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3 Simple Tips To Looking Great In Your Wedding Photography

3 Simple Tips To Looking Great In Your Wedding Photography

Brides! Is your pre-wedding photo shoot nearing? Or perhaps your wedding day is just around the corner? Be it either one, we know that all you want is to look great in your wedding photography!

With advanced technology, editing your photography is almost necessary now. However, at LaBelle Couture, we are strong advocates of minimal editing and go all natural as possible!

Tips To Looking Great In Your Wedding Photography #1 : Colour of Wedding Gown

Not known to many brides, but the colour of your wedding gowns does play a significant role in your wedding photography. This is because your wedding gown should ideally match your skin tone. A pure white wedding gown may cause some skin tones look washed out next to white.

Ivory White Wedding GownVenue Credit : The National Gallery Singapore

For example, brides with fair skin should opt for wedding gowns that have a slight tint of yellow to them such as ivory white. One thing to note about ivory white wedding gowns is that it lends radiance to every skin tone! How versatile is that?

What about brides with a tanned/dark coloured skin? If you belong to this category, the good thing is that you don’t have to worry about white making you look pale, washed out, or even red! Truth be told, you can actually pull off any wedding gown you desire, in terms of colour combination.

However, if you want to steer clear of a certain colour, that colour has got to be ivory or yellow toned wedding gowns. But this only applies if your dark coloured has any tint of olive in it. This is because it can throw off the olive shade making you look greener than usual!

So brides, when you go shopping for your wedding gowns, it is best you have someone to help take photographs of you in a variety of whites, creams, and ivories. Take a good look at the results before you actually make your final decision!

Tips To Looking Great In Your Wedding Photography #2 : Your Posture

Posture is yet another important consideration to factor in if you want to look great in your wedding photography! Having a great posture definitely does make a huge impact and difference in your wedding photography.

The first and foremost overall posture is to avoid hunching. Those who are taller and slimmer usually are more prone to hunching. In addition, due to bad sitting posture at a desk-bound job or frequent usage of our mobile phones have also caused several cases of bad postures. It is time to kick this bad habit, not only for your wedding photography but also for your overall health as well. Hunching causes aches and stiff muscles, which can be detrimental in the long term.

Posture to Look Great in Your Wedding Photography

Posture to Look Great in Your Wedding Photography

To prevent hunching, keep your chest upright and your head held high. This will also give your jaw definition and make you appear more confident. However, if keep your chin up makes your neck ache, try leaning forward a little instead to achieve the same effect.

On a separate note, hunching also causes your wedding gown to crumple and not do justice to the beautiful embellishments too!

Another issue most women, like you and I, who don’t exercise and tone our arms regularly…it is time to say goodbye to flabby arms with these simple tricks! At least in your wedding photography, that is.

The main point is to create a small separation between your body and your arms.  Keep your arms away from your body so that they are not molded into your torso, causing them to appear wider than they actually are.

Tips To Looking Great In Your Wedding Photography #3 : Beautify yourself

Well, this certainly goes without saying.

Wedding Photography Tips

Tips To Looking Great In Your Wedding Photography

Beautifying yourself is almost needless to say when it comes to your wedding photography and wedding day. You want to look as perfect as ever and as flawless as possible. This means that you would have your manicure and pedicure done, teeth whitened and re-dye your hair if its colour has faded.

However, it is ideal to dye your hair one week before! Why is it so? In a case, when you do somehow have a bad hair dye job…well at least you can rectify in time!

Also, while it is good to maintain your skin, don’t ever attempt to try new products! We have had brides who broke out while using new and ‘popular’ products. Yikes! While that can be resolved using airbrushing effects, it usually becomes a little fake looking!

Little details like this would be captured usually during your actual wedding day. We have previously shared 3 top bridal make-up tips to look flawless and radiant too!


So brides, chin up (literally)! With these 3 simple tips, looking great in your wedding photography is bound to be an easy feat!


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