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3 Tell Tale Signs Your Wedding Gown Is The One Part I

3 Tell Tale Signs Your Wedding Gown Is The One Part I

Being a bride, the most exciting bit is finding the perfect wedding gown. After all, it isn’t everyday that you get to don in a magnificent wedding gown and actually feel like you are the most beautiful lady (or person) at your wedding!

But when it comes to choosing the perfect wedding gown, many brides are clueless to what is actually perfect. Plus, this would most probably be your first time (and last time), so not having experience makes it harder. Don’t you think so? (Leave your comments below if you agree!)

However, once you know these tell tale signs, you will definitely have a much better idea if your wedding gown is the perfect one for you. So without further ado, let us find out now!

Tell Tale Signs Your Wedding Gown Is The One #1 : Appropriate Style for Your Wedding Theme Or Concept

Every wedding is special and perhaps, there is wedding theme or concept behind it. The first tell tale sign that the wedding gown is the one is when it is the wedding dress for the occasion.

This means wearing the appropriate wedding dress that complements your wedding in many ways, such as your personal style, the venue and the overall ambience of your wedding.

For example, if you are holding your wedding celebration at a very grand palace-looking venue, choosing a wedding gown with a short, psychedelic and funky prints may not be appropriate at all. Instead, you should opt for a wedding gown that is befitting for royalty. The ideal wedding gown style would be one in ball gown cut, along with embellishments and intricate details that brings life to the wedding gown design.

To create that volume underneath the wedding gown, a can-can is definitely a must. Not only does this add a grand effect, but it sure adds more comfort for you! If your usual style is casual, comfortable yet classic, then the wedding gown in ball gown cut is perfect. Not only would you look like royalty, but it would be a lot more comfortable to walk in it!

Wedding Ball Gown


On the other hand, if you have throwing a smaller and a more intimate wedding celebration at a restaurant, cafes or open bars, then grand-looking wedding ball gown may not as suitable as it won’t match the overall wedding concept.

Additionally, with the limited space available, a wedding gown that is too grand with the details will be too overwhelming. Plus, it would be harder to move around. Won’t it be embarrassing to have your wedding gown be tugged by the furniture or people? Imagine the awkwardness of trying to move and holding that grace without showing how stuck you are! That’s the last thing you would want to go through!

If you are planning to hold a small wedding celebration, short wedding gowns can look beautiful too! It is also less formal, a tad cheekier (since it shows off more legs) and funkier/cuter!

However, if you are not a fan of short wedding dresses, fret not! There are also long wedding gown designs that are suitable for small wedding affairs too. You may consider cuttings that with short wedding gown trains or those with straight cuts such as A-line wedding gowns.

If you are holding your wedding event at a garden or beach area, why not consider a wedding gown with lace embroidery patterns? They offer a very feminine and sweet outlook and complements your wedding setting as well!

Tell Tale Signs Your Wedding Gown Is The One #2 : It Boosts Your Confidence

Needless to say, one of the telling tell tale sign is feeling that sense of confidence when you are in the wedding gown.

Truthfully, the confidence comes from wearing a wedding gown that complements the features you are most proud of. We come in different various shapes and sizes, and sometimes, we tend to focus on the areas we don’t like! While true friends and your family look past that and love you for who you are, you have to admit that there are days when your insecurity bites you back when you least expect it. That’s why the second tell tale sign that the wedding gown is the one is how it makes you feel confident!

If you are not confident of your pear-shaped hips, be certain not to choose a wedding gown that is too body-hugging. Not only will it emphasise on your hips, but it will be the first thing that you will notice at every angle (even if your loved ones think you look amazing in the wedding dress!). This will result in a dip of confidence, and it will show on your wedding day.

What you need to do is to choose a wedding gown that has a poofy skirt. To divert the attention, you can opt for a wedding dress design that focuses on the details from the waist upwards.

Another common feature that brides don’t feel confident about is the size of their chest. Be it small or big, brides of both groups have voiced their concerns on how they would look on their wedding day.

For brides who have a smaller chest and are afraid that they may not look as womanly, if you can opt for wedding dress designs that add volume to your chest. For example, choosing a wedding gown with a corset bodice and a heart-shape cutting would be ideal for you. To create cleavage, you can use NuBras or stick on bras! With the right technique, you will be surprised to find out how it isn’t that difficult to be oozing sexiness on your wedding day!

Heart-shaped Bodice Wedding Gowns

For brides with a biggest chest and don’t want to show too much, you can opt for a wedding gown design with illusion neckline to take the attention away from the cleavage. Not only does would you look sophisticated, but you won’t need to be afraid about showing too much on your wedding day!

Tell Tale Signs Your Wedding Gown Is The One #3 : You Can Do What You Intend To Do On Your Wedding Day!

Because most brides dress to impress others, they end up feeling all suffocated and miserable on their wedding day. This is because they have chosen a wedding gown which they are uncomfortable in. For example, opting to wear a figure-hugging mermaid wedding gown when you are going to do your first dance would result in the most uncomfortable situation ever. Walking in a mermaid wedding gown is already a challenge, what more trying to dance in it? You would cross between a suffocated bride and a waddling duck (we apologise for the lack of a better word!)

Wedding gowns Singapore – LaBelle Couture


If you are planning to dance and be merry on your wedding day with your groom and wedding guests, we suggest considering a wedding gown such as a ball gown but without the can-can, an A-line cutting or even a mid-length wedding gown! This gives you extra room for your leg space, which you would need if you are dancing in it.

Similarly, if you intend to walk around a lot on your wedding and attend to your guests, then wearing a wedding gown in a A line or ball gown cut would be a lot more comfortable than the wedding dresses in a mermaid cut!


Brides need not worry over their choice of wedding gowns if they know what they are looking for and what needs they have.

Your wedding gown must accommodate to various factors such as your physical appearance, wedding venue, wedding style and ambience, and even the activities you have planned for your wedding event! We will be sharing more useful tips like these that are tell tale signs your wedding gown is the one in our next article. So stay tuned!


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