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3 Tips To Choose Your Wedding Accessories You Must Know!

3 Tips To Choose Your Wedding Accessories You Must Know!

While your wedding dress is the main highlight of the day (second to the groom! Sorry boys), it is important to match the right wedding accessories!

After choosing your wedding gowns, the next on your to-do list is to choose your wedding accessories!

Before you go on a shopping rampage and clear the shelves, there are factors to consider! As your wedding accessories has the influence to change your overall wedding outlook (and even bring out the design of your wedding dress), here are 3 tips for you to consider when choosing them!

Tips To Choose Your Wedding Accessories You Must Know #1: Don’t Overdo It

Before you even start choosing your wedding accessories, bearing in mind not to over-accessorize is of utmost importance. Overdoing it will only shed more limelight on your wedding accessories instead of you and your wedding gown.

Your wedding accessories are supposed to complement your outfit and look. Hence, adhering to the mantra of ‘less is more’ is always the safest bet. Stick to a few key statement pieces of wedding accessories rather than accessorising every part of your body.

wedding jewellery







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Lastly, if you are still clueless when choosing your wedding accessories, we’d say, stick to simple pearl or diamond studs. These designs are always classic and will remain timeless. However, just be sure to avoid buying them as part of a set. More and more modern brides now prefer a slightly mismatched wedding accessories compared to being too matchy-matchy.

Tips To Choose Your Wedding Accessories You Must Know  #2 : Matching Your Wedding Gowns

If you find yourself torn between choosing a silver or gold wedding accessory, fret not because you are not alone! This is one of the most common dilemma brides face when choosing their wedding accessories.

For a quick and simple start, matching it to your wedding gowns is the first step you may consider. For example, if your wedding gown is white, the bright hue will look prettiest with platinum or silver pieces. If you have chosen an ivory wedding gown, pairing it with gold wedding accessories will best enhance its creamy shade. For a blush-coloured wedding gown, completing the look with rose gold wedding accessories will coordinate with the soft pink of the dress.

Another thing to note is your skin undertone! Brides with a warmer undertone should opt for wedding accessories in gold or rose gold, while brides with a cooler undertone can consider silver accessories.

wedding gowns and accessoriesTips To Choose Your Wedding Accessories You Must Know #3 : Wedding Gown Necklines

Did you know that the main purpose of a wedding gown neckline is to frame your face? In order to facilitate its purpose, choosing a suitable and appropriate wedding accessory helps to perfect its task.









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Starting off with a strapless neckline, wearing a choker or a shorter necklace will help create height and direct attention to your smile. If necklaces are not your thing, opt for statement dangling chandelier earrings instead! But bearing in mind that with these dangling earrings, your hair needs to be pulled off your face, in a ponytail or beautiful hair bun, to showcase its beauty. To balance everything out, you may consider smaller wedding accessories such as a bracelet, bangle or cocktail ring that are not too chunky.

If your wedding gown has a V-neckline, choosing a choker or pendant, or even layering them both would fit the bill. Be sure not to choose a long lengthy necklace as this conceals the purpose of the V-neckline! You can then pair the necklace with small dangling earrings that best suits your hairstyle.

For a wedding gown with a halter neckline, focus your accessorising on your hair instead. You may consider hairpins, combs or vines. These can come in sleek, bejeweled or floral, depending on the effect you desire. If you are going for a retro vibe, matching your wedding gown with a gorgeous embellished birdcage veil would perfect your look! Topping it up with a little extra something such as a bracelet or cocktail ring would do the trick too.

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Your wedding accessories will perfect your wedding outfit if you choose the right ones to complement your look. We hope these 3 tips come in handy for you. However, when all else fails, the best person to seek professional advice from is your bridal consultant, whom you will never go wrong with!

Have fun dolling up yourself for your once in a lifetime moment!

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