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3 Unconventional Wedding Theme Ideas

3 Unconventional Wedding Theme Ideas

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By Laurenzo Overee

Your wedding theme is the special glue that keeps the celebration flowing seamlessly. It shapes the choice of wedding gowns, photography, decor, and everything in between. Ideally, your theme should reflect the personality of you and your partner and the precious chemistry in your union.

Although there have been trending themes such as beach weddings and garden celebrations in recent years, a unique celebration could evoke deeper emotions. Non-conventional settings will leave a lasting impression on your guests while you and your partner feel comfortable throughout the event. 

With all else aside, we live in a rather unconventional time, so why not have a fitting celebration that challenges the norms? 

Unconventional Wedding Theme Idea #1 – Fur Babies-Friendly

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Many modern couples share responsibilities as proud fur parents before they officially tie the knot. In such cases, it would be cruel to deposit your dearest pets at a boarding home while you enjoy one of the happiest days in your life. 

With a pet-friendly celebration, you can involve your four-legged pals and perhaps invite fellow pet-owning guests and their furry companions. The informal setting would create an additional dimension of celebration. Just remember to provide food and wedding favors (i.e., customized treats) for the doggies* too.

However, before you jump to making plans, ensure that the management of your wedding venue allows pets on the premises. 

*such events should apply to cats too, but from our knowledge, felines would no-show altogether in favor of me-time.” 

Unconventional Wedding Theme Idea #2 – Poolside Minimony

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Minimonies, which are small-scale wedding celebrations, are popular during the pandemic season. These events allow couples to fulfill the legal aspects of matrimony (i.e., exchanging vows and signing the cert) with less formality ( couples usually plan to have a second grander celebration KIV-ed until after the pandemic). 

When it comes to minimonies, couples have all the freedom in the world to let their hair down. And what better way to do so than via a poolside event? 

Consider it the perfect invitation for a fun and social atmosphere, backed with a cocktail bar serving colourful cakes and concoctions. Maybe requests your guests to don swimwear under their attires so they can jump into the pool once you exchange those rings? Anything goes!

Unconventional Wedding Theme Idea #3 – Alternate Reality

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In case you’ve missed it, AR (alternate reality) is an emerging technology that caught fire in recent times (think Pokemon Go). AR can significantly enhance the storytelling of your event and provide guests with greater interaction. 

For example, you might add an AR code to your wedding invitations, which enables guests to watch and interact with a personalized video by scanning it. Couples who embrace the unlimited potential of AR may consider providing every guest with cardboard goggles. 

With these high-tech lenses, you can instantly transform your ballroom into an underwater paradise or fairytale garden from behind a headset. Maybe you could even transform the sequins on your wedding gown into animated vines? It’s a bit of a stretch, but the technology is already here!




We understand that as a bride-to-be, one of the first things that come to mind is your wedding gown. However, with a wedding theme locked in, you will have a better idea of planning things out, and everything will fall into place perfectly. 

And don’t worry if you feel lost in the thick of your preparations. The dedicated and experienced team at La Belle is always ready to help you achieve the event of your dreams. Book an appointment with us or drop us a message on social media, and let’s start the conversation!


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