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3 Tell Tale Signs Your Wedding Gown Is The One Part II

3 Tell Tale Signs Your Wedding Gown Is The One Part II

Last week, we shared some of the tell tale signs that your wedding gown is the one.

We hope that it has definitely helped you have an idea of what to expect when you finally don the perfect wedding gown. After all, this is a once in a lifetime moment and you definitely want to look your best on your wedding day (and not feel like you are just wearing a normal wedding gown).

This week, we will be revealing even more of such tell tale signs to guide you in determining your wedding gown choice!

Tell Tale Signs Your Wedding Gown Is The One #1 : You Genuinely Love It, Not Because of Others’ Inputs

You may be bringing or already brought your girlfriends or mother during your wedding gown selection session. After all, you just want to have more opinions when it comes to the wedding gown.

Most definitely, they would want the best for you and advise whenever they can, just so you can look the best on your wedding day. However, when you have found the perfect wedding gown, it should ultimately be based on what you like, and not because of the others’ inputs.

Therefore, while you take into account the inputs of others, bear in mind not to let them sway your decision. Otherwise, you are choosing and wearing your wedding gown not because you genuinely love it, but it is due to the opinions of others. So technically, you are just wearing the wedding gown for others, when it should be for yourself instead.

When you have set your heart to a particular wedding gown, you would definitely radiate confidence when you wear it. It would highlight the features you are most confident, while hiding the features you loathe the most. When you view yourself in different angles, you start to feel a sense of confidence growing in you because you feel absolutely beautiful in the wedding gown.

And that’s what you should experience when you are wearing the perfect wedding gown that you like.

On the other hand, if you accede to your friends’ advice (and don’t feel that “connection” with the wedding gown), you wouldn’t feel that great on your wedding day. This is simply because it isn’t the one you want to wear to begin with!

So while it is great to listen to advice, it is always important to check your heart on whether the wedding gown is a design you would feel your best (and yourself) in.

Tell Tale Signs Your Wedding Gown Is The One #2 : You Would Feel That You Have Seen All Your Wedding Gown Options

Don’t get us wrong! This doesn’t mean that you have to browse every single wedding gown available in Singapore. What we meant is that, you have taken at least a look at all the wedding gowns available at your shortlisted bridal boutiques.

And when you chance upon the perfect wedding gown, it would feel like no other wedding dress designs can match up. Even if you were to decide to visit other bridal boutiques, that particular wedding gown keeps coming back to your mind.

Often, brides make the mistake of visiting too many bridal boutiques, thinking that they can find the perfect wedding gown if they visit as many bridal boutiques as possible. The truth is, you only end up being much more confused because of the overwhelming number of wedding gowns you have been looking at. In the end, you might end up not being able to wear the perfect wedding gown you saw at the earlier stage because you were too late to rent it.

A good gauge of the number of bridal boutiques to shortlist is approximately 4 to 5 outlets.

Of course, what you would require is a bridal expert who is able to advise you on what wedding gown design to go for. Visualisation and actually wearing the gown itself can derive in very different results. While you think it looks good on its own, it may not actually be as flattering as it should be on you. So it is important to ensure that you have a professional by your side to tell you what looks good on you and what would not work.

Tell Tale Signs Your Wedding Gown Is The One #3 : You Don’t Feel Like You Are Breaking The Bank To Wear It!

Although wedding gowns are mostly part of the bridal packages, if the price of the package or if you have to pay additional charges for a particular wedding gown, it can be a tell tale sign as well.

While we’d say your wedding gown should make you look your best on your big day, we say so in a financially-prudent manner. Budgeting is subjective to every couple and if you need to bend backwards just so you can don that particular wedding gown which you think sweeps your feet, you may want to think again.

We are not saying that you should give up on your favourite wedding gown choice, but you shouldn’t feel like you are obliged to pay a higher fee just to wear the wedding dress. For example, a few hundred bucks of topping up may seem reasonable as a guideline. However, if you have to top up a few thousands, then you have to consider if this is something you are comfortable with.

If you don’t feel that comfortable, then chances are that you would feel coerced to like your wedding gown. No matter how hard you try to justify the cost, it wouldn’t sit well with you. Plus, you would have to find a way to adjust your wedding budget, which can result in more stress on your well being. Is that a worthy move? We think not!

Hence, not only should you choose a wedding gown that flatters your appearance, but it doesn’t make you feel like you have squandered a huge chunk of your savings on it.


Brides need not worry over their choice of wedding gowns if they know what they are looking for and what needs they have. Your wedding gown should be one that you yourself love, and not based on others’ preference and opinions, and definitely not require you cough out that huge sum of money just so you can wear it on your wedding day. We hope these useful tell tale signs help to gather more information before you make your choice on your wedding gown!


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