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3 Things You Should NEVER DIY For Your Wedding, Or You’ll Regret It!

3 Things You Should NEVER DIY For Your Wedding, Or You’ll Regret It!

Brides, we all love how pretty little things such as the dessert table decorations are or how gorgeous the floral wristlets the bridesmaids are wearing, don’t we? It is these little things that help make the wedding event look flawless!

And because it is YOUR wedding, you would very much want it to reflect your preference and style.

So this is when you start researching on ‘How to DIY your wedding stuffs’? There are tonnes of articles and even video tutorials to help you get through your somewhat substandard arts and crafts skills…

However, we’d say to take a step back and read on these 3 things which you should NOT DIY for your wedding. Let us know if you agree with us at the end of the article!

Things You Should NEVER DIY For Your Wedding #1 : Wedding Gowns

Unless you are a professional seamstress and designer, this should be a straight NO-NO for your to DIY! Your best bet would be to leave it to the experts to handle.

Even if you are well-versed in sewing and altering your own clothes, you need to know that your wedding gown is one of the most important things for your wedding. This simply means that there cannot be any mistakes and you are not able to afford any room for slip ups.

Wedding Gowns

Furthermore, DIY and creating your own wedding gown from scratch is too time-consuming and effortful. From choosing the correct material, to the designs and embellishments, to the sizing issues, you may burn out before you even  know it. The time taken could have been well-used in other wedding preparations.

Furthermore, the materials used may be costly as well. It may end up costing you a similar amount compared to renting a wedding gown. The only difference which is more important is that, renting a wedding gown from a bridal boutique has a signed contract to safeguard you from any mistakes or malfunctions that may occur.

Things You Should NEVER DIY For Your Wedding #2 : Wedding Photography

You want the best looking wedding photographs ever. Or perhaps looking flawless on set? Maybe you want to encapsulate your fairy-tale love story to showcase to the world. We won’t blame you because this is your wedding after all.

singapore pre-wedding photography

In today’s context, many amateurs are labelling themselves as ‘photographers’ merely because they own a professional camera. Truth be told, possessing a professional camera does not immediately turn you into a professional photographer. There are several professional skills one has first posses before being awarded the professional title. This can only come with practice and years of experience. So don’t count on your friend who has recently just posted his purchase of professional camera on his Facebook.

DIY-ing your pre-wedding photoshoot using a tripod may not be such a good idea too since tripod is fixed on its angles. This means that you would most probably have the same boring shots after shots.

For your actual day wedding photography, we’d say, don’t even think about it! If you are contemplating whether you should ask a favour from your family or friends to help take pictures during your wedding day, the clear answer is a no. They are there because they are wedding guests, invited to celebrate this joyous occasion with you, not observers.

Things You Should NEVER DIY For Your Wedding #3 : Wedding Invitation Cards

For the masses, we are most probably not proficient when it comes to graphic designing. Creating your own wedding invitation cards might require more effort than they are worth. Due to the volume of wedding invitation cards, the time required to be spent to DIY may very well be spent on other wedding aspects.

Furthermore, if you are looking to stick to your wedding budget, DIY-ing your own wedding invitation cards may cost even more than buying them from a professional wedding invitation card vendor!


We all love to customise stuffs to add to that personal touch to our wedding. However, there are just some things you need to let go of that idea, because it is not worth in terms of time and money. Rather, use them for other more important aspects in your wedding preparations!

Do you agree? Share your thoughts with us!


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