasing A Wedding Gown

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As opposed to western cultures, most Singaporean brides rent their wedding gowns. Usually, Singaporean brides first find it odd to rent a wedding gown. After all, they are reminded of it is possible that somebody was in it earlier! But of course, there are several reasons why you should rent a gown instead of purchasing it. Here are 4 reasons why you should go for rental instead of purchasing.


Renting a Wedding Gown Reason #1 – A Wedding Gown Takes Up A Lot Of Space

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you have not seen a wedding gown, let alone wear it, you won’t know that wedding gowns are generally not just heavy (hint: it is 7kg on average), they can be very big and take up a lot of space. This means one thing: you will have lesser space for all your new clothes! What’s more, you cannot simply leave it in the cupboard as it will be prone to yellowing. You can also opt to fold the gown BUT you need to refold it at least once every 2 years to prevent permanent and unsightly creases.

Unless the gown has great sentimental value, then you should go away with purchasing the wedding gown and rent it! Why waste the space for something you would probably wear only once (and perhaps a few times in private just to relive the memory of being married)?

Instead of that, you should take wedding photos so that you can glance at the memories without occupying a large chunk of your wardrobe space. Of course, you should go for professional wedding photography services to ensure that the pictures do capture the image of the entire bridal gown!


Bridal Gown Rental Reason #2- It Is Difficult To Maintain the Condition of a Wedding Gown

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On top of how typically a wedding gown occupies half your wardrobe, it is tedious to upkeep its condition.

You must be thinking, well if the wedding gown does turn out a little yellow, you can just shove it in your washing machine and tada, the wedding gown will come out clean and beautiful. Perhaps just throw in more detergent, bleach…and more detergent. Right?

Wrong again! Different fabrics react to different washing methods differently, and adopting the wrong method can rip your beautiful wedding gown into remnants of shredded satin, or turn the colour of your wedding gown into a shade of dull grey. Then you must be thinking that hey, maybe you can just send the gown to a dry cleaner. That should do the trick right? Well, that will do the trick only if the dry cleaner knows what they are doing.

In addition, it can be tricky to keep the gown from yellowing. Typically, brides assume that keeping the gown in a plastic bag, it prevents the gown from yellowing. However, that is not true! As plastics produce damaging fumes, it will cause the wedding gown to turn slightly yellow. In order to prevent that from happening or even prolonging the colour of the wedding gown, it is best to keep the gown in an acid-free environment. This means that whatever you use to clean the gowns has to be acid-free to avoid the acid from changing the general colour of the wedding gown.

Instead of going through the stress of maintaining and finding a reputable dry cleaner, you should just rent the gown and leave the rest to the bridal boutique.

Wedding Dress Rental #3 – It Is Common Knowledge That Gowns Cost Up to 4 Or Even 5 Figures

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Most brides who have the intention of purchasing a bridal gown will prefer to purchase it from either a reputable brand and or have it designed by a professional gown designer to ensure that the bridal dress is of high quality and fits perfectly. Hence, it is not a surprise when a wedding gown comes with a price tag of up to 4 to 5 figures range. Yikes!

Whereas, renting a gown is usually half the price! This means one thing: you are given much more leeway to spend on other areas of the wedding, such as wedding favours, floral decoration, and other miscellaneous items. Not only is it a great way to cut unnecessary costs, but you will unlikely be in debt. Weddings are happy occasions and the very last thing you have to go through is worrying about the mounting expenses.

Of course, the quality of the wedding gowns is parallel to the integrity of the bridal boutique that carries them. Therefore, it is important to work with a bridal boutique that upholds great importance in customer experience and ensuring that every gown is well kept! Drop us a message or catch us on social media to begin your perfect bridal journey!



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