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3 Small Wedding Ideas To Elevate Your Big Day

3 Small Wedding Ideas to Elevate Your Big Day


They say the smallest things can make the most profound impact. We can say the same for wedding ideas (and wedding gowns). Although it is almost second nature for brides to think “go big or go home” when planning their weddings, it helps to slow down and look at the littlest things. 

After all, love is about those precious blink-and-you-will-miss-it moments that unites two souls in marriage. If you plan to have an unforgettable wedding celebration, we can almost guarantee that it is the subtle vibes that will stay in the hearts and minds of your guests. 

La Belle looks at three small but powerful ways to profess your love in one of the grandest stages in your lifetime. Get ready for some inspiration!

Small Wedding Ideas to Enhance Your Big Day #1: Do Something Extra During Your Speech

The wedding speech is a staple that most guests expect. It is the segment where you thank everyone for their attendance and kind words. Sure, you might include an occasional scripted joke that gets a chuckle or two (from those who get it) – but why not go further? You shouldn’t stand on stage looking awkward or overly emotional in your glorious wedding dress! You’re the VVIP!

Play an instrument, recite a poem, tell a compelling story, or perhaps take over from the emcees for a while and do something impromptu. You and your partner can engage guests in more enjoyable and unforgettable ways by doing something off-center. You’ve worked hard on the wedding affair for a long time, and it is time to let your hair down.  

Small Wedding Ideas to Enhance Your Big Day #2: Open the Dance Floor with a Solid Choreography


We should never underestimate the power of the dancefloor. It is where people express themselves in ways that words fail to deliver. So consider opening the dancefloor on your big day with a riveting choreography alongside your partner. Profess your love in stunning footwork and romantic music (like Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud) that will mesmerise everyone in the audience. 


You don’t need to confine the dance routine between you and your partner! Involve your parents and in-laws if possible, and display the bond between both families. As dancing legend, Martha Graham once said, “dance is the hidden language of the soul.”


If you intend to have a dance sequence, opt for a less restrictive wedding gown. In other words, heavy or mermaid silhouettes are major no-nos. Also, remember to wear comfortable shoes or take off your heels and dance barefoot!

Small Wedding Ideas to Enhance Your Big Day #3: Involve Your Furry Pals

A growing number of couples these days are proud fur parents. If you’ve got pets that you’ve cared for together, we don’t see why you exclude them for your grand affair! Consider grooming your loyal pets or getting them matching attires that complement your wedding gown. Perhaps a mini tux or ball gown? (depending on your pet’s gender and your preference)


Be sure to check that your wedding venue allows pets. Remember to arrange for someone to watch over your furry baby while you’re busy with the rest of the wedding program. If you’re a huge animal lover, why not invite guests and their pets for a truly unique (but potentially chaotic) event? Don’t forget to make meal arrangements for the furry ones too!




We hope our tips have got your mind pondering over other small but magical ways to elevate your celebration. The smallest changes to the usual wedding routine can enhance the experience in ways beyond your expectations. Don’t forget to plan fantastic wedding photography to immortalize those precious moments of fun, love, and joy!

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