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3 “Trash The Wedding Dress” Ideas

3 “Trash the Wedding Dress” Ideas

Bride holding wedding dress at the beach

By Laurenzo Overee

Here’s an idea. Let’s say you decide to purchase (instead of renting) your wedding gown. You choose to keep the blessed outfit you wore to tie the knot. What’s going to happen to your wedding dress after the wedding? You’ll probably pass it down to your daughter someday or view it from time to time for memories’ sakes. 

But what about a third option? Having an unforgettable wedding photography post-ceremony as you trash your dress. You must be thinking, “that’s insane.” We assure you, it’s not. 

Trashing the dress is an expressive process that could add depth to your wedding album and experience. Yes, your wedding gown will probably be the most expensive dress you ever purchase. But with the proper planning and setting, you won’t regret a thing. 

The Deal Behind “Trash the Dress”

Groom carrying bride in wedding gown

Okay, we believe it isn’t right to jump straight to creative ways of wrecking your wedding dress. There must be a gazillion questions lurking in your head right now. Mostly, just “why?” on repeat. Honestly, there isn’t a standard answer for such an unconventional practice. 

However, in most cases, trash the dress (also known as rock the frock) is the wedding photography that tops off the experience. It showcases genuine joy between couples – almost like a catharsis. Brides can finally let their hair down, wave farewell to the formalities, and fully embrace their married life. 

With that said, though, trash the dress isn’t recommended for everyone. Some brides prefer preserving the sentimentality of their wedding gowns rather than engaging in a sweet release. We got some fascinating ways to trash that dress for the boho brides who seek a spin on the traditional wedding concept. 

Trash the Wedding Dress Idea #1 – Soak in Joy 

Bride in wedding dress at the beach

The beach is an excellent place to set yourself free with its calm ocean breeze. That’s why it’s a movie trope to have people shouting their worries across the sea. A coastal

Trash the Dress session creates an elegant and enchanting effect, with the bride’s dress billowing like tidal waves. It’s the perfect choice right after a beach wedding

Run along the shore and celebrate your love while you get your feet wet. Throw in a couple of seabirds in the background and a serene sunset, and you’ve got yourself a visual masterpiece. 

Trash the Wedding Dress Idea #2 – How Deep Is Your Love?

Underwater bride

For a more dramatic effect, why not take your wedding photography shoot underwater? The resistance of water allows you to strike unique poses impossible on land. Just ensure that you take the proper safety precautions. Ideally, you should shoot in a controlled environment (i.e., pool) rather than the open sea with unpredictable currents. 

Also, you’ll need to hire a specialist with experience in underwater photography. It’s going to be troublesome to have a reshoot with the logistics involved, so work with a photographer who can guide you to the right spots for stunning results.  

Trash the Wedding Dress Idea #3 – A Splash of Colour

colorful casual wedding photography

There are many fun ways to add colour to your wedding gown as you “trash the dress.” Water balloons, super soakers, or even powdered smoke bombs are great options to create timeless photos. The prismatic effects are more impressive when contrasted with an off-white gown, as you express your love and creativity without limitation. You’ll be sure to colour your partner surprised!




Ultimately, we know that “trash the dress” doesn’t work for every bride. It’s an acquired taste, and you should never attempt any of it on a rental gown (or risk heavy surcharges). However, at La Belle Couture, we believe in inspiring and pleasing brides of all personalities and interests. 

Whether you prefer to trash the dress or take the conventional bridal path, we got your back. La Belle Couture dedicates itself to realising your dream event. Request an appointment or drop us a message on social media to begin your perfect bridal journey!

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