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3 Simple Reasons Why You Should Rent Your Wedding Gowns Instead Of Purchasing Them

3 Simple Reasons Why You Should Rent Your Wedding Gowns Instead Of Purchasing Them

We spoke to many brides-to-be and ‘graduated’ brides, and never have they said they have regretted donning a wedding gown on their wedding day. It is the dream of most ladies to sashay in their gorgeous wedding gowns on their big day.

However, when it comes to wedding gowns, have you ever considered if you should rent or purchase them? With wedding expenses on the rise (and so is everything else… except our paycheck – ahem!), we are of the opinion why it is more feasible to rent your wedding gown instead of purchasing them. And so, here are 3 simple reasons why!

Simple Reasons Why You Should Rent Your Wedding Gowns Instead Of Purchasing Them #1 : Y-O-W-O (You Only Wear Once)

With ‘Y-O-L-O’ comes the idea of ‘Y-O-W-O’, which stands for ‘You Only Wear Once’.

Wedding gowns are meant to be worn only once. This is of course every wedding couple’s dream. Thus, this is the most practical reason why you should rent your wedding gowns instead of purchasing them. After wearing them on your wedding day, you would most probably not wear them ever again.

Wedding gownIf you do really intend your wedding gown to be passed down different generations, then you can opt to purchase it. But remember, trends do change along the years. The wedding dress you adorn on your wedding day may not be a fit to the style your granddaughter likes.

Plus, it is tedious to maintain the condition of your wedding gown. For example, you can’t simply just put it in the wardrobe. You have to store in dry area and vacuum pack your wedding dress to better preserve it. On top of that (yes there is more to be done), you have to take it out from time to time to air it again, just in case condensation form within the package.

Save yourself the hassle! Plus, with one less wedding gown in the wardrobe, you have more space for your clothes no? 😉

Simple Reasons Why You Should Rent Your Wedding Gowns Instead Of Purchasing Them  #2 : Most Bridal Boutiques In Singapore Rent Wedding Gowns

In Singapore, most bridal boutiques don’t sell their wedding gowns due to the culture of renting wedding dresses. This means one thing: the wedding gowns have to kept in pristine conditions so that future brides can look radiant in them.

Instead of doing the work of dry cleaning and maintaining your wedding gown, why not leave it in the hands of the professionals? You are already so caught up with wedding planning. The last thing you need to think is not only how much you are going to splurge on the wedding gown (more shared at the last point), but how you are going to maintain is another concern.

However, if you come to think about it, it is also more cost-effective for you (Think Point 1).

Thus, it may be difficult to purchase a wedding gown from a retail shop, if you want to avoid running the risk of ‘online-wedding-gowns-gone-wrong’ kind of situation.

Wedding Gown SingaporeMoreover, if you rent your wedding gowns from a bridal boutique, you are entitled to the professional advices of bridal consultants. They are employed by the bridal boutique to provide their expert advice on your choice of wedding gowns. Many first-time brides would be lost when it comes to choosing their wedding gowns.

Simple Reasons Why You Should Rent Your Wedding Gowns Instead Of Purchasing Them  #3 : It Is A Lot More Cost Effective.

One cannot deny that the price tags of wedding gowns are usually huge. Those which you may consider buying a cheaper one online may run the risk of not receiving what you thought it would be. Pictures can be deceiving and there has been many instances whereby gowns bought online are worlds apart from the display picture.

When that happens, if the online wedding gown is not thaaatt bad, you may just need to get it altered. However, if the wedding gown is so distorted and vastly different from your expectations, chances are you would chuck it aside for the many years to come. We reckon that it may even be on your ‘to-clear’ list during your housekeeping days!

Keira Knightley Wedding GownCredits : EOnline

Singapore Wedding GownCelebrity Wedding Gown: Keira Knightley

Furthermore, if you have been eyeing that designer wedding gown, most of us would think twice before purchasing them. There are wedding gowns which carry similar resemblance as designer wedding gowns, but at a fraction of the price. Renting them for your wedding day would definitely help keep your wedding expenses low.


If you are deciding whether to purchase your wedding gowns instead of renting them, we’d say, think no more! It is not cost-effective and practical to purchase an expensive wedding gown which you would only wear it once in your lifetime!


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