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3 Simple Ways To Become A Confident And Happy Bride

3 Simple Ways To Become A Confident and Happy Bride

Wedding is a joyous occasion to celebrate the union of two love birds, who promise their lifetime commitment to one another. However, it is common knowledge that the journey towards a happy wedding (and marriage, of course) does start with the smoothness of your wedding preparation.

In all honesty, being a confident and happy bride is not that difficult. BUT it is your choice to make it happen!

If you want to be that confident and happy bride, then here are 3 simple yet magical ways to ensure that your confidence will continue to shine through the wedding planning.

3 Simple Ways To Become A Confident and Happy Bride #1 : Choosing The Wedding Gown That Makes You Confident

One of the biggest highlight of the wedding is the wedding gown! It is true that all eyes are on you as you walk down the aisle gracefully in a beautiful wedding dress. You might be thinking that because of the full limelight that is beaming on you, anything you do is heavily scrutinised by your wedding guests.

This means one thing: You have got to choose the perfect wedding gown that not only looks beautiful, but looks great on you!

Truth be told, there is no hard and fast rule saying that a classic wedding ball gown is a must-wear for your wedding. However, when choosing your wedding gown, you need to ensure that it complements you. Not only are we referring to complementing your body shape (and proportions), but your style!

First and foremost, you need to know which body type category you belong to. Once you know, it would be easier for your to gauge and decide what type of wedding gown design complements your body type.

When choosing your wedding gown colours, factor in not only your skin colour shade but skin tone tooFor example, if you have an hourglass body type, a mermaid wedding gown would suit you better compared to a bride who has a pear-shaped body type. A bride with a pear-shaped body type would suit a wedding ball gown better as it helps conceal the wide hips.

Another important thing to note is that, body types are not everything. Body proportion which varies from one to another also plays a considerable factor. For instance, there are brides with an hourglass figure and a shorter torso. Such body shape will not look good in mermaid cuts as it emphasizes the short waistline!

But it doesn’t end there. Ultimately, you have to be comfortable in your wedding gown. When we say that, we don’t mean sleeping attire comfortable (because wedding gowns are meant to be tight to hold the design together! It would be weird to have a flimsy wedding dress…right?). It boils down to you feeling confident in the wedding gown.

One great example would be how you might not be comfortable in a wedding gown that doesn’t have a fit and flare feature, despite looking really amazing in one. Your friends might go “awww this is such a waste” but you know that this isn’t what you want. And it is okay!

Remember. Your confidence and happiness is a lot more important than people’s validation.

3 Simple Ways To Become A Confident and Happy Bride #1 : Eat Well, Live Well

Even a sick and frail bride would not look good in the best-suited wedding gown on her. If you do not eat and live well, the adverse effects will reflect through your mood and on your face.

Don’t go on a crash diet just to lose that ‘excess’ weight! Studies have shown that depriving yourself with food will lead to detrimental results. You will be less active, more restless and of course, be unhappy with all of that. In fact, going on extreme diets that lead to damages to the brain, which is something you don’t really want to go through right?

Have yourself healthy diet diets, exercise regularly and have sufficient rest especially the night before your wedding day. This will certainly help boost your confidence because of the radiance your skin is glowing. Your mood will naturally be alleviated as well.

Remember, no matter what it is, your health will always be your greatest wealth. It would be rendered meaningless if you overstress yourself in your wedding planning or go on a torturous crash diet just to fit into the suffocating wedding gown. Looking pale, feeble and unhappy on your big day and captured on screen is certainly not worth it.

3 Simple Ways To Become A Confident and Happy Bride #3 : Don’t Overstress Yourself With Your Wedding Planning

With the neverending things to do on your checklist, naturally you would feel overwhelmed. Even though you have all the help, but it somehow feels like you are in this alone. It is either to conquer or to be conquered.

But on a side note, you can actually reduce your unnecessary stress if you consider these wedding planning tips!

Firstly, you may consider narrowing down your scope by starting off with the more important details such as choosing a wedding date, booking your wedding venue and wedding photographer. In this way, you secure their engagement to prevent any disappointment of their availability.

singapore pre-wedding photography(14)Another wedding planning tip is to stop changing your choice of your wedding gowns at the last minute. Now, this wouldn’t happen if you have chosen a wedding gown which complements your body type (see point 1), because you would think that you look best in your eventual choice!


8760 (21)Whatever it is, just relax and enjoy your wedding day. Things may not go as planned, but that is just how life is – pretty much playing by ear and deal with problems when they crop up. Don’t beat yourself up (or your poor groom) over it. We hope these 3 simple ways do help you become a confident and happy bride!


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